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Everybody has it wrong.

They kissed softly for what seemed like an eternity then Spider began to undress Nick, he stroked his chest and cupped his ass. Nick removed Spider's clothes and they stood together, skin against skin. Spider gently worked a finger into Nick, preparing him for what he was going to do. Nick relaxed and leant his head on Spiders chest. Spider thrust up into Nick hard, the smaller boy cried out against his chest, his hands resting on Spider's pectoral muscles. The feeling of Spider's thick cock stretching him again made Nick forget about everything else. He moaned as the pleasure rippled through him and kisses rained down on his soft neck. Spider watched as Nick moved with his thrusts, his eyelids heavy and that perfect mouth open slightly. He smiled to himself and pressed closer to him. Nick slid his arms around Spider's neck and leant his head back on the wall. Spider kissed his neck softly in contrast to his hard thrusting. Nick's own cock was rock hard and pressed between them both. Spider lifted Nick and took him over to the bed. He pulled Nick's legs up to his shoulders and slid in deeper. Nick gasped then relaxed, his body was covered with a thin sheen of sweat and he'd totally forgot about his anger at Spider sleeping with Claudia. He opened his eyes and looked up at Spider who was thrusting into him, he looked at his hips, that tuft of pubic hair, up his toned body, along his muscular arms that were supporting him above him and to that gorgeous face. Spider smiled at him and Nick felt himself blush. Spider chuckled and leant down to kiss him, he stroked his face with one hand and Nick felt his orgasm building, he squirmed and began to gasp. Spider took his cock in his hand and began to stroke it in time with his thrusts. Nick's back arched and he called out as he came over Spider's hand and his stomach. Spider felt his body tighten and spasm and sped up his thrusts. Nick watched his face when he came inside him. Spider kissed Nick gently and pulled out. He lay on his side and took Nick into his arms. Nick rested on his chest and let out a satisfied yawn. Spider ran his hand up and down his back as he fell into a doze.

Nick woke with Spider nuzzled into the back of his head. He stretched and felt Spider's arms tighten; he nuzzled closer and sighed happily. Nick smiled to himself and turned to face him.

"Hey." Nick said softly.

"Hey gorgeous." Spider kissed him softly.

"We should talk." Nick looked away from him.

"Uh." Spider nodded. "Yeah if you want. About...?"

"About whatever situation we're in." Nick sighed. Spider ran his hand over Nick's side and waited for him to go on. "You're going to have to talk too y'know?"

"Yeah I know, it's just hard to concentrate with you being naked and all." Spider purred and kissed down his neck. Nick enjoyed the kisses for a while before pushing him off and getting out of bed.

"We're not having sex." Nick frowned.

"Oh yes we are.

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