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A woman's view of the world of swingers.

McMahon likes robes." She got dressed in the robe and went to breakfast. She walked down stairs and she saw Vince at the table. "Good morning" Vince replied the same and asked if she wanted any breakfast. "I guess some cereal or toast." Vince told her she should splurge because she was on vacation, so he talked her into some eggs. After small talk and breakfast Mr. McMahon told her that she should open the box now and come down and he will explain. She went upstairs and opened her gift. She came back downstairs and asked why there was a spa treatment pass in her gift.

This is a gift for you, I scheduled you an all day spa treatment down the road and it will be all day. Maria was overwhelmed and appreciated her boss greatly for this. "There is one condition though, every time there is a package on your bed you will do whatever is in it without question." "I will." "Have fun." Maria then showered got dressed and went to the spa. After a day of pampering Maria came home and went to her room. There was a package on her bed. On the top was a note that said open after dinner. She went downstairs and had some dinner. Vince did not join her for dinner. She felt as though she needed to thank him for her great day. She sauntered back upstairs to her room and opened the package. In the box was a red cloak, white silk top, red silk skirt, black corset belt, knee high black boots and a basket. There is also a piece of paper which detailed the fact that she was to wear this and come downstairs and knock on Vince's door at 8:00 pm and be in character. It describes that her character is that of little red riding hood and that she is to play as though she knows nothing of sex or anything related to it. (Pretty much her early character in WWE) Maria was shocked and surprised that this would be in the box. She however decided that she gave her word and she would do it. She walked down in her costume and knocked exactly at 8. She heard a voice faintly say come in. Maria opened the door and walked in. She saw someone in the bed and the covers pulled over there head. "Come here and show grandma what you brought," the voice said through the covers. Maria walked to the voice and put the basket on the nightstand. "I brought cookies grandma." She showed the voice.

"Good child, could you sit with me I am very ill."

"Sure" she moved onto the bed and scooted next to her grandma. "Grandma is you ok, your voice sounded very weird." Maria starts to poke around and feels the big hands and big head. "My grandma what big hands and a big head you have. " Maria was feeling awkward because she could not see the person under the covers, then suddenly the person grabbed her. It was Vince in a Wolf's mask. "Oh my god" Maria screamed as she was held in her place. Vince responds "All the better to have fun with."

"What do you want with me?" Maria asked scared of what the answer might be the answer.

"Why, I am going to teach you some very special and fun things." He grabbed her and pulled her onto his sheet-covered lap. "Now lets take this cape off." He slowly unties her cape and tosses it on the floor. Maria is starting to look frightened. "It's ok baby, lets continue" he slowly starts to unbutton her top and eventually it pops open showing the best set of tits he has ever seen. "Very nice" he pulls the shirt down and tosses it next to the cape.

": Why does my cape and shirt need to be off?"

"Because to have fun we need to be close and the clothes just get in the way and we want to be unrestricted. Now why don't you hike up that skirt for me." Maria slowly lifts her skirt up and shows her re panties. "Very good, do you know why I wanted you to do that?" She shook her head no. "Because now I can do this." He starts to rub her pussy through her panties. 'I promise this will make you feel very good." He begins rubbing faster. Maria starts to breathe a little heavy. "What is happening to me?"

"You are just becoming a lovely woman, now lets halt this for the moment and have you pull down your panties.

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