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How I started cheating behind my husband's back.

"He stayed the night mom?"

"Yeah, I mean we were having a good time and it has been so long i did not want the night to end."

"I am not mad mom I am happy for you. You guys had fun huh?" I said with a smile.

"Oh Jake you be quiet."

"I am glad you are happy mom."

We just hung out the rest of the day. I could not get my mind off of Nick. He had sex with my mom. While I am always there for her and he is not he still gets her. I did not like this guy.

The next weekend rolled around and they hung out again. I figured Nick would be staying the night again, so I decided I would sneak it when they got back and watch my mom, it was the closest I would ever get. I waited until around midnight to head over. I saw Nicks car was in the driveway so I went to the backdoor. I looked in to make sure no one was on the first level and unlocked the back door. I was in, I had to make sure I was dead quiet. I figured they were upstairs so made my way to the steps. I began to hear the soft muffles coming from upstairs.

I quietly climbed the stairs making sure I did not make a creek. When I got to the top I could see a candle light illuminated by mothers room and I heard soft moans. I made my way over to the opened door. When I peeked in my cock instantly stood at attention. Nick was laying on this back on the bed and my mom was laying in front of him with her ass in the air sucking his dick. The bed faces the door, so my mom's ass was facing my direction perfectly. It looked wonderful from this position. Bigger than I ever imagined. It looked like a huge lump on the back of her, way too big to be an ass but it was.

I watched as her body moved up and down from her sucking his cock. He let out soft moans which let me know how good she was. After a couple of minutes she took his cock out of her mouth and laid down next to Nick. I took my eyes off the room so I could not be seen since now my mom's massive ass was not blocking me from view.

"Fuck baby, you suck that cock so good. I guess fat girls give the best head."

My mom laughed. I heard movement from them like they were getting repositioned and then my mom moaning. I guess they started to fuck. I peeked in. Nick was on top of her with her huge thighs in the air. He was thrusting into her and she seemed to really be enjoying it. My view was pretty bad, all I saw was my mom's thighs and Nicks gross ass pumping. My just knowing my mom was taking it kept my cock rock hard. I kept watching and began to stroke my cock. Mom was really getting loud now. Next thing I know My mom's head popped up and was resting of Nicks shoulder. She saw me. Our eyes met.

I did not move and besides the sight flinch she did when she saw me either did she. Nick had one hand behind her back holding her up and kept fucking her while she looked at me. I did not know what to do.

"Nick baby how about I get on top now."

I pulled my head back into the hallway so Nick did not see me. I heard the bed creeping again from them moving and then mom moaning again. I peeked back inside. Nick was laying on his back again in the same position he was getting the blowjob and my mom was on top of him, facing me! She was just bouncing on his cock staring at me. I did not know what this meant but I was really turned on. Her tits were bigger than I ever imagined. They sagged so low and looked like a water balloon before you fill it and let it hang. She was rubbing them and picking them up. Her areolas were dark and 4 inches wide. On a tit her size they still looked big. I kept stoking my cock and she watched me as she bounced on Nicks. She leaned back and I got the first view of her pussy since before her big belly was covering it. It was shaved surprisingly and so pink, I could see how wet it was from the doorway. I could not hold on anymore. I came all over the rug. After I finished I looked up at her and she mouthed spare room and waved me off.

I went in the spare room and listened to them fuck for another five minutes or so.

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