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Sara's visit to the priest brings more than prayer.

Oh! The material used for both the bra and panty were so beautifully thin, other than the actual feeling of the sheer silk hugging my breasts and buttocks I didn't even feel that I am wearing one. Still that naked feeling of not wearing anything persisted.

Aunt Linda put another silk top over my head and pulled it down. Again holding her shoulders I helped her to put another silk skirt on me. Then she put high heels for my foot.

I felt a bright light being switched on. She removed the cloth out of my eyes, but the brightness blinded me making me not to see anything. She combed my hair and set it to her satisfaction. Then she applied a light makeup on me with a tinge of lipstick. I closed my eyes when aunt Linda suddenly switched off the bright light and switched on the normal white lights all around me.

"Open your eyes young lady, you are all ready for the kill." She tapped my cheeks.

I was scared to open my eyes, but finally curiosity took over and I slowly opened my eyes. There were wall-to-wall mirror all around the room. I saw two persons reflected on the mirror. I recognized aunt Linda. But suddenly I could not recognize the other person on the mirror. To my disbelief I realized it was none other than me! Aunt Linda had done an amazing job on me. The person I was seeing there had a 180 degrees transformation. The earlier shabby tomboy styled girl was nowhere to be seen. Instead there was a striking, haughty, beauty on the mirror. My shoulder length flowing black hair looked so good, I felt like moving my hand over it.

I moved my eyes downwards; she had put a blouse on me, which was not a tight fitting. It was a cream color silk top with small pink designs. Though it was a loose top, the silk material hugged me so beautifully revealing my figure perfectly. The top had a low neck exposing the cleavage without crossing the limits of decency. The blouse ended just on my belly button. Even on a slightest movement my belly button was exposing itself, it was something like a hide and seek. It was not exactly a sleeveless blouse on me but it just came down for an inch on my shoulder.

The skirt was another work of art. The black silk skirt hugged my waist just an inch down from my belly button. It didn't have any frills but it was very loose just like an umbrella. A smallest wind will make the skirt to fly up! It was a very short skirt, which ended just below where my thighs met. Yet it hugged my buttocks so beautifully revealing my long legs. Here too my panty was making hide and seek to the viewer even on a slightest movement.

I could make out the outlines of my bra; it hugged my breasts as if it was part of it. Even the panty had the same effect.

Overall I should say I was looking at a sensuous, sexy, haughty, beautiful yet innocent girl on the mirror.

There were teardrops of happiness formed on my eyes as I hugged aunt Linda. "I don't know how to thank you aunt Linda, I just don't know."

"Hey hey, don't get emotional baby, I am so happy that I could do what I promised. You are like my baby too. So please don't be formal." She hugged me tight and kissed my forehead.

"Aunt Linda, shall I call up Mama, and tell that I am ready to be taken home? And by the way, if you tell me about your charges, I will tell her to carry money on her."

Suddenly she was very stern, "Honey! When I told you that you are like my own baby, I mean it. What ever I have done on you gave me so much pleasure. Other than what you have on you, I have kept another two sets of dress complete with lingerie for you. Everything is a gift for this young beautiful lady from this old aunt Linda." I saw her getting emotional as she spoke.

Again I hugged her and whispered in her ears, "I am sorry aunt Linda, I am truly sorry for hurting your feelings."

"Now, I think your mother can make her entry!" Saying this she waved at the mirror.

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