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Her transformation as a sub slut wife is complete.


"How about I buy half?"

"We can talk about that too."


"And if you don't have any plans for your vacation maybe we could spend some time together."

"That sounds like a lot of fun."

"Oh, just wait. Have you ever fucked in a limo on a crowded street?"

"No, but now I'm looking forward to trying it out. Do you have a limo or do I need to get us one?"

We had a moment of understanding between us and then we started to get dressed.

"Oh, and I guess I should say ... Don't tell anyone about what we did." she said.

"It's not any of their business."

"By the way, what's your name?" she asked.

I started laughing.

"What?" she asked.

"I was going to ask you the same thing." I said. "I'm Josh. Josh Miller."

"Emily Verdan ."

"That crazy thing you sign on our checks is supposed to be an V?"

"Yeah. What does it look like?"

"Some kind of G on steroids."

"Well, Mr. Miller. I need to be going. Here." She handed me her card. I called her cell so she'd have my number.

I thought about what happened for the rest of the day. Even after Emily forced the managers to give me a vacation and it was approved, I almost didn't care.

What had all this meant? What did this mean about me? Was I really an asshole? Had money changed me? But she hadn't known about my money when I first asked her to suck my dick. She just did it because she wanted to. What did this mean?

On Saturday morning I drove to my sister's house. I needed to talk to someone about all this and it was time I let her know I had won the lottery anyway. She bought the ticket so maybe a better thank you than just a bracelet would be paying off her car loan.

She was in her studio painting but she dropped everything to come and talk to me. In the summer she liked to sit on her back porch and enjoy the weather. She had various kinds of trees planted in her back yard and on occasion you could spot deer wandering about.

We sat and drank lemonade and I got ready to tell her about everything that happened.

You know that feeling I talked about before. It was back.

I should have just told her that I won the lottery. I should have offered to share some of the money with her. I wanted to talk about the thing with Emily and so I could get some advice.

That's what I should have done. That's not what I did. It suddenly crossed my mind that my sister was pretty hot. I'd never thought about it before. Of course I should have ever thought about it at all but there it was. She was hot. She was pretty. She was slender. She was very healthy.

"Kelly, there's something I want you to do."


"I want you to come over here and suck my dick."

Had I really just said that? What was wrong with me? Even if she said yes I'd never let her do that. Right?

I guess part of me felt powerful. I felt like I could do whatever I wanted. The normal rules didn't apply to me.


"You heard me."

"Is this April fools or something?"

"No more talking. Just come over here and do it."

To my complete astonishment she did. She walked right over to me. She tried to say something but I put my finger to my lips to tell her to be silent. She seemed confused for a moment. I got my dick out and lowered my pants enough so that I would be easy to sit that way.

She gasped as she looked at it. There was a kind of fear in her eyes. She looked around to see if anyone might be able to see us. No one would be able to of course. Kelly lived way outside the city. Her nearest neighbor was a logging place over by the river that was at least two or three miles away.

"What are you waiting for?" I said.

I should have called it off. I should have told her it was a joke. I should have apologized to her.

I watched as my sister lowered herself and then she tried to reach out and touch my dick. She hesitated. She pulled back for a moment. I encouraged her with a look when she looked up at me. She let her fingertip touch me. Then another finger. Then my dick was in her hand.

It was very silent.

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