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They made a list & checked it twice.

you pleased?"

"Oh yes Mistress I am."

"Good. Then I will proceed. But I must tell you, you are not allowed to cum without my permission. If you do I will be most displeased, and shall have to take appropriate measures. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress. I understand I will try not to fail you."

" I know you will try. You are a good girl, most of the time." As I said the last I struck her with the Flay. She shook and pulled visibly at the bonds that held her.

I walked back over to the case and took out two small, adjustable clips with black rubber tips. Walking back to my girl, I grasped her left breast. It was large and pendulous, the nipple dark rose and hardening at my touch. I took the nipple and rolled it between my thumb and first finger, feeling it hardens even more. I set the clip at the lightest setting and put it on her nipple. She moaned and I saw beads of perspiration forming on her pale brow. I turned my attentions to her other breast, treating it in the same manner. Once done with this I walked around behind her and struck her beautiful bottom again and again, stopping every few strikes to let her feel each blow in its individuality.

Her sex was wet with pleasure. I could see her lips reddening as the blood rushed to her tender parts waiting for what might come next. I backed up a couple of steps and drew back to strike again, this time I hit her right in her most tender area. She screamed a roar of ecstasy and bucked against the horse thrashing her head around.

"Girl." I said softly

"Yes Mistress." she panted

"You are getting the horse all wet. Whatever shall I do with you?"

"I'm sorry Mistress."

"No matter, I will take care of it." Was my reply.

Once more I went to the cabinet. I pulled out a harness and dildo, a third clamp, and two small chains. Going to her, I took hold of first one then the other breast and fastened them together with the chain, it was is the form of a Y so I took the third end and fastened it to the base of the horse. Any movement would pull those luscious nipples taut. I set the tension on the next higher setting on both nipples watching her gasp with pain/pleasure. Backing up once more I lashed her with firm strokes, hitting back, legs, bottom, and sex with equal efficiency. I could see she was getting very excited, her breasts were pulling at their chains and her body was laced with bright red stripes.

"Girl, You're not thinking of cumming are you?"

"No Mistress." she gasped

"I think you are lying."

"No Mistress! I wouldn't lie to you!"

"Just the same I think we will wait until you cool down a bit."

"No Mistress!"

"No? Maybe I am done for the evening if that is the attitude you must display."

"I'm sorry Mistress. I forgot myself. Please forgive me."

" Oh very well, I suppose I can be lenient this time."

"Thank you Mistress. Thank you."

By this time I had applied the harness and dildo attachment, and had retrieved the riding crop, preferring it in close quarters. Walking around in front of her I smacked each breast with the crop, watching them sway and pull against the chain. I bent between her legs and placed the third clamp firmly on her clit, fastening its chain to the base of the horse as well. She cried out and moaned. Walking back around to her front I thrust the dildo into her face and said "Suck this now." She hungrily pulled it into her mouth and got it all wet and slick with her saliva.

Suddenly I pulled it out and smacked her breasts again watching her strain and moan. The room was filling with the scent of her juices and perspiration. With her bent over that horse she was exposed fully. I rubbed her slit with the head of the dildo, then I rubbed her tight little asshole with it. She tensed in fear? I struck her with the crop across the back as I shoved the dildo all the way into her tight pussy. She screamed and strained and moaned. reaching down I circled her anus with my finger as I pumped into her hot wet pussy with the huge phallus.

"You're not thinking of cumming are you girl?" I asked, knowing that was *all* she was thinking of


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