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Instant messenging leads to a bath time webcam show

I licked the rim of the toilet and he eagerly started pushing against me. This was the ultimate form of humiliation. One lick wasn't enough and he slapped me around the face to continue. It was disgusting, it really was but he loved it.

'You're just trash,' I heard him mutter. 'Fucking piss bucket.'

It couldn't have been any less sexy but he insisted that I keep licking the toilet rim, even to the point where he held my head right down onto it and even started directing my head around so I licked all round the front of the toilet. When that was done he pushed me forward so I could lick the rest of it.

'Lick it you dirty piece of shit,' he continued to mutter. 'How does it feel me fucking your pissy pussy?'

'It feels good, sir,' I lied.

'Damn fucking right it does,' he said almost breathless with excitement, 'but this isn't about you, whore,' he said and pulled me back by my hair and forced me around. He started wanking with a gleeful look on his face. 'Open up, whore.'

I opened my mouth and he shot his load over my face with hardly any of it landing in my mouth. Even after he had finished cumming he continued to wank so I kept my mouth open just in case. What happened next was unexpected. Suddenly he started pissing all over me and, thanks to the pressure brought on by the sex and the wank, it came out like a spray. I would have reacted in horror but after my first initial flinch of surprise I quickly regained myself.

He took a few deep breaths and smiled down at me.

'You dirty fucking piss whore,' he said and left me sitting on the floor covered in piss and cum.

That took a lot longer to clean up and I smelt like piss all day. I was glad when I finally got home so I could have a shower. It couldn't get any worse than that could it?


The next day Harry and his little circle of weirdoes pulled me back into the toilets, pulled all my clothes off, forced me on my knees and circled around me before pissing all over me while I was instructed to keep my mouth open all times. I went home smelling of piss again and downed a whole bottle of vodka to get the taste out of my mouth. They were pushing my boundaries more and more and I couldn't tell whether I liked it or not. I liked the humiliation aspect but I didn't appreciate tasting and smelling of piss.

To be fair it wouldn't count as humiliation if I enjoyed it.



My meeting with Connor was steadily approaching and I could help but be extremely excited. Not only that but I had had over inquiries with the times much closer. I was surprised. I didn't think I'd get anything this fast. Turns out quite a few people liked the way I looked. To show up on the 'Local Escort' page for London I had to pay one credit per day (I won't even tell you how much each credit was) but by the look of it the jobs I was being offered would cover that no problem. Most were not as charming as Connor's email and simply consisted of "I saw your profile and would like to book an appointment". They were simple but at least I knew I was desired outside of work...and outside my boss's house.

Deciding that I had to get used to strangers seeing me naked, I decided to offer webcam services online. I started with doing individual ones at first to get my confidence up. I would strip and they would give me instructions on what to do. Many were simple such as finger myself and then lick my fingers clean while others were more outlandish. One man had me deep throat a banana before inserting it inside my pussy and then eating it. Some would go on cam too, making it much easier for me to interact with them but many preferred to be anonymous and would just type their instructions.

Eventually I built up enough courage to do a group chat.

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