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Husband and wife seek reconciliation after her seduction.

Those are the highest tides in the world, more than four times the rise and fall we have here, though this is quite impressive as well. In Holland our tides are only about a metre and a half, five feet in your measurements. Be careful when you encounter other comparisons of the tides, since the people claiming second place are usually each measuring something different, but for sure the very highest, by a large measure, are in the Bay of Fundy."

The ocean water was too cold to let little Jason paddle, and Dee Dee was careful not to get any more than her feet wet, but it was still fun to play on the beach and erect pebble walls for the tides to demolish. Up at the house they could sit around the pool out of the wind, and when it was warm enough drop in for a dip. George was satisfied with the scenery by the pool, of course, two lovely women in minimal swimsuits, with a baby prepared to cry whenever he was thinking amorous thoughts.


"It is time to talk business, if you will permit me," Pieter said to George. "I have a business matter I wish to discuss with you. I do not know whether your wife is a part of your business or not. If she is, then you should ask her to sit down with us, but I did not want to embarrass you if she is not."

"Dee Dee is usually part of any business decisions I make, even though she has her own business to run."

"That is an intelligent arrangement. She is a woman of great abilities."

"I like to think that I recognized that long ago."

George went to get Dee Dee.

"Please join us, Shadow. Mr. van Rijn wants to discuss business. He will talk to you about why he asked you out here later. I told him you were usually part of any major decisions I made about the business, so he suggested you sit in."

"Okay. I just put Jason down, so he should be good for a while, and if he isn't, Adele will keep an eye out. She just loves to hold him."

Pieter van Rijn settled the Fosters on the couch and went to stand in front of the unlit fireplace, looking as nervous as he ever did.

"I do not want to presume on my acquaintance with Dee Dee, George, but I have, perhaps, at least to get you here to discuss this subject with you. I am not just a corporate trouble shooter for Iphigenia. I do that for them, sometimes, and it can be a bit of fun to get out and do something different. I am a member of the board of Iphigenia S. A., which you know is the parent company. That position came to me because I am the president of a major clothing firm in Europe.

"Oh, we are not as big as Benetton, but under a variety of trade names we are very comfortably placed in European markets. When I am in North America for board meetings of Iphigenia North America, I keep my eye out for opportunities, though I am not eager to expand to this side of the Pond. We do sales differently, though North American practice is making some inroads among us.

"You may have noticed that Adele wears a lot of clothes from your Knapp Fashion Boutique. We have been lucky that it was possible to get those clothes on-line. Adele finds them to be adequately stylish, and comfortable. It is as if comfort was the most important feature for the designer."

George grinned a bit, recalling Meredith's insistence to Millicent that all of her clothes had to be comfortable to wear. Millicent hadn't been resistant to the concept. She just hadn't realized how important it was to women to have wearable clothes, as well as ones that were flatteringly attractive.

"I hadn't realized that Adele was wearing Millicent's designs," George answered. "They've gotten farther out than I realized."

"Men," Dee Dee fumed. "I realized it at once, though I'm surprised someone who likely has the full stock of entire stores to choose from is still coming to Millicent."

"She has the touch, I think, and it is an exceptional match for what we try to carry in Europe.

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