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A Mercenary and a Whorehouse.

Melanie plunged another finger in, her ring finger, slamming the digits hard and fast into herself, coating them with her juices. She bit her lip again, hard. Kris was surprised it didn't draw blood it was such a vicious assault. Melanie's eyes were squeezed tight, still oblivious to Kristie's eyes on her.

Kristie wondered at the effort Melanie was putting into this orgasm that seemed to be out of her reach. She was trying too hard, probably. Her suspicions were confirmed when moments later, Melanie abandoned her abused clit and forced the hand way up under her shirt. The girl cupped one of her large breasts, squeezing the flesh roughly though only getting about half in her petite grasp. Her hand tented and Kris thought she must be tugging or twisting one of her nipples. It was hard to tell which, but it definitely helped, because Melanie choked back a moan and spasmed, her legs clamping down fiercely on the fingers buried in her pussy -- her hand was motionless above except for light circles made by the base of her palm over her clit. Kristie guessed that Mel was curling her fingers now, massaging herself in just the right spot.

Melanie's eyes shot open with the shock of the oncoming explosion... and looked right at Kristie.

The girl's eyes grew even larger as she realized that she was being watched but it was too late. Melanie's back arched, her balance went to the tip of her toes, and she sucked in a gasp of air so intense Kristie would have thought Melanie was choking if it weren't for her hand continuing the feverish onslaught to her crotch.

Kristie simply started at her, mouth slightly parted, in awe of the waves the girl was riding. And continued to ride. Melanie didn't jerk her hand away bashfully... no, she just stared at Kris, her own mouth open, her face red and contorted from holding back what was probably a fairly sizable scream of pleasure.

Melanie's eyes finally squeezed shut again, breaking the moment for Kris. She watched Mel's head fall back against the stall door as her body rocked, humping her hand for all it was worth. The girl finally exhaled the moan she had held back, the whoosh of air retreating in a soft gurgle of pleasure. Melanie's face relaxed to sweet oblivion, like the sweetest drug had just kicked in to her system. A sheen of sweat glistened on her skin.

When Kristie realized Melanie was coming down from her high, she finally ducked down into her stall. Her pants had been zipped but not buttoned so she finished the routine and stepped out of her stall, walking over to wash her hands. She wondered if Melanie would come out. From the sound of the girl's breathing, she was still relishing the aftereffects.

Debating whether or not she should stay and explain or go and simply deal with it later, Kristie bent over to look at Melanie's feet. The girl hadn't moved.

Well, she would probably be a while, and Kristie had to go back to class, her own heart beating to a slightly faster beat. With a grin, she straightened, grabbed a paper towel, dried her hands, and casually tossed it in the trashcan as she left the restroom.


Melanie felt the blood drain from her face once her orgasm had subsided. The fog that always came with these moments retreated as usual, leaving her a little abashed. Her desperation during these random waves of horny intensity was getting ridiculous. Strangely, however, this orgasm was different. She felt... better. Not just sated. And it had been a big one. Like that night with Trent.

But what was worse, she hadn't thought to check and see if the bathroom was clear. She didn't hear anything and her mind was... elsewhere. She listened for the door while she coaxed her release, but had heard nothing. The shock of seeing someone watching you, a glint of hunger in their eye, was... well okay that was hot as hell in her current state. It made things even more intense.

There Kristie MacFarland was, open-mouthed, a rebellious glint in her eye as always.

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