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Young couple record their honeymoon sex.

Slowly Jonathan leaned over and kissed Melinda on the lips. Good so far. Then they went to petting each other. No problem there. Jonathan stopped and suggested they go slow and easy until they were more used to their new bodies.

Jonathan suggested if they wanted to get a true idea of how the other had felt in their own bodies they should play in their new ones. Melinda agreed but seemed lost. Jonathan then explained a few things to her about the male body. Reluctant at first, Melinda grabbed her penis and slowly stroked it like she used to do to him. The response was immediate as she struck several pleasure points. Her heart started to beat harder as her penis swelled up hard and her strokes came faster. She felt like she couldn't stop. Melinda moaned, "ohhhhhh Jonathan what happens now, I.... ohhhhhhhh......." She went rigid and suddenly she felt a hot sticky fluid release into her hand. "Ohhhh myyyyyy, that felt good. Did I just cum", she moan still recovering from the experience.

Jonathan just smiled. For a moment he remembered when he masturbated for the first time as a pubescent teen. Then he replied as he handed her a towel, "yes dear you just came"

Melinda cleaned herself up and looked at her only slightly limp penis in her hand, her body still reacting to the experience. Then she looked at Jonathan, "Ok your turned" and explained how he should proceed.

Jonathan slipped his finger into his pussy and slowly explored all the little pleasure points. He became wetter and could feel himself getting very aroused as he played. It wasn't long before his heart was pounding inside his chest he convulsed releasing a hot liquid. Melinda giggled at his reaction but suddenly realized she was hard again. Looking at her hard on Melinda asked shyly, "what do I do about this"

Jonathan spread his legs and encouraged her to climb on top of him on all fours. Melinda was sucking on his nipples and felt him grab her penis and slowly place it into the slit of his hot wet pussy. "Slowly, go in slow", he said as he felt himself being penetrated and filled. Melinda told him to raise his legs and started to move inside him. Jonathan groaned as he felt the warm liquid inside him. Melinda was breathing heavily as she felt his hot liquid surround her as she came inside him. They both moaned deeply as they experiencing the new sensations of making love like two teenagers for the first time. When they finished they lay on the bed holding hands grinning. The experienced had left them feeling strangely exhilarated.

They both got out of bed and stepped into the shower. Slowly they soaped each other down. Melinda felt her penis go hard and erect again as she rubbed against Jonathan's new soapy body. She could feel it throbbing. She slowly put her hands on his ass and pulled him in against her and kissed him hard. "Looking at your naked body is making me very horny", she said softly. Jonathan giggled and explained his new body was reacting the same way as his nipples felt hard and his pussy hot and "tingly". They dried off and sat on the bed in looking at each other.

Melinda and Jonathan decided it was time for them to explore the world in their new bodies. Melinda got dressed in some swim boxers and a light short sleeve shirt, and after some careful coaching learned how to shave. In return she helped Jonathan find some appropriate clothing to wear. When she saw his new wardrobe she was almost jealous. It all seemed to match the personal persona of his new body. Although Jonathan was now wearing a bra, panties, shorts and a sleeveless top, it felt normal.

They walked along the beach found a little beach front caf__ where they enjoyed their breakfast like any young couple on vacation.

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