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She's taken to the desert.

She had still deep longings of finding a strong and healthy man who would take her in hand, make her exercise and regain her slender figure : for such a man, she would put on sarees or body hugging clothes again. She would wear bindis, bangles and other Indian jewels. She might even dance for him : when she was young, she was known to be a very good dancer, Bollywood style. She could then spend an hour and a half applying make up to charm her guests! She was just a hot wife turned to waste for lack of interest from her husband! But she just needed a spark to ignite the flames again...

As a welcome treat, Simran offered her mother a glass of orange juice spiked with a potent diuretic and a laxative with a little vodka to hide the taste. It was nothing too strong, just enough to start loosening Sheela's inhibitions and force her to visit frequently the toilets. Josh had insisted that photographs showing a girl peeing or relieving her bowels would be quite likely interesting for his blackmail... Women would do anything to prevent such dirty images to appear on Internet or be sent to their friends! Simran exchanged with her mother some small talk about her sisters and their friends before turning toward her other guests ... Josh winked at Simran when she passed near the bar. Sheela's next drink would contain a potent aphrodisiac that would break all the barriers she might have built in her mind : it would have transformed the superior of the strictest convent in the most wanton slut on Earth ready to service one hundred burly men that had been totally deprived of feminine contact for six months!


The tables were covered with piles of pizzas, sausages, chips, fruits, cakes and anything women could like. There were even pastries and other delicacies from Punjab. With the money she had recently earned, Simran could now offer lavish reception! She had been lucky that her mother and sisters weren't strict vegetarians! Sheela gasped when she saw the tables. Alisha and Latikha, two family friends, arrived then. They were both in their mid twenties and they were married to the most boring men : a trader for Alisha and a real estate agent for Latikha. They had chatted with Simran on previous occasions that they should find a lover, well hung and more interested by their pussies than by the money he could earn! But their dreams had remained mere unimplemented projects. Simran had thought it would be quite adequate to grant them the opportunity to realize their wishes. The two girls had completely abandoned Indian culture. Just Alisha was wearing a choli under her open shirt but Latikha wore a very short black cocktail dress that could be quite adequate as a whore outfit if worn with stay up stockings, very high stilettos, more flashy make up and without knickers, of course!.
Simran offered them all to take a glass of punch : orange juice with rum. The waiter serving the punch was someone Simran knew quite well : Josh in person! He was the only man present there. Latikha had immediately scanned the hall for a suitable candidate for sex and focused on him. He was well built, probably well hung, just the dream man for a horny girl like Latikha! She had already started to chat with him. Her loud laughs completely covered the general conversation. Simran wondered how a boring idiot like Latikha's husband could have seduced such a bubbly girl! Josh was accompanied by Leylah wearing a shimmering belly dance outfit... It seemed to really interest the girls and she finally suggested the girls to visit her shop if they wanted to buy such outfits or take lessons... Leylah had joked that when they would perform in public, the men watching them would dream of making them lie on the floor and fuck them raw! The girls had laughed and giggled but Simran knew by experience that it was the exact truth!

Leylah's duties were to replenish the trays with food and get rid of the refuse.

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