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I didn't say anything. I was still on my back, trying to make out the ceiling.

-How are you doing with warming up?

She moved her arm over and felt my naked hip.

-OK. Getting better.

We got a bit closer. She stretched out her arm and I laid my neck on it. Then she turned her face towards mine.


And then we kissed. Sort of a nice, brotherly love kiss. But then we kissed again, this time for real.

I turned on my side and moved up against her. I was sure she could feel my stiff dick against her hip.

-It's OK, she said.

Which was weird, because I felt like I was the one who should be saying that everything was OK.

-It's OK, she said, again.

She reached for my dick with her far hand and held it lightly for a while. Then she started wanking me off, soft and slow.

She let go of my dick, lifted her near leg up and placed it over mine, putting us in a sort of scissors position. She reached between her legs, held my dick again and started rubbing its head up and down along her cunt.

I moved my free leg between her legs to get closer.

-It's OK.

With her hand as a guide I eased my dick up her cunt.

She tightened her arm around my neck. I threw my free arm across her, snug under her breasts and armpit, and held onto her shoulder. I pulled her closer and dug my dick deeper.

Her lips and our tongue kisses were incredibly soft. My pelvis was relaxed and slow. Bliss.

But I got tired of our Lazy Susan position; I wanted to pick things up a bit.

I loosened myself from Karin's side, threw off our covers and approached her again from on top. I lifted her knees up with my hands, helped my dick's way back up her cunt and laid down on top op her, supported on my elbows.

I could make out her face in the dark. She was smiling.

I was probably beaming, myself. It might have been love.

Then I could have sworn I heard a pair of trousers, complete with keys, wallet, etc. being dropped to the floor, near to us. Weird.

My ears were alerted, but my pelvis kept on.

While I was pumping away, something climbed on top of my back. It felt human, but had no weight. I freaked. I felt a cock in the crack of my ass, so it had to be male. I thought: this can't be happening to me! I stopped moving, afraid that I was going to be fucked up the ass by a shade. Karin moaned, maybe complaining. When nothing further happened, I started pumping away again, slowly at first, then picking up speed.

I was still very aware of the parasite on my back, but he didn't do much more than just hold on. When Karin pushed my shoulder up and away, the weightless man on my back took off.

She turned me on my back, straddled me like a backwards cowgirl and started rocking away.

And while she was facing the other way in the blackness, up came the shade from the wrong side of the river Styx again and straddled my chest. He plopped his stiff cock on my lips. I turned my head away. He whacked his cock against my cheek. I turned my head the other way. He whacked the other cheek even harder. It hurt. Sucking cock was just not my thing.

He pinched my nose shut and I opened my mouth to breathe.

And our shade stuffed a long, curved cock into my mouth and down my throat. I gagged. And then the fucker started going up and down on me, like an idiot. My eyes almost popped out of my head.

Karin dismounted and turned around. My parasite was gone before she even completed the move. I gasped like a whale, coming up too late for air.

-You all right?

-Sort of.

Facing me now, she got my dick back up her cunt and laid down on top of me, letting her soft breasts melt onto my chest. She scooted her hands under my armpits and held onto my shoulders, then stretched her legs out and dug her toes into the bed. She was anchored. She gave my cheek a long, wet lick.

That lick became a French kiss.

More or less pinned down, I slowly rocked my cock up her twat.

She moaned with every thrust.

But then she froze.

-Oh, God, fuck!

Then her pelvis jerked up against mine. Then again. And again.

-Auw! Auw! Auw, fuck!

I lost my timing.

Then she went spastic on me, as if

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