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Two guys, a girl, and a rescue mission.

Eventually, June let go of me and after lapping up another glob of cum that had landed between her breasts I kissed her on the mouth, allowing her to taste both the cum and the spicy colouring on her breasts.

"Do you like the hot spicy taste of my nipples?" she asked.

"I have never had anything like it during sex. It is strange but arousing."

"I love the taste and the extra stimulation on my nipples. It makes them extra hard. Of course, you can't apply it on the pussy -- that would be too painful for everyone involved, but a little drop on the breasts or ears adds real excitement."

Jim who had lapped up a lot of cum and spice too now joined us, kissing both of us and passing back some of the cum he had licked up.

"You should know that Matt here likes the unexpected, but like most of us he draws the line at real pain. June likes to experiment not only with spices, but with piercings and whips and is always hoping to find a partner for some experiments."

"I took out my piercings for tonight, but I see that you have acquired one, so perhaps the two of us can explore this topic a little further", June replied before turning to the two men who had supplied all the cum. They were kissing again and touching each other's slippery cocks which were no longer hard.

"Thanks guys, that was beautiful. I love it that you have so much cum for me."

Ramona and the olive-skinned man were joining us now, holding hands and breathing hard which suggested that they too had been involved in some sexual activity. Ramona smelled of sweat, but also of cum, as if someone had rubbed it over her upper body like sun cream.

"I see you got to taste her famous spicy breasts", she said to me before turning to June. "I hope you have some more of that, because I really want to get a taste of it myself. Or even better: could you apply some to my nipples? I want to drive Matt really crazy and he can probably do with some additional stimulation."

June winked at her. "He's probably getting more stimulation already than he expected, but I'm sure we can add further to this. But perhaps I should find a different aroma for you that will really surprise him."

With this, June started to walk towards the house. Almost all sexual activities seemed to have come to a halt, and people were relaxing all around me. Fran noticed the change in the atmosphere and announced: "I would like all of you to take a short break and clean yourselves up a little bit. We shall all come together again in 20 minutes."

While I did feel a bit disappointed at the sudden change of pace which threatened to dissipate all the sexual energy that had been produced in the previous encounters, I had to agree that some freshening up might not be such a bad idea as all the sweat and spilled love juices were bound to become stale and unpleasant. So I simply got up and jumped in the pool where I was quickly joined by the two blonde girls and the olive-skinned man.

"I'm Ruben, by the way. And these two are Jean and Anna."

Anna had swum up closest to me and started to touch my cock while gently rubbing her breast against my chest. Jean, not to be outdone, pressed against my back and wrapped her legs around me.

"You're being very nice to me, but weren't we supposed to relax before the next round?"

"Don't you find a little petting relaxing?"

Both girls were now kissing me on the mouth, ears and neck and I surrendered to their affections, just trying to stay afloat in the water. Ruben was watching with a smile on his face, but I decided that I should at least give him a chance to get to know me too, so I broke free of the girls' embrace and lunged towards him, diving under water and taking his cock in my mouth. I couldn't stay under for long, but long enough to feel his cock grow hard in my mouth. As I surfaced, he was still smiling and gave me a kiss on the mouth.

"Now I have been introduced to everybody at the party", I told him with a grin. "So pleased to meet you."

The girls seemed a bit disappointed, but had settled for lightly fondling each oth

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