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The Battle and The New Moon Ceremony.

Got drunk and showed everyone who'd look some really kinky and nasty pictures of the things you two liked to do."

"The kind of kinky sexual play that we enjoy too," blue eyes added.

"How about $500 for a few hours of , uh, work."

She knew her face was blushing red, but still......"No way"

"You might want to reconsider that. After all, you need the job right? Plus some extra holiday cash."

He held up a leather mask just like the one she had at home and smiled as he said, "I promise, we won't tell anyone and no one will recognize you. Plus we use European distributors. Most likely no one on this side of the pond will see it. How about a thousand?" Then he pulled out a wad of bills and waved it around.

Sharon's mind flashed full of images; being filmed naked having sex with strange men; being paid for it too and a leather mask so it's anonymous.

Geez, most of her favorite fantasies.

She smiled; they smiled.


"OK, guys we're on, finish setting up.

After that it seemed that in no time she was naked headed out of the office towards the stage with just a blanket to cover her and the full leather mask hiding her face and hair.. The two guys had undressed and geez, those were big dicks! Some nerdy looking fellow was behind the camera and everyone was looking at her expectantly.

So she dropped the blanket and got up on the stage. .In minutes, they had tied her tits tight as instructed by Mr. Weird, the gag in her mouth tied tight and had her down on the bench on her back strapped down she she couldn't move.


So he instructed them in what to do; one guy stood over stroking is rock hard dick and playing roughly with her tits and nipples; the other worked with a flogger on her thighs and pussy. She had always been a little bit of a pain slut so the combination of pain in her crotch and tits worked like magic to make her pussy wet along with the whole scene.

Out of the corner of her eye she cold see the red light flashing on the camera and felt a twinge of humiliation. But along with that came a throbbing in her cunt.

Eventually, the were told to slip the gag down and she felt her mouth stretch to accommodate a penis.

She started sucking harder and trying her best to swallow that cock. At the other end, she felt one slide into her dripping wet hole and start working on her. Gawd, this felt good, the most sexual fun she'd had in months.

"Perfect, look at her throat widen as it slides in deep. Keep it up, you're all doing great."

After what seemed like ages, he called for a break so they stopped.

"Ok, turn her over and tie her down again.."

Her tits were mashed tight against the hard wood, but in her excitement she didn't care. Immediately, they started again, this time beating her back and ass with a leather strap. It hurt much more than the flogger so naturally, she became more excited. Eventually, the man at her rear stopped beating her and pushed his cock inside of her dripping cunt. Handing over the strap to the one fucking her mouth, he continued whipping her back as both of them punished each end of her with their cocks. She could feel the heat of the bright lights on her welts as the excitement in the big room grew.

"Seems long enough; fuck her ass now and lets see some jizz."

Sharon felt the pressure in her ass as it was penetrated. It slid right in since she was so excited and as she listened to everyone watch her and she enjoyed the fullness in her mouth as well her excitement begin to build.

"Not yet, people, keep it going."

Geez, what a sadist!

It seemed like hours of both ends being pounded before she heard the voice tell the men to go ahead and cum. Her hair was grabbed and her leather clad face shown to the camera as the hot jizz squirted across her cheeks and mouth. She felt a huge load being deposited in her anus as both men moaned and groaned out their pleasure.

After a minute or two, she felt fingers spread her ass cheeks wide and involuntarily, she felt his come slide out of her ass and drip down o

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