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Anne has a run in with several of her neighbors.

A low husky voice answered; "Discreet Gentlemen Escorts - may I help you?"

"Yes. My name is Allen Small. I've been recommended to you by Jeremy Tatnell, who I believe is one of your staff?"

"Why, yes he is. Would you like to come for an interview, say at 2.15pm?" I answered in the affirmative and received instructions directing me to an office block nearby.

The extremely smart office was located on the fourteenth floor. A young, well groomed receptionist led me into the main office. Behind a mahogany desk was a woman of somewhat indeterminate years, but good looking and expensively dressed.

"Well, hello. I'm, Sheila Croker. I must say, you are rather better set up than young Jeremy. Tall, dark, handsome and athletic looking. Well and neatly dressed." She looked me up and down. "First impressions are always the best, and I'm certainly impressed. Please sit down and Crystal will bring us a coffee and then we can discuss business."

I sat and presently was served a steaming hot coffee by the very attractive Crystal. As she bent over, she managed to display a considerable amount of bra less cleavage, and very nice it was too. She gave a smirk when she saw where my eyes were focussed. The skirt of her suit was definitely mini and I deftly appraised the beautiful shape of her legs and the dimpled backs of knees as she sashayed out of the office.

"Crystal is very attractive, isn't she?" asked Mrs. Croker.

"Very nice. Was she a sort of test?"

"Goodness no. She is actually my daughter and a bloody big tease. Mind you, as a barometer of men, she is generally very good. You wouldn't have got the big show if she didn't find you attractive. Many a time I've terminated interviews after the coffee presentation because she has given me the thumbs down. She hasn't been wrong yet, although she was a bit ambivalent about your Mr. Tatnell. Iffy at best, but Sylvia seems to like him. You won't have seen it but Crystal gave you the ten fingers. That is - ten out of ten. Very rare. Tell me about yourself."

I told her, but there wasn't really a lot to tell.

"Do you like men?"

I glared at her. "No, I certainly don't! I love women. The thought of being sexually involved with a man leaves me revolted, frankly."

"Well, that's a relief. Now what sort of women are you attracted to?"

I thought for a moment. "I honestly don't know. I've had a number of relationships with girls from college and the uni. I guess the youngest was about 15 and the oldest 26 or so. All shapes, all sizes really."

Mrs. Croker looked at me steadily, probably assessing whether I was telling the truth. "Who took your virginity?"

Somewhat surprised by the question, I smiled and said, "I do believe that would be Mrs. Sampson the next door neighbor and she was in her forties. I was an easy mark since I was doing her gardening and wearing a permanent erection because she got around the place wearing almost nothing. In fact, we still get it on from time to time. Her son is one of my best friends and he doesn't suspect I've been fucking his mother."

I watched her reaction to the "f" word. Apart from a slightly raised eyebrow, she continued to eye me steadily. I'm sure I detected a slightly faster rise and fall of her rather impressive chest. "I can tell you can communicate and you appear to be totally at ease with me."

"That will be because I've squired my mother to all sorts of functions over the years and become used to chatting with a wide range of people."

"Does anybody know about your um relationship with your neighbor."

"Not a soul. She doesn't know about her daughter and vice versa."

This brought a throaty chuckle. "Quite the stud, young Allen, and able to keep quiet about it. I think we can deal nicely." She became businesslike. "Your fees vary depending on the hours you keep our clients company, the service provided and so on. Many of your dates will simply want to be squired and others will demand more. Can you handle that?"

"I'm sure I can."

"Our commission is 25% payable in advance by

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