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Thane meets his mate...but she's forbidden.

" I told her.

"I will soon, Now please lick me, I need to cum."

I went down on her, she pressed her pussy against my face and I licked her till she came all over my face. I knew my wife was wanted more than my pencil dick that cums in less than 5 minutes to satisfy her. She didn't say anything to me as she loved me and didn't want to hurt me.

How it started:

It was a typical Saturday, we went out shopping and had to stop by the home of our friends Adam and Kyla to pick up a couple of wall paintings before returning home. Adam is 37 years, is 5'6''ft tall, weighs 200lbs and is more on the heavier side. From what I have seen in change rooms his cock is something that should be banging my wife's sweet pussy. Even when not excited his cock is way thicker than mine and as long as mine. I can only imagine how huge it will be when erect. The thought of my wife naked riding Adam's cock really gets me hard and I know my wife knows that.

It was a hot summer day and my wife had worn a short summer dress that was very loose fitting. The dress ended probably between her knees and her pussy showing off her sexy legs and accentuating her yummy ass. All she had underneath the dress were some sexy panties with a tiny triangle in the front. Adam and Kayla were expecting us so as soon as we rang the doorbell, they opened the door and invited us inside to their living room. The room had two low couches facing each other. I sat on one of the couches and my wife sat on the opposite end with Kayla.

Adam got all of us some drinks and sat next to me. Adam was sitting bang opposite my wife and I was sitting in front of Kayla. We started some casual conversation. While we were chatting I noticed that the way my wife was sitting her legs opened and I could see a lot of her white creamy thighs. I am sure Adam could see her sexy legs and probably more as he was right in front of her. My mind started racing and I started wondering how much could Adam see. Could he see her panties? Maybe pussy hair? As we kept chatting my wife's legs would open up and close casually giving Adam a sexy view. Soon, I saw a bulge in Adam's pants which got me really excited. I started fantasizing about Adam fucking my wife again.

To get a better look at what Adam could see I excused myself to use the washroom. On my way back I walked right behind Adam and stood there for a few minutes making casual conversation before waking my way back to the couch. And what a sight it was. My wife was sitting on the edge of the couch with her legs spread and Adam could see her creamy thighs in her full glory. Whenever she spread her legs a little he got a good view of her panty covered pussy before she closed her legs. I looked at my wife and she smiled at me.

I gave her a thumbs up and texted her "Adam is really enjoying looking at your legs. I think he can even see your panties."

My wife read the text and smiled.

After a few minutes Kayla got up to grab the paintings from the basement and my wife excused herself to go to the washroom. I went with Kayla to help her get the painting. It took us a good 10-15 minutes to get the paintings as we had move stuff in the basement to get to it. When we came back, my wife was sitting down where we had left her. Seeing the paintings in my hand my wife got up to leave and Adam and Kayla walked us to the door. I saw a huge bulge in Adam's pants which he tried very hard to hide from his wife. My wife saw it too and smiled at me.

That night while having sex I mentioned to my wife "Did you notice that Adam had a hard on while we were leaving."

"Yes I did, I guess I did not sit like a very good girl and he got an eyeful. I am sure you noticed that while we were sitting on the couch and I gave him a little show, I hope you didn't mind. Looking at these videos I am sure you have fantasized a lot more."

I was surprised and excited by her comments and I started imagining Adam fucking my wife again which gave me a huge hard on.

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