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Leave the door open a crack so we can talk, and if need anything I can bring it to you." She took his hands to help him up, and when he was standing in front of her, he leaned forward and kissed her cheek.

"Thank you sister, you've been very kind to me, but you don't have to stay. I'll be all right now," he told her.

"I'll stay a while. I don't think you should be alone now. Stay in the shower as long as you need to, let the hot water relax you."

While he was in the shower, they made small talk, neither broaching the subject of his wife. She thought a moment, and decided that it was now or never. She began to undress, carefully considering what she was doing. She put her clothes on the dresser, and stood there, looking in the mirror. Wearing a plain bra and panties, she wished she had more frilly under garments. "The life of a nun," she whispered to herself. She took off the bra and panties, and stood before the mirror looking at herself. She was three inches over five feet tall, had long brunette hair that was naturally tinted with red, and bright green eyes. She had a slim waste, and she looked to the small tuft of hair. No man had ever seen her like this, and she thought no man ever would, but she still kept her self trimmed. She looked at her breasts, and wondered if they were too small. She held them in each hand, never having really looked at them before. As she did, her nipples became hard, and she ran her thumbs around them, enjoying the sensation of it.

She had never seduced a man, and had no idea what to do now. Should she go to him in the shower, or should she slip into the bed? Should she just be standing there waiting for him to come out? He was out of the shower now, and she heard the water running in the sink. He was shaving, so she still had a few minutes to decide on her next move. What if he rejected her? She hadn't thought of that till now. She was a nun after all. She almost thought to abandon her plan, to quickly dress and leave.

She looked around the room trying to decide. The decision, however, was made for her. He had come out of the bathroom, and was standing there, shirtless and speechless. She went to him, held his face in her hands, and said, "Don't say anything. Take me. I think it's what we both need." Looking up at him, she pulled him to her, kissing him. He didn't kiss her back at first. He stood there, unmoving, while she kissed his lips. She wrapped her arms around him, holding him tight to her. She began to kiss his chest, running her tongue around his nipples, feeling them get erect under her touch. She felt him getting hard, his cock pressing against her stomach.

He began to take control. One arm went around the middle of her back, his hand pressing her tighter to his swollen member. He grabbed a handful of her hair with his other hand and held her head back. He began kissing her, gently at first, his tongue making quick jabs into her mouth. His kisses became harder, his tongue probing deeper. His hand came off her back, and he cupped her left breast. She moaned softly, her nipple reacting to his touch. He applied pressure, squeezing a little more, pinching the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

She pulled away from him a little, and slid her hand over his slacks, rubbing his now hardened cock through them. Her other hand came around, and she undid his slacks and slid them down over his hips. Letting them fall to his ankles, she slid his boxers over his hips, releasing his cock. She grasped it in her hand, feeling one for the first time. She was amazed at how hard it was, broke away from his kisses, and looked at it. She began to rub him, liking the way he felt against the palm of her hand. He moaned softly against he touch, pushing his hips forward, pressing to her.

He lowered his head to her, and began kissing her neck, moving to her shoulder.

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