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Step-Daughter makes his fantasy come true

Make sure you point out the ones you want."

Cricket looked back at her, wide-eyed. "Like this? Now my shirt's wide open!" she growled.

"It's not wide open," Gwen corrected, "just a little open."

"Wide open," Cricket repeated in a low voice, "and besides..."

"You keep saying men don't notice you. Let's see."

"This is different!"

"Let's see," the older woman repeated, "if you get noticed."

Cricket looked at her doubtfully and took a couple of steps towards the counter before looking back. Gwen returned her gaze, eyebrows raised slightly. "Chicken?" She said, and the young woman wasn't sure if it was a reminder or a dare. She continued on.

A red-faced older man, balding with a silver crown of hair, stood waiting while he retied his bloodied apron. "Can I help you Miss?"

She could feel the flush of her cheeks. "Uhh, yes, I'd, umm, like some chicken breasts." Cricket slowly bent over to look at them, concentrating on the cuts of meat before her, very aware her nipples were free of the fabric now hanging below them.

"Which ones?" Her head came up to find the man looking back at her through the glass of the case, just in time to see his stare come up from a spot further down her body.

"Umm, the biggest ones, please. Three?"

The butcher took his time, his gaze darting between Cricket's request and the mounds dangling free inside her shirt. Small but firm, he noted, too small to get smothered by but big enough to wrap around my dick if she pushed 'em together. The young woman, cheeks ablaze, held her pose while he worked, intent on making sure her choices were correct. He eventually ran out of reasons to delay and finally straightened to put the selections on the scale.

"Thank you," Cricket squeaked as she took the package from him, unable to make eye contact.

"Any time." He watched her walk back to the cart, dimly aware of the other similarly attired waiting for her, taking a moment to admire the tight little bottom hurrying away.

Gwen just smiled and waited until they had moved down the next aisle. "Well, I'd say you got noticed! I'm surprised you got chicken and not beef."

Cricket just blushed in response and said nothing until they had paid for the groceries and gotten in the truck "I can't believe I did that," she blurted out. "I think he saw my boobs!"

Gwen laughed. "Oh, I'm pretty sure he did. Think he minded?"

"Not a bit," she laughed. "But it was so embarrassing to let him see me like that!"

"But exciting too, right? Come on, you can admit it. Men really like to look. Sometimes it can be fun to let them think they're getting away with something."

"Alright, yes it was exciting," Cricket admitted. "Still, it would be nice if I could get that kind of attention from a man without looking like I'm advertising for a good time."

"You are looking for a good time, just not with him. I'll bet you made his day, though." And gave him a story to tell in the back room, the Slut added. "It doesn't hurt to practice your advertising for when you do meet Mr. Right." And now you sound just like Natalie, the Lady cautioned.

They all swam before dinner, the need for bathing suits no longer even mentioned, their casual nudity becoming increasingly easy to dismiss as somehow normal. Shorts and t-shirts were the dress code for preparing and sitting down to their meal, relaxing on the deck as the shadows grew long across the yard.

"I see what you mean about getting sore if you don't stay in sync in the saddle," Cricket whispered to Gwen as Tim took some plates back into the house. "I don't think I did such a good job. My breasts are pretty sore from all that bouncing."

"Maybe the hot tub might help?" her friend suggested. "Tim, we're going up for a soak before bed. Are you joining us?"

"Yup," came his voice from the kitchen. "I'll be right out."

"We'll meet you up there," Gwen replied through the fabric of the shirt she was already pulling over her head.

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