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A young woman turns to prostitution to pay the bills.

I took the rhythm up holding her hips as her hand replaced mine on her breasts. This time it was near a scream as the shudders took her body, she let her breasts swing as her hands took my shoulders.

The nails bit in, taking me the step nearer to the ecstatic release burning in my groin. I felt my penis jerk as my knees weakened, and I pulled to her for support as the hot juices flooded from me, my hips jerking with the spasms, my breaths little more than raggedy sobs as my head lay on her shoulder.

"I love you," I whispered when I had enough breath to contain the words

"And I love you too my husband." As she kissed my ear then playfully nipped my lobe, I let her part from me, as I plucked a hand towel and pressed it twix her legs, then took another for myself.

Breakfast was done and she sat on the balcony with her accounts while I perused the pleas to the Queen's court for relief and adjudications. Neither of us were in a real mood to work but this was better than plain waiting.

It was nearing lunch when the tingle started, I stood and looked for his appearance, Sissy caught my movement and stood as well.

He came from thin air at the edge of the balcony.

"Greetings, I hope the day finds you well?" He bowed with a flourish of his hat.

He looked around. "What delightful mountain scenery you have before you."

"Thank you Master Magus, I trust the family smiles on you and yours," I replied.

"Would you join us and take some wine?" I asked.

"Thank you I would, you have refreshing air here."

Sissy raised her voice. "Mardy."

The maid came. "Your Highness."

"Bring the red wine for our guest and goblets to go round."

Mardy curtsied and was gone.

I took the papers from the table and walked them inside, taking a chair back with me as the third seat.

"We are soon to have our midday meal, would you care to join us?"

"Thank you no; I have my own dinner to look forward to."

The pleasantries over he looked at me.

"To judge your mood the matters settled, your manner tells me that I have company on this quixotic tilt to set a world to rights."

"Your assumptions are foresworn between us; I will offer assistance to your cause."

The maid brought a carafe on a tray with three goblets, filling each one to a third before retiring.

He sipped. "You must pack me a few bottles of this when I come for you in a week's time; I invite your lady wife to enjoy our hospitality whilst you learn the magic of the ring, and the skills that a ringbearer must possess."

Sissy clapped her hands and came to hug me, looking over my shoulder to Magus.

"This is wonderful news you bring!" To my ear she whispered, "you are mine a while longer."

I reached and took her hand in mine feeling in her firm squeeze joy and excitement.

"We shall be ready and await your return."

He sat a while longer, asking of the countryside hereabouts, particularly the mountains that framed the northern horizon before us. I offered a refill but he begged he must return to his own duties and asked to be forgiven for his brief stay. Then with a wave of his wooden stick and the sparse few words, the hole took him.

Sissy spent three days tidying the affairs of state, and two days packing one trunk into two, as more items became necessary. I chided her that there were women on Kallifonai, they would have the same needs and probable the same items. She told me that I had no understanding of a woman's needs; the items were especially suited to her.

The week past soon enough, Sissy had her two trunks packed and waiting, as we breakfasted and watched the day turn evermore cloudy with the distant hills being lost to the mist. The chancellor, who was to govern in our absence, had joined us along with several of the councillors.

All was ready when my ring began to tingle once more.

"He's here." I stood and looked for where he would appear, it was the wall once more. His top was a bright weave of rainbow colours with skirt that glistened iridescently. With a wave of his hat he bowed.

"Greetings Rigbetif , Queen Sisoft,

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