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Young lady gets lost in a strange town.

In this case, the constant rubbing against the railing had made them a dark crimson - they looked swollen and ready to explode.

Enticed, the trooper bent over and took one into his mouth, sucking gently, getting it nice and wet. She responded by mashing it into his mouth. When he began to nibble on it her legs buckled, the sensations shooting through her groin too powerful to withstand. Effortlessly, he bent over and scooped her up. She was a big girl, almost 5'10" and easily 160 lbs, but he lifted her like she was made of paper.

"Uh uh, little lady. Stay with me now. "

Making his way with her around back, he put her down next to the police car, taking care to stand her up. Forcefully, he ripped the tank top from her arms and pulled Vanessa's skirt down, leaving her totally nude in the approaching morning air. In the dawning light, she realized that there was another man lying on the ground on a blanket next to the car, cock pointing straight up in the air. The damn thing was 14 inches if it was an inch, and thick around as a flashlight.

"Whose that?" she asked, her eyes glued to the man's cock.

The trooper smiled. "Oh him? That's Sarge. I was just getting you ready for him. You picked the wrong night to get stopped for speeding. He hasn't had any pussy in almost a month. "

Hell, she could see why. He had the largest cock she'd ever seen; he put the porno films she'd watched to shame. He had a medium build, maybe six feet tall, blonde hair, and smooth body. He looked average; in fact, she'd probably pass him on the street normally.

"Again, feel free to make all of the noise you want; no one will hear you," he repeated, grinning while he kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants. "And I've never seen a woman yet that didn't squeal when Sarge puts it in `em. But don't worry; I'll help you a little. "

He bent over and roughly ran his tongue back and forth over Vanessa's nipples. Once they were rock hard again, he sucked and nibbled at them, making her moan and starting her pussy juicing again. Sarge scooted under her so that he could position his cock right at the opening of her pussy.

In addition to sucking, her nipples, the trooper also used his finger to massage her crack while his thumb pressed against Vanessa's clit. She was out of her mind; her pussy was actually dripping onto the cock below her. Without warning, Sarge reached up and grabbed her hips.

"Hold tight," he grunted, ramming his cock head and the first few inches of his cock into her.

She must have passed out momentarily, because one minute it felt like she'd run face first into the sun, and the next it was like someone was pushing their arm in her up to their elbow. Also, now there was another large cock dangling in her face that she didn't remember ever seeing before.

"Open wide," the trooper called out.

His cock was almost as thick as Sarge's, but only about half as long. The slow, steady thrust of the huge cock in her pussy awakened the orgasm that had been denied her earlier. Greedily Vanessa sucked on the cock head dangling in front of her, stretching her mouth to accommodate it. She could feel the blood pumping through it, keeping it hard. Like a woman possessed she tongued at his piss slit, tasting the precum as it worked it's out. The handcuffs rendered her unable to support herself, so the trooper held her head between his hands as he fucked her face. As her jaw got used to the size of the cock in her mouth he worked more in.

"Relax your throat and breathe through your nose," he snarled. "I want to get deeper. "

Without waiting for her to adjust, he leaned into her, pushing his cock head over her tongue and toward her throat.

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