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Sub rebels and does role reversal.

Mom hasn't said another negative word, only moans of pleasure. I decide to test how she feels about this now. I reluctantly pull my mouth from her pussy and crawl up to kiss her, stopping briefly at her tits to kiss and wipe excess pussy juice from my face. I then kiss her mouth gently and when she opens her eyes, I say, "You are so delicious, so perfect, I love you Mom."

Mom grabs my face and opens her mouth to receive my tongue. We kiss deeply for a long time as I let my body drop very lightly onto hers. I can feel her nipples against my chest and I push my rigid cock against her pussy mound. I am ready to explode, and I am tempted to lower my hips and stick my dick into her, but I control myself with my desire to eat her pussy some more.

I break our kiss and I knee walk down till I am again between her thighs staring at that lovely luscious pussy.

I kiss her pussy lips lightly and run my tongue between them. Mom shudders and gasps softly, then moans as I push my tongue inside of her. I run my hands up to fondle her tits and tweak her nipples as I begin to tongue fuck her pussy.

Mom throws her head back and cries out, "My God, I can't believe how this feels, ohhhh God."

I again marvel as I look across her hairy mound to see those tits I have lusted for all these years. And just beyond I can see her face contorted in pleasure, pleasure that I am giving her!

I continue licking and sucking on her pussy while pushing my upper lip up onto her hooded clit. Mom jerks and her moans increase as I rub on her mound. I bring my right hand down from her tit and place it on her mound and push her skin upward to cause her clit to stand erect and to stick out of its hood.

I raise my mouth and suck her clit in between my lips while running the tip of my tongue across it. This makes her arch her back and scream, Oh Doug, oh Doug, oh my, yes, yes, oh God."

I lightly kiss and lick her hard clit until I feel her go crazy under me, grabbing my head and then bucking her hips and screaming even more. I move my other hand down and slip my finger into her hot wet pussy as I suck on her clit as she explodes in her orgasm.

"Aarrrgggg, I never, I oh, I, Doug, yes, aarrrgggg, yes, yes, yes, ohhhh," she screams as her hips buck against me and her chest heaves violently.

I lessen my attack on her clit, just running my tongue around the hood, and let her ride the wave until her screams die down and she begins to breathe more normally. I look up and see her nipples are more erect than ever and her head is rolling slowly side to side.

"Oh God, stop, stop, too much!"

So I lower my mouth to very lightly kiss her pussy lips sucking the oozed drops of wetness into my mouth, then kiss my way back out to her inner thighs, loving her soft smooth skin.

"That was amazing, Doug, I never thought it could be like that." Mom's voice quietly filters down to me.

I rise up and crawl over her damp body, stopping to kiss and suck on her nipples. I then lower myself so that my aching hard cock is pushing on her mound, and kiss her sexy mouth.

Mom whispers, "Make love to me Doug, make love to me please."

I look into her eyes and say, "I have waited so long, I want you so badly, Mom."

I roll my hips down and my cock head slides onto her wet pussy lips. As the head pushes just inside her pussy, she sucks in a deep breath and holds it. I push my dick a little deeper into her pussy and she exhales a low growling moan.

I stuff my tongue back into her mouth and at the same time I shift my hips enough to slide half way into her pussy. Both of us groan softly into each other's mouths. I pull my cock almost all the way out, then slowly slide it all the way back in. My cock is fully inside of her and I can feel her cervix pressing at the tip.

As I bottom out, she grunts into my mouth, and wraps her arms around my back.

I pull my mouth off of hers and I let out a long low groan at the extreme exquisite pleasure I am feeling.

Mom whimpers, "Doug, my baby, I felt you in there so long ago, and now you are back inside of

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