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Wife seeks salvation in God and he is left without?

..I am really sorry."

Thomas's lips curled slightly at the edges. "Was it another girl? You aren't going to post that online are you, cause that would piss me off."

"Shit!" thought Dani, "Why didn't I delete that message?" "No, no, I just, uh, just wanted to show that off to my friend. It is, uh, impressive" she meekly trailed off the last sentence.

Thomas sized up the girl again before speaking again. "You think so, huh?"

Trying to take the attention off of the message itself, she spoke more excitedly. "Oh yeah, definitely so. I mean, whoever you sent that to, must have thought so too, right?"

He put the phone down and took a deep drink of the 7-Up. An awkward pause followed. "You want to go upstairs?"

Dani couldn't believe it, this was going to be easier than she had hoped. " going to show it to me?"

Thomas was walking around the bar now and was waiting for her to get down from the bar stool. "Sure, if that's all you want." He led the way upstairs to the bedroom at the top of the stairs and opened the door. The room was a large master with an attached master bathroom and a closet that bordered against the wall with the door. The queen sized poster bed was neatly made with ornate pillows. Dani entered and cautiously surveyed the room as Thomas quietly closed the door. "Feel free to sit on the bed, it is comfortable." Dani did so and placed her hands on the comforter and rubbed the fabric.

She looked up from the bed and started to remark about the decorating but stopped. Thomas was removing his shirt and then began to push down his basketball shorts. His penis stood upright in his briefs and his tip was visibly prying his waistband away from his body. Dani could feel her heart in her throat and wanted nothing more than to shove it back into place with the help of his big cock.

Thomas confidently strode over the where she was sitting and reached for her right arm, holding the arm with one hand and her hand with his other. "If you really want to see it, here is your chance." He moved her hand over the outline in his underwear and held it there for a second, then brushed her fingertips along the outline before releasing her to move as she pleased.

Although Dani wasn't new to this situation or what she knew, no, wanted to happen, she stared at the inviting man meat with some trepidation. This was by far the biggest dick she had ever experienced first hand and this was still a guy she didn't even know. But every girl has a one night stand once in her life, right? she rationalized as she pulled down at the waist band and watched the python spring forth. Geesh! It was certainly closer to eight inches than seven, maybe eight and a half. She moved her hands around to his hips and began pushing the underwear from off of his hips and ass. He lifted his legs as the briefs reached his ankles and stepped out of them. She leaned forward and cupped his balls with one hand and took hold at the base of the shaft with the other. She opened her mouth wide and invited the member in.

Without any hesitation now, she began working over the cock with her mouth and hand. Oh god, how big and strong it felt. Her panties were getting moist just thinking about how this would feel inside her. The rocking of her head caused her hair to move in time around her face and she found herself pausing to push it back or shake it away from her eyes and cheeks.

"Let me help with that, baby" Thomas said and he gripped the hair together at the base of her skull like a makeshift ponytail.

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