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Therese pulled a light shawl over Arabella and let her fall asleep in her arms, at once feeling the joy of true friendship.

During one of the rare breaks away from their studies, Therese brought Arabella back to her Chateau outside of Campeneac, to meet her parents and enjoy life in the French countryside. She was amused, looking at Arabella, who stared out at the pastoral countryside, amazed to see so much flat land alive with newly planted crops, especially after coming from a land that was very mountainous and hard to till. It made Therese want to visit her land and see what mountains were like, after Arabella gave her a passionate description of the mountains in her memory. Looking at Therese's face taking on a look of awe and wonder at the majesty her words had created, had Arabella hoping she would come and visit with her, so she could take her and show her. Therese could barely imagine what the vista from one of those high peaks would be like to behold.

The winding road through the patchwork quilt of farms, ducked under the canopy of a cool forested area, before coming out few moments later, to the glimpsed splendour of a French chateau between the mature oak trees. Turning onto the narrow bridge, barely wider than the covered carriage they were in, made Arabella nervous, peering over the edge of the carriage, at the murky water below. As they crossed over the wide moat surrounding the Chateau, the trepidations vanished from her face instantly, as Arabella took in the grandeur of Trecesson.

The reddish-brown of the Shist stone, was brightened by the late morning sun, casting a rich hue to it. The twin towers soared up the sides of the gatehouse, topped with minarets, peaked with bright, blue pendants atop, fluttering in the breeze. The heavy, wrought iron wrapped, oaken gate doors were open, as the carriage passed under the machicolations of the gallery above, seeing the eyes of men peering down, then through the long, arched entrance. The driver stopped and helped Therese and Arabella from the carriage, then took down their small trunks from the rear.

Servants rushed to collect the luggage and take it to their rooms, while the driver unhooked the carriage and led the horse into the stable, while two stable boys pushed the carriage under an overhanging shelter. Arabella and Therese stood hand in hand in the centre of the cobble-stoned courtyard, the former standing with a look of awe at the splendour, the latter standing with a look of happiness, that she was home once again.

Entering the residence, the true opulence was displayed in rich tapestries adorning the walls, buttressed ceilings adorned in gold-leafed brilliance and intricately painted medallions and crests. A large, white, marble fireplace, ornately carved and textured, was burning lowly in the great hall, casting a comforting warmth to the late spring air.

Giles and Yvette were transcending the curving marbled staircase together to greet them, as they entered the hall. Therese introduced her roommate and new friend for life, Arabella to her parents, both displaying their new-found skills at being a lady. Her parents were visibly happy at how well their daughter and her friend presented themselves, as they made their way through the day, enjoying the extravagance of wealth and the leisure it brought.

It was the first night of their stay, that once again, an event brought the two of them closer in bond. Therese was awakened in the night by Arabella, crawling in beside her in bed. Asking her what was wrong, had Arabella telling her, that just a short while earlier, she had awoke and was looking out her window. She was looking in the direction of the chapel and noticed a woman leaving it. She said she had found it strange that the woman was entirely white in appearance and cast a faint glow about her. She had watched her walking through the courtyard and suddenly seemed to just go through the wall.

Therese pulled her friend close to her and held hands, as she explained the story of Dame Blanc, the White Lady.

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