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Lucy has an unwelcome visitor.

"Right Thursday I'll prove it to you!" I tell him.

The rest of the night we chill in my room, playing my Xbox and munching on some pizza I found in the fridge. Once Marc heads home I quickly do some home work and crash onto my bed. I start browsing Facebook, just aimlessly scrolling when I get a text from Becki,

'You not like my pictures?' with a sad face.

'No no' I quickly text back 'they were very hot!'

'Of course they are, but not hot enough to get any appreciation?'

'Oh they are well appreciated!'

'Say that now'

'It helped me this morning!'


'Helped sort out my morning wood...'

'Oh you naughty boy!!'

'You're the naughty one!'

'Who me?' She replies with a picture message seconds after. It's her with this innocent sexy look on her face whilst she bites her finger, you know the look! I can feel my erection start to grow.

'Fuck!! Yes you!' I text back sorting my bulge out.

'I have to go now sexy but here's a little present to get you to sleep!' With a winky face and a picture soon after.

"Holy shit" I quietly say to myself. The picture was of her lying on the bed with those beautiful breasts hanging free. I was fully hard now and needed to relieve myself.

I quickly took off my clothes, springing my rock hard member free. I grabbed a small bottle of lube that I kept in my top bedside drawer to enhance the feeling.

I apply some of the lube to my hand and begin to work it around the head of my cock. It felt good. I worked it more, twisting my hand around the head and then working the shaft. Once I had my full shaft nice and lubed, I grabbed my phone and got up the pictures of Becki. Fuck she is one hot girl, those tits man. I can't wait to see them in real life. Working the shaft faster, I start to imagine what it would be like to be able to fuck those big tits. Flicking through the other pictures I worked my full cock faster and harder. I could feel the sensation building from my balls. As I continued to stroke, I tried my best to concentrate and hold off the explosion. As I worked the head of my cock faster I manage to hold out a little longer than normal before I grab an other one of my socks and explode inside of it. Giving out a low groan, I just lay there for a minute. Then I hear it, the noise of the floorboards outside my room. I look up at my door, it was slightly open. I was sure I had closed it.

I quickly clean myself and threw a pair of boxers on. I peer outside my room but there was no signs of anyone and the only light was coming from my room. I don't know if Mom was home yet so it could have been her or It could have been Hailey, she got home before Marc left. "How long were they there for? Where they watching me?" I ask myself, as I close my door and got into bed.


Wednesday was pretty uneventful and was like any normal school day. Classes were boring and the day dragged. The only saving grace for the day was Art at the end of the day. Only because Lily was in the class, one of the reasons why I took it and I actual like to draw. Wednesday night was much the same however, Hailey went to Heathers straight after school and mum was working late as normal. Even if they were home, I wasn't going to bring up what I thought might have happened last night. I spent most of the night playing the Xbox and texting Marc now and again.

Before I knew it, it was Thursday and back to school. Again Thursday at school was boring and dragged, Marc spent the whole lunch time excited for the double date tomorrow night. I must admit, it would be fun to hang out with him and the girls but I was gutted that Lily wasn't coming.

With School over for the day it was time to head to work, a small grin grew across my face as I walked towards the store.

"Mmm there he is tho!" Becki purred from behind the counter. "How is my new favourite man doing?"

"All the better for seeing you" I replied trying to play cool.

Today Becki had on tight denim jeans, her thong was visible above her jeans.

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