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Jonathan breaks in his new toy.

Sitting across the table from each other, she had time to admire his dark features. The way his dark hair had matured and grayed at his temples, the streaks of gray in his full beard. This was no longer a boy of 21, but a mature, handsome man. Each time he made eye contact she would squirm. Never once did the smile leave either of their faces. She sat there, growing more excited by his presence. She watched his lips move as he spoke and his hands fiddle with his beard when her gaze became too intense. Realizing how the time had flown by, he stood to leave. She caught of glimpse of his hard-on as he rose. She couldn't look away, she wanted to reach out and touch him. He was always in touch with her sexual side and had an innate sense when she was encouraging him. He moved in close to extend his hand and help her from her chair so when she stood there was no way not to slide against him. He embraced her again and lingered, taking in her scents and her desire. He knew full well what she had been thinking. He walked her to her car and opened the door, and they parted ways.

Within a few minutes of leaving the shop, she received a message. "Coffee again tomorrow? There is a parking lot behind the building." She still carried the smile of the entire conversation and quickly responded "Would love to." The following day they met at the shop, this time outside in the parking lot. Before entering, he brought her into his arms this time to kiss her on the cheek. There was no hiding the way she yearned to feel his touch. She leaned into him and felt his manhood strained beneath his jeans. They pulled apart and walked inside and placed their order. This time, there wasn't any seating available. They decided to go out and sit in her car. This time the discussion had changed. Both spoke of the draw they had to each other.

He reached out and touched her face, leaned in and kissed her. Her body bent to his will, she climbed over the seat to sit on his lap without an arm rest barrier. His hands continued to cover ground, across her back, butt and legs bringing heat as he explored. He pulled away and looked into her eyes and lovingly began kissing her again. She began to pant, feeling his tongue pressed against hers and cursing the barriers of clothing beneath her. She pulled away only long enough to remove her shirt and give him better access to parts he had been eyeing. He remembered the way she enjoyed having her nipples played with and went straight for them. He rolled each nipple between his thumb and finger, giving her exactly what she wanted. She began rotating her hips on his lap pressing her wet pussy against the hard-on concealed in his pants.

He reached for the clasp on her pants and quickly removed them. There she was exposed for him to take in. She moved back to her seat allowing him an opportunity to remove his jeans and free his cock. He slowly took advantage of the situation by leaning over the rest to kiss her while he was lowered his boxers. She didn't waste any time climbing over the rest to feel him against her. For a moment they both stopped and looked into each other's eyes and in agreement took the next step. She reached for his hardened cock and guided it into her wet pussy. She leaned into him and exploded. The anticipation had sent her over the edge. As she soaked his balls he didn't move and held on to give her a chance to overcome her orgasm.

As she came down, she started moving against him slowly, bringing her ass to rest on his hands.

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