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Katie returns the favor.

He lifted his head a little and grabbed her closer so that he could kiss his way up to her throat. She shivered in excitement and lowered herself in order to take another inch of him inside of her body. He moaned in response and she captured his lips with hers and gave him a deep kiss, letting her tongue touch his lips and opened to him as he came forward to explore her.

It was exciting to feel him fill her in two places at the same time, and the thought made her feel warmer and more excited. Her cunt felt so hungry she wanted to take all of him inside right now. Testing the territory, she let herself sink deeper onto his body, feeling the warm water envelop their bodies and matching the heat she felt inside of her body.

She lowered herself as far as she could before lifting her body almost all the way from him, before sinking down on him again. Faster this time. His hands were clinging to her waist again as if he was trying to push her onto his cock. She laid her hands on his shoulders and used him to balance herself as she started to fuck him in earnest, lifting herself before taking him deep inside of her again.

Suddenly she felt him push up and inside of her, coming deeper inside of her than she had felt before. The feeling was so intense she wondered if she would orgasm right there and then. Instead she tried to hold back and match his tempo, letting him know that she was still on top and controlling the speed.

He smiled at her, as if he would challenge her control if ever he had the chance. At the same time he lifted his head again and alternatively licked and kissed her throat, making her squirm in delight and tighten her muscles around his erect flesh. He groaned loudly in response and she felt elated by the thought of making this man bow to her command while pleasuring him.

So thought, she straightened her body and moved her left hand behind her back and located his sacks. Roaming her hand around them, she continued to massage them until she heard his breathing increase.

"Oh god," he moaned. "I can't hold back much longer."

"Then don't hold back," she gasped as she slammed down on him.

"I need you with me," he said as he moved his right hand to her clit and massaged her lightly as she rubbed herself against his hand.

It felt so good she wanted to just scream in pleasure and come right now. Feeling a sudden need to be completely egoistic, she fucked herself hard on his cock, moving her entire body to the goal that would give her the most joy, and not worrying whether he would follow or not. She lifted her body so that her pussy nearly let go of his cock, before slamming herself down, taking every inch of his hard flesh and feeling every part of her channel being pleasured by the motion.

Angling her body a little forward, she could feel him touch some place inside her that felt even better, so she continued massaging herself on his erect flesh. Feeling her orgasm come nearer and nearer, she straightened her body and felt his entire length touch her inside. Suddenly, everything changed and she increased the speed and fucked them both into oblivion.

She could hear Scott breathe heavily, as he matched her pace and she gave herself over to the instant wave of pleasures that poured through her entire body. She clung to Scott as her body shook with an intense orgasm, feeling deep contractions starting deep inside of her and pulling Scott over the finish line as he came with a load roar. She felt him pump all his come inside of her and she held him tight as her contractions started to subside around his still erect cock.

For several minutes, all they did was hold on to each other as their breathing gradually slowed down.


Suddenly, Kate felt Scott's body starting to shake, and for a second or two she wondered if he was crying. She grew really worried until she heard the laughter he was trying his best to contain.

"What's so funny?" she wondered suspiciously.

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