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Playing with a girlfriend.

"What time will your boyfriend be here?" I asked taking the full shot glass from her outstretched hand.

She shrugged; "he should be here soon."

I took the shot and handed her back the glass. She turned her back to me and took the shot. It was a few seconds before I could see her face again.

"Why did you turn away?" I asked with a smirk.

"I make silly faces when I drink hard stuff," she replied with a pouty face.

I laughed; "that's cute."

"No it's not," she said stomping her foot like a little girl. Her tits jiggled in response and left my eyes following them hypnotically. She noticed my eyes and swayed her hips a little so her tits would keep moving.

"You like them don't you?" Cassandra asked grabbing them playfully.

"Yes," I answered watching her pinch her nipples.

A sudden knock on the door brought me back to reality.

"He's here!" Cassandra exclaimed as she rushed to the door.

I poured myself another shot of tequila in preparation to meet the bitch who was going to let me fuck his girlfriend.

Cassandra walked back into the kitchen followed by a shorter extremely average-looking guy. He wasn't fat, didn't have muscles, and didn't even have nice clothes. He was normal in every way. I tried to figure out how he landed Cassandra, but I saved myself the thought by taking the tequila shot instead.

"Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Seth."

I shook his hand, "Nice to meet you too. Want a shot?"

I purposely didn't tell him my name as I offered Cassandra's alcohol to the stranger.

"Yeah, let's all take shots!" Cassandra cheered grabbing her glass and another for Seth.

We took two more shots while keeping the small talk going. He mentioned where he worked and she talked about school. I wasn't listening because I was too busy staring at her tits which were still openly on display. He barely looked at her. He seemed to concentrate on the tequila pouring more. Finally, I grew tired of the small talk and asked what her bedroom looked like.

"Oh, I can show you!" Cassandra said pulling my hand towards a closed door on the other side of her tiny loft apartment.

She opened the sturdy wooden door and flicked the light switch instantly illuminating her tiny bedroom.

"Don't mind the mess," she said kicking some dirty clothes away from her queen sized bed. I looked past her dirty clothes and messy bed to a cage next to her open closet.

"What's that?" I asked pointing.

"That's my pet weasel," Cassandra squealed as happily bouncing to the cage like a little girl on Christmas. She opened the cage door and pulled out a live weasel.

"Why the fuck do you have a pet weasel?" I asked.

Seth chuckled behind me. Apparently he agreed with my question.

She gave us a dirty look as she answered; "I love Monopoly." She hugged the weasel to emphasize her feelings.

"You have a pet weasel named Monopoly?"

"Yes, don't make fun of him," she said holding him closer.

"Whatever," I said shaking my head. "Put him away and come over here."

I had better things to worry about instead of a stupid pet with a lame name. Cassandra closed the door with the weasel safely inside then crawled up onto the bed. Her satin robe hung open as her tits swayed back and forth.

"Why don't you two start," said Seth retreating back to the bedroom door.

"Good idea," Cassandra added letting the robe fall off of her shoulders seductively.

I took off my black tee shirt and shoes while she continued to crawl across the bed to where I was standing. I stopped moving as she undid my belt and unzipped my blue jeans. Her ass wiggled behind her as her lips kissed my lower abs. The rest of my clothes ended up on the floor as her right hand cupped my balls. She pulled my hips hard making me fall onto the bed. I almost fell on her but I was able to shift my weight at the last second.

Cassandra giggled, "I think I'm a little tipsy."

"You're strong when you drink," I said moving fully onto the bed.

She giggled again as she kissed my cock.

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