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Madoke's welcome continues.

"It's my cock-ring," he answered, laughing foolishly.

"If you're intendin' to jerk off," I said, my voice cracking with excitement, "don't get anything on the upholstery...cum stains never come out, ya know." I couldn't believe I'd said something so dumb. It was just because of nervous excitement, I supposed.

"I'm not gonna jerk off. I'm gonna get it real hard...jus' fer you, Kevie," he explained while shaking the flopping cock vigorously. I was almost a basket case, by now, wondering what he'd meant by that. "I want ya to see, like, first hand, what a dangerous weapon I got. I think I'm positive I got a hell-of-a-lot more than yer frien' Tony. Whenever his foreskin was pulled back, and his large, glistening dick head was uncovered, my urge to lick it was so strong that every nerve in my body was jumping. "Fuck," he mumbled, as he fumbled with the key chain. He tried every which way to get his balls, along with his dick, inside of the ring. But one ball kept eluding him, "Fuck, they don' seem like they wanna coroperate, Kev," he slurred, abandoning the cock ring idea.

"So, ya might as well give me my keys, then, if it's not gonna work."

"No way, ol' buddy, not yet." His dick seemed not to be cooperating, either. Stretching his foreskin to an incredible length, he muttered, "Maybe I drank too much, huh...fuck, man, I can't believe it," he sighed mournfully. "I wan'd so bad, like, fer ya to see it full up. I bet there was lots o' times, like, at the canal, an ya wondered what ol' Normie'd look like if he was real hard, huh?' He asked, grinning accusingly. The bastard knows, I thought.

"Okay, so, will ya put that fuckin' thing back in your pants before somebody comes along," I said, but I prayed he wouldn't.

"Aw, c'mon, Kev, gimme a break, huh...ya wanna see it, doncha, Kev? I swear to God, Kev, yer not gonna b'lieve yer eyes. Ya'll see my big, ol' poker standin' up an' ya'll say, 'Norm, there ain't a broad on earth'd be able to ignore that big dick.' Poor ol' Tony'd be left jerkin' himself in the startin' gate...ya think, Kev?"

"How the fuck d'ya expect me to know...I never saw DiStasio hard...How many times do I hafta tell ya that? And, by the way, Mr. Big Dick, I haven't seen you hard, yet, either." I had been with Norman all night and knew how much beer he'd consumed. And though I still had no idea of what he was up to, I did know that he couldn't possibly have been as trashed as he pretended to be. "C'mon, Norm, give me the fuckin' keys, Okay? It's late 'n we both hafta get up early."

"Okay, okay, take your precious keys," he said, resignedly. I was slightly off balance when I reached to retrieve them, so it was easy for him to grasp my wrist and wrap my hand around his semi-hard cock.

I could have pulled away from him, if I'd really wanted to, but what I wanted to do was: slide his long foreskin back, lick his knob, his balls and his asshole. I wanted him to force me onto his enormous knob and ram his cock into my mouth till I was smothering in thick pubic hair. I wanted that long, hooded cobra to slither down my throat.

My hand in his, he slowly masturbated, while, with my own dick surging and pulsing, I was near to an orgasm. I couldn't ever remember feeling hornier. Yet, when he loosened his grip, I immediately pulled my hand away.

"Aw, fuck, Kev, I was just gettin' hard," he whined, while seductively sliding the skin back and forth over his gleaming dick head. "Now, if ya want yer keys yer gonna hafta get 'em...with yer teeth," he said, thrusting his abdomen upward, indicating where I'd have to go.. "I thought ya were enjoyin' it, man, what'd ya stop for, fuck?"

I didn't have an answer, but I felt like pounding him on the head while screaming, 'why the fuck did you let me?'

I stared out the window, again, wondering why I couldn't let myself just give him what he wanted.

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