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She made a big mistake.

my robe, to those 36C's he admired so much!

"Can I have another beer? I won't be able to sleep now, anyway."

"Sure," I said, "I just got a fresh drink, hmm a strong one! That'll help me sleep. You're welcome to stay, honey. no sense rushing home."

He smiled as he got the beer, and I saw his eyes going to my robe again. That perv! Well, he's the only man who's looked at me in the last 6 months anyway. Six months its been? Wow!

So you like to look, huh? I thought. Let's give you a peek, maybe get me stirred up for my dildo tonight. I sat next to him at the counter stool and the robe shifted, showing thigh and cleavage at once.

Poor Paul didn't know where to look, first! I made like i didn't notice, but had to raise my glass to hide my smile. This was fun.

"So, how's Sheila?" knowing they had broken up.

He blushed. "Don't know or care. I think she may be Bi."

I laughed. "Yeah, is that bad or good?"


"Paul, most guys have this thing about watching 2 women, or joining in. You never thought of it?"

"Oh, sure," trying to act worldly. "But strangers, not my girlfriend." He watched me, and I knew he was thinking. "Have you?"

"Have I what?"

"Ever been with another girl?"

Feigning outrage. "Paul! What kind of question is that?"

"I'm sorry, you brought it up!"

I smiled, "If I did, would you want to watch?"

"Fuck, yeah!"

I laughed out loud. "Paul! What happened to my innocent little brother-in-law?"

"He grew up!"

"Apparently! I guess you'd want to join in, too, huh?"

"If I can't have you alone, yeah. But I'd rather just us."

He wasn't joking. His eyes were lusty now, not innocent at all. He had been drinking somewhere before this. I realized I was getting worked up by this conversation. I had done a 3 way with Jake at his request and remember how hot it was. She had been an old friend who I didn't know was Bi. She visited a few times alone afterward.

"Well, Mister, that's incest."

"No it's not. It's just regular sex. Incest is between blood relatives, brothers, uncles, cousins. Well, not regular, I'm sure."

His eyes kept darting around me, and I looked at his crotch. I cold see the long snake down his left inner thigh. Big, like his brother.

"You seem to know a lot about this stuff."

He shifted, his arm behind me on the counter. "I've thought a lot about it."

"The three way, or me?" feeling heady as I asked, knowing I was on dangerous ground.

He turned to face me, his bulge pointing at me. "You know I mean you. It's been you since I met you."

"Thanks, Babe..."

His hand gripped my arm, pulling me towards him, his lips poised for me, and I tilted my head to accommodate him. His lips pressed into mine, and his tongue followed. It felt as if he was sucking the air from me.

Now, standing, our bodies together, one arm around my waist, while the other undid the bow on my robe, and he pushed it aside, feeling inside and finding my hard nipple. I gasped, it was so sensitive.

"Paul, we shouldn't..." but he wasn't the cute young kid with a crush anymore. He was a man with desires, and now he had caught my scent and was hot to track me down. His eyes seared into me as his hand held my tit firmly.

I was suddenly aware of how strong he was. He kissed me again, more passionately, and I felt my resistance dwindle. I was becoming his own. I had to feel him, it had been too long for me. My hand was on his jeans and I squeezed his cock, jerking it greedily.

He tore off my robe, and it fell to the floor. His eyes explored me in my short red nightie and then he was on me again, hoisting it over my head. I stood in the kitchen naked, and he smiled wickedly. "You're awesome, Callie, I knew it, I knew it!"

My chest heaved, thrilled that I wasn't a disappointment, hot for him now, needing the fulfillment that only a strong cock can give.

We were on each other again, with me battling his buckle and jeans. He helped and the jeans fell. He stood with the head peeking out of his jockeys.

I slid to my knees before him, dragging the jockeys down with me, and he bounced before me.

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