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The prude.

"It seems as though you are enjoying Matt's touch Sally - but your bra is spoiling the experience," chirped Dave, unclipping my bra strap, while maintaining the pressure on my back.

I was forced to keep my hands on the table to keep my balance as my bra slid down my arms. I felt a distinct thrill as my 36C tits and rock hard nipples became fully exposed.

"Oh God no!!. Dave why are you doing this?" I exclaimed as Matt and Dave each grasped a tit and started massaging. It felt so good - but I knew it was wrong and my brain was telling me that this should go no further.

Trying to prevent any further exposure, I feebly said, "Matt, you clearly said you would not ask me to take any more clothes off."

"Sally, we will stick to our word and not ask YOU to take any more clothes off. Instead, WE will take your clothes off," he chuckled and continued rolling my exposed nipple.

At this point I stopped all pretence of continuing with the business meeting. Clearly the focus was now much more sexual. I was also getting really turned on and was just letting Matt and Dave have free reign with my tits.

Regular moans escaped from my lips as the fondling continued. It crossed my mind that if this continued, I would almost certainly be naked with these 2 men very soon. I had never been in this situation before - and I found the prospect seriously erotic.

Dave sensed that I had now submitted to the erotic pleasure I was experiencing. The hand that was pressing on my back slid down over my arse. His fingers traced down my butt crack and in between my legs sending a shiver through me. As he made contact with my pussy, through my thong I groaned partly in pleasure and partly in anticipation.

He rubbed me briefly through the meager cloth, before sliding it aside and slipping a finger inside my dripping wet pussy.

"OHHHHHHHHH" I groaned in satisfaction. My body and mind had now submitted completely to the

gratifying pleasure. I stopped caring that I was just about naked and in the throes of pleasure in front of another man, who was both a customer and a stranger.

Just as I started to ride the thrust of Dave fingering my pussy he stopped and told me to stand up straight. He turned me to face Matt.

"I think it's time to get totally naked for Matt and show him your nicely shaved pussy," he said slowly sliding my thong down to my ankles. I did not even have a chance to object - not that I would have, as I was so turned on now.

Matt placed a hand on my knee and slowly slid it up toward my exposed pussy. All the while he was

looking me straight in the eye. I was not sure if he was checking my eyes for defiance or if he wanted to see how I responded to the prospect of him touching my pussy. All he would have seen was growing lust in my eyes.

"Open your legs for me Sally," he instructed as his hand got to the top of my thigh. I hastily stepped out of the thong that was still around my ankles and stood with my feet apart.

"That's good! I like girls who follow instructions. I also like a shaved cunt because it means you are a naughty girl with a desire to expose yourself to men completely!" Matt teased.

"VERY EROTIC!" he said, at the same time sliding 2 fingers right up my pussy.

"AHHHHHHHHH. Oh my!" I exclaimed as a huge wave of pleasure rolled over me.

At this point Dave moved in behind me, slid his arms around me and started to roll and pull on my nipples. Having one man finger my pussy and rub my clit, with another massaging both nipples made my body shudder with erotic stimulation. I knew that I would soon orgasm if they continued.

Dave leaned into me and licked the side of my neck (which I also find thrilling), before saying in a very soft, seductive voice, "You have 2 men wanting to fuck you Sally. Do you want that to happen?"

The prospect was very exciting and brought me closer still to my orgasm. I nodded my head in


"GOOD - you really are a horny lady," Matt smiled at me. "Have you ever had a threesome before Sally?"

"No, never," I replied, feeling almost slightly embarrassed a

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