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A year in the lives of two friends.

He watched her shivering, enjoying her discomfort from the metal and the humiliation of being exposed for all eyes to see. Gently he trailed the tip of the knife across her bare stomach and spoke "You will not struggle or fight me, do exactly as I say and I wont need to hurt you, well not badly anyway" The threat was there for her to hear. He was sure there was a stray tear or two being shed under that blindfold and he wished he could remove it and watch her cry and see her fear. His eyes roamed down the girl's body and devoured the neatly trimmed bush. Casually he told Lucy "I own your cunt tonight, it's mine to use as I see fit" A sob escaped the girl, and he thought of using a gag to quieten her. But he wanted to hear her plead with him to stop, and then with him to give her more, as he knew she would eventually.

He moved to where the girl's mouth was and started to move his huge cock closer to her. "Can you smell me bitch? Can you smell my dick? Are you ready to suck me?"

Lucy shook her head frantically..... How could she take another man in her mouth? She was married for god's sake. She smelt it as he told her she would and sensed its closeness. Suddenly it touched her lips and she pulled back. He snarled at her "Remember Slut, do as you are told!" and grabbed a handful of her hair and used it to force her mouth onto his cock. It forced it's way through her clenched lips and invaded her mouth. It's monstrous proportions making her wide eyed under the blindfold. It just kept going and going. Hitting the back of her throat and making her gag.

On and on it forced until she felt his balls touch her chin. She thought she would suffocate! Jason had a big cock but he was a gentleman and never made her take it all, instead she would give it dainty little licks around the helmet. Slowly the man began to move backwards and forwards, using her hair to hold her mouth where he wanted it. Deliberately and forcefully this man fucked her mouth and throat. Long powerful strokes, pushing right down into her again and again. Then as suddenly as he started, he stopped. "Don't want to waste my cum this soon little lady" Panting and gasping to control her breathing Lucy slumped back onto the bed.

Abruptly she felt her legs being unchained, and sighed a gasp of relief. It was to be short lived though, for he dragged her legs over her head and reattached them slightly above each hand. She was effectively doubled over with her private parts poking crudely into the air. The shame was mortifying! "Fucking brilliant" said her attacker, "I have all the bits I need, right where I want them now" He moved to below her ass and opened his bag again. She heard him rummaging and then felt cool metal against her nipples. He leant over her and attached the harsh clamps to he delicate skin of her nipples. Lucy screamed at the red hot agony being enforced on her. "Oh god they hurt!!!! Please take them off I can't bear it"

He sniggered to himself at her pleading, knowing this was the best part for him, his erection was painfully swollen now. "Shut the fuck up bitch, you'll wear what I tell you to" and he gave the chain between them a sharp tug, knowing the pain would be unbearable.

Lucy moaned in excruciating pain. Oh dear God where would this end? The sharp teeth of the clamps dug into her flesh. She felt breath on her genitals and wondered what he was doing. She took a sharp intake of breath as a tongue flicked across her clitoris. It continued to move, flicking backwards and forwards across her most sensitive skin, probing into her pussy and thrusting deep into her vagina. Her body reacted involuntarily and she blushed with shame knowing she would cum soon, whether she wanted to or not. He kept teasing and playing with her, gently nibbling at her clit until she erupted and her body took over. She came in a wave of ecstasy and shame, panting and crying all at once.

"Well looky here" he drawled "The little lady is enjoying this!" and he pulled on the chain between the clamps again.

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