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We find out my Dad is Gay, Lin in a hotel room.

"I have to make some phone calls, would you like a glass of water?"

"Yes, please Sir."

I spoke with clients and called my travel agent. Today was going to be more than an exploration of possibilities. Sandy was a submissive girl. She wanted all the things she read about in those stories. She wanted to learn about her body and how to please a man. She needed to be claimed. She would surrender to her man whenever he asked and have as many babies as he wished to give her.

Sandy was snuggled up under the covers. I helped her sit up and held the glass to her lips as she drank. Thirsty, even after it was drained. I lifted her chin and brought her eyes up to meet mine.

"I'm glad you told me the truth today and took your punishment without complaining. We're going to rest for a few minutes more this morning. I have a special surprise planned for this afternoon."

Her eyes got wide as I stripped, but she scooted over and made room for me on the bed without a word. I took her in my arms and pulled the covers over us, all cuddled up. When I tilted her head back for a kiss she closed her eyes and relaxed her lips. I teased her lips open and began to play with her tongue.

"Let your tongue caress mine. Don't think, focus on the sensation as our lips touch." She learned quickly.

I moved down to kiss her breasts and lick around her nipples, pushing back the covers. "These are breasts when you feed your babies and boobs when we play with them." I moved to the other side. "You have beautiful boobs." I gave her a little nip, then sucked hard and nibbled just enough to start a hickey. She moaned.

I began to stroke her belly, little circles, then teased around the edges of her mound. She closed her eyes and her belly began to flex. "Do you know how many times you can come in one day?"

"No Sir." She was still in the dream of being mine to command.

"Many, many times, so many you lose count. Pull your feet up and spread your legs wide. This will be your second time today."

She exhaled hard, opened herself to me. Gasped as I began to stroke her inner thighs. I held her mound in my hand and squeezed. Her hips began to wiggle.

"Your pussy wants more than a finger this time, doesn't it."

"Sir... I'm..."

"Are you ready to learn what it feels like to be licked and have your clit sucked and teased?"

"Oh... yes Sir."

"I need to tie your hands first, I don't want them getting in the way." She was breathing hard, shifting around. Uncertain. I took two scarves out of the drawer, tied one to each wrist.

"Stretch your arms out wide."

"Yes Sir." I tied the scarves to the bedposts.

I held her head and kissed her hard. Tongue probing, sucking her lower lip in. I moved down to her neck, then her breasts. I opened wide and clamped on, sucking deep, pulling her nipple as I let go. Moving from side to side until her nipples were stiff and long. Her legs were thrown wide.

"Your pussy wants to play now, doesn't it?"

"Yes Sir."

"Go ahead and say it, tell me what your pussy wants."

"Sir, my pussy is all wet and my clit wants your tongue. Please make me come."

I licked up and down, opening her. I sucked her lips into my mouth, slowly and gently at first, then harder and rough. She shifted her hips up and down, trying to move me towards her clit. I sucked it in, then began to tease.

"You have a beautiful pussy, all open and ready to come. Ask for it."

"Oh please Sir, yes... make me come."

Her hips rolled and her tummy pulled up tight when I finally took her over the top. As she peaked I sucked her clit hard, held it with my lips. It took a few minutes for her to catch her breath.

I moved back up and began to whisper, kissing her neck and blowing softly in her ear. "I never knew how much I needed you and wanted you until today. You're good and kind and loving. You're not a little girl, you're a woman, in bloom. Look at you, all laid out, ready to be claimed."

"W-what? Sir..."

"Jim. This is Jim, holding you, kissing you, watching you come."

"Jim... I'm not ready..."

"But you are.

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