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Ginny learns about her submissive friend.

Cramped, but a bit more private. Almost.

Andy hissed, "I daren't get up. It feels huge and very very obvious."

"Now you're just teasing." Sandra sighed, the urge of desire raising the bar of her libido. And she eased him up briefly, noticing the massive bulge under him before he flicked her away. Yep, very obvious.

"You need to do something about that." Sandra said.

"Well I'm open to suggestions." Andy replied. So, Sandra considered, was she. Very open.

She thought a few more moments. There wasn't a raincloud in the wide blue sky but she was getting wet. Drenched almost, at the tantalising tickle of thought focused on the enormous erection hidden under Andy. Then, with a toss of her dark reddish hair, she called, "Be right back!" and skipped off in the direction of the car pack.

Trapped by his turmoil, Andy could only lie there, back blistering and the heat making him ever harder, even more huge. The brief moments felt like an eternity before her shadow once again fell over him. From his low viewpoint, he could see up the thin dress, his gaze running wildly past the reddened thighs to the untouched-by-sun pale skin above. A patch of trimmed dark fluffiness, with a hint of moisture glistening as it caught some shining sunbeams through the light fabric.

Pretending it was a hanky, she dropped the panties in front of him and, blown by the slight summer breeze, the subtle scent of her drifted into her nostrils. The coloured cotton had dampness on it, drying now, but a sign almost as obvious as his of the arousal that had caused them.

She knelt beside him, and he could now see she carried a towel, a couple of tubes and a small packet. The coconut scent of the factor 20 being massaged onto him mixed with her own.

"I don't see how that helps... " Andy began, but then she was flipping him over, the towel covering his midriff. As one hand rubbed a bit more lotion on his chest, the other slipped under the towel, fumbling with the button and zip. His eyes widened.

"What the fuck are you...?" He hissed, but she put her coconut scented finger to his lips and ran her palm under his bum, indicating he should lift a bit so the shorts could be slipped lower. He did as her hand bid, and brief tugs did the rest. The towel sprung up slightly in front of her as unseen pressing hardness pushed it up.

Quickly slapping some more lotion on her fingers, she swung her knee over, straddling the towel. Sandra's eyes said everything as once more she sensually massaged it on him. Then handed him the other tube. Your turn, she smiled. And from behind, eased the towel away from under her.

Andy peered at the clear tube of lube. Ooooh. Did she really need any, seeing how wet she was? She continued to rub lotion on his arms while her thighs hovered just over him, hidden by the dress. No-one nearby knew there was no longer any barrier of undies. He squeezed a cool clear worm from the tube and as casually he could run his hand under the hem, to smooth it on his naked cock and the hot folds that ached to embrace it. He started to guide it up but she gripped his shoulder in a firm 'no'.

"Let me find you." she whispered, as she continued to massage and finger his chest. To all around her, the slow wiggling of her hips was just as playful, the spread of hem hiding the fact she was also caressing his cock with her warm wet folds. Couldn't see as she leant forward to kiss him, so the burning tip at last sprung up and in, and with a lazy move she settled back, letting her smile say everything as he slowly filled her, as she satisfyingly surrounded him. The lube eased all friction, a soothing balm to both their heat but which made the joining all the more blissful.

There could be no wild, powerful pounding or writhing in so public a place so Sandra let her twat do the work, a lil twitch there, soft squeezes on his stiff shaft, and within her, Andy trembled and quivered in response.

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