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As I climbed the stairs to my brother's room, I heard my cousin's giggling coming from inside. I stopped and waited a few moments. Anthony and Bridget were always closer than any of the other cousins, except maybe me and Jack. But there were friendly sounds and then there were friendly sounds. I didn't think my brother had just told a particularly good joke.

I knocked on the door. After a few moments and some hushed whispers I couldn't make out, my brother asked who it was.

"Just making sure you're up. Mom says you should have breakfast and so on, she wants you to go pick up your tux and so on before too long."

"How soon?" he asked.

"No later than noon," I said. A full two and half-hours away.

He made a loud huff. "Whatever. I'll be ready."

More whispers.

"Why don't you come in? We're just hanging out," Bridget said.

Now that was weird. My brother never wanted to include me on anything, and it sure sounded like they were busy doing something they wouldn't want interrupted. But my curiosity won out over my better sense, and I said okay and opened the door, curious to see not only whether my cousin had changed the way the rest of the women in the family had but whether there were telltale signs of their "hanging out".

Yes and no. Bridget did not look her normal self, but neither was in a particularly obvious state of disarray.

But my cousin was not exactly dressed for hanging around, watching tv in her cousin's bedroom. She was dressed for the bedroom though, that was for sure.

She wore a tank-top, panties, thigh-high stockings, and a heels. Like my sister, she looked basically like she usually did, but a little more toned, and her complexion was perfectly clear.

My cousin had always been thinner than I liked my women, but she was undeniably a beautiful woman. She lacked the curves the rest of the women in our family had. I doubted if she was a B cup. But she still looked pretty appealing sitting there half-naked, one slender thigh crossed over the other, a little peek of her panties showing.

Anthony, like my younger brother Ted, was a bit fitter than normal but otherwise looked pretty much the same. He was only wearing his boxers.

The television was turned to the news, telling me they'd obviously quickly changed the channel. Or had been watching a dvd. My cousin was into current events, but not my brother. Being informed never seemed as important to him as being tan or being fit.

"Anything new in the news?" I asked with a straight face.

"Man, why the fuck you think they call it the news?" my brother said. "Dipshit."

"True," I said. I think my brother actually believed I was being serious.

I sat on the floor and watched the news. My brother sat next to my cousin, his arm behind her on the bed, but not quite touching her. They asked me what everyone else was up to, but didn't really pay attention to the answer before my brother broke off into a story about something his roommate had done last weekend that was apparently very funny, although why it was so humorous was lost on me.

After a minute or two they began whispering again. Sitting only a few feet from them, I still couldn't entirely make out what they were saying. But I did catch Bridget saying, "oh, he won't care, I guarantee you."

My brother didn't argue, but neither did he ask me if I minded whatever it was they were talking about. A moment later, I had my answer, as my brother produced a joint, lit it up, and passed it to Bridget.

Well, fuck it, as long as we're being open. "So what were you really watching?" I asked after they both started giggling at nothing in particular.

They stared at each other in silence.

Bridget pulled the remote out from under the pillow. "Just this," she said, and turned the dvd back on.

The screen went blue as she changed to the input channel before the movie came back on.

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