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He tried to persuade her; she tried to rebuff him. He was funny, using jokes to poke fun at the strange situation that they found themselves in. After about half an hour of chatting she agreed to let him know her name.

She could barely believe that their first meeting was six months ago and now; here she was, waiting for him to disembark a train and meet her. She could hear the grinding and squeaking of a train approaching and stood up from her warmed metal seat to gain a better view. The train slowly snaked into the station, grounding to a halt a few feet beyond the barriers. A wave of fear washed over her. Maybe she should just go? Perhaps it was a bad idea. She knew, however, that she couldn't. He had come so far to see her.

After a few minutes people started pouring from the train into the station. She scanned the faces. She was looking for one that was already so familiar and yet unknown. Suddenly, he was there, looking slightly tired and slightly concerned, until he clearly caught sight of her face in the crowd. A giant grin lit up his face and unreserved she rushed towards him, holding her arms open to feel the warmth of his embrace.

"I can't believe you are actually here." His face was shining with elation- a look that already she was familiar with. She sighed into his chest with relief. Finally, he was here with her. He extracted her from his arms and took her hand in his, rubbing the joint between her thumb and forefinger gently. "Let's go to the hotel sweetheart." He had booked a two bed apartment in the city. It was for her own safety and peace of mind he had said. If she didn't want to be with him then she could choose not to stay in a room with him. It was simple but terrifying. The idea of being alone with someone who was essentially still a stranger. Her body quivered in anticipation. A reaction to being so close to him finally. The way he looked at her, so hungry and with so much adoration, made her ache inside.

The walk to the apartment wasn't long. They exchanged stories about their journeys, the weather and their simple disbelief that they were finally seeing each other face to face. The apartment was nice and they made their way through to the living room. She threw her bag onto the floor, relieved to be rid of the heavy weight. He placed his down more carefully on the sofa and turned to face her. "Come here beautiful."

She obeyed him almost without thought and he held her, closely enveloping her within his arms. He pulled her back taking her head in his hands sweeping away strands of brown hair that had fallen onto her cheeks and running his fingers along the line of her jaw. "You know, your lips are just as full and gorgeous in person." She looked at him with adoration and examined his blue eyes, which were looking at her so earnestly, noting how his cheeks became full as he smiled at her. She lightly traced her hands along the arms that held her. Her head swam as he leaned down to kiss her. Gently at first, searching for a response from her. Months of passion welled up in her stomach and she kissed his back fiercely.

"Baby," he groaned under his breath as he kissed her back mirroring her passion with her own.

"I wanted you for so long." She forced her body and lips against him as she spoke the words. Again, he responded to her intensity, pushing her up against the apartment wall. Heat emanated from his body and she ran her hands along the crisp edge of his shirt while he moved his hands down over the curve of her chest. He pulled back only for a second to gaze at her wildly, squeezing her ass and pulling her closer.

"Feels as good as I imagined," he threw a quite smile, "now are you going to give me what I want baby?" Without waiting for an answer his hands moved to the front of her thighs, lifting her short denim skirt to reveal her delicate lace knickers.

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