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Doing Sleeping Beauty.

Oh, it was in further than the others, further than my dildo. Not by much, but I felt my walls pushed apart where they had not been before. It was not wider, I assumed, as my wall did not seem to be stretched more than before until the last inch or so. These thoughts, however, were fleeting, as he was pounding my pussy with hard thrusts that began to build me toward another climax already.

As I thought, my second climax hit hard and fast. I moved my hips back, and probably up and sideways, as my pussy muscles squeezed tight on his penis. He kept pumping through my contractions, and by the time I was finished he was just about reaching his climax. He shoved his penis in deep and held it there as it throbbed and spurt its juices inside me. I felt him throb and shoot deep inside me. After the first two or three spurts he pulled back and pushed in again a few more times until he was spent.

When he relaxed he pulled out and pulled my skirt down, covering my nakedness. A thoughtful gesture. I walked over to the couch and picked up my panties, putting them on and tried to stem the juices flowing out of my pussy. I was unsure of myself. Should I feel embarrassed?

Tom spoke as he had thrown away the condom and was tucking himself back in. "Susan, thank you. That was wonderful. I had built up a lot of frustration towards you. You are a very special lady."

He stepped over to me and took me in his arms. I felt safe and secure there, and I thought there was no reason to feel bad about what had happened. I still felt a little awkward, especially with what felt like a wet sponge between my legs. I needed to go to the restroom.

"I needed it as well, Tom," I said. I gave him a small kiss. "Thank you. Now I need to use the ladies' room."

Tom was waiting in the hall when I came out of the restroom, and he walked me to my car. Nothing else was said directly about the event, and we kissed again as I got in my car and left. I felt great.

The next day Tom brought the subject up. "Are you okay about yesterday?"

"Don't I seem okay?" I asked, teasingly.

"You certainly do," he answered. "But I mean really, completely. I would hate for anything to ruin our relationship."

He looked nervous, deeply concerned. I answered, "Tom, I am fine. Nothing could harm our relationship. Besides, I enjoyed it." And then I smiled and added, "A lot."

It seemed he wanted to say something else, but hesitated. "Something else?" I asked.

"Yes, there is, actually. But I don't want you to take this the wrong way. You know the business trip next week to Virginia?"

I said, "Yes, you and Ben are going."

"No," he said. "We were, but he has a family thing and asked if he could stay here. I wondered if you would be willing to go."

Since when did he ask? He would normally just tell you if you were expected to go somewhere. "Tom," I said, with a little dread. "You said our relationship wasn't going to change, and then..."

I didn't get to finish as he interrupted me. "No Susan, don't get the wrong idea. That's not why I am asking you. We have separate rooms, and nothing but business needs to happen."

I still looked unsure, as he added, "I would have asked you first anyway if I had known you were so well recovered. I nearly did, but then I thought Ben hadn't had a trip for a good while. Honestly, if yesterday hadn't happened, I would be asking you anyway."

"No catches?" I asked.

"No catches. No pressure," he answered.

"Thank you, Tom. That's fine."


I wasn't certain of my feelings for Tom.

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