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Girlfriend helps closet CD find his new self.

"I'm not sure that I..." the girl from behind the counter started to say. The glare on the window didn't show much of the man's features, but Elena could see the slow grin form on his face in the reflection in front of her.

"Oh, I think you could probably remember it easily enough if you tried", he replied in a manner that crystallized for Elena exactly who he was.

The first time that voice had forced itself on her awareness she had held a phone in her hand connecting her to the man she had been chatting with online for hours. She really couldn't believe that she had allowed him to call, but his manner with her online and the way in which they had so obviously clicked demanded that she give in to his request. She had insinuated that nothing would happen, but he claimed he only wanted to hear her voice and verify that the woman he had become enamored of in a few brief hours actually existed and wasn't some cruel joke foisted on him by the gods of the internet. They ended up chatting for over an hour that day on the phone. Simple conversation for the most part, but it masked the way in which they were both molding themselves to the other. Despite their very different situations and backgrounds, they had instantly taken a liking to one another online, and over the phone that quickly blossomed into a desire that Elena had not held in a long time. She had stared at his picture he'd emailed to her and hoped that he found her as attractive as she did him. She needn't have worried of course and his gushing over the features that he found the most appealing only deepened her study of the small headshot on the screen in front of her.

She managed somehow to fend off his overt remarks goading the conversation to all point sexual, and even more surprisingly to not touch herself as she drank in the sound of his voice. She knew that she wouldn't be able to recover herself in time to go pick up the children, and she wanted to put off the inevitable with him as long as she could knowing that would make their first time all that much more enjoyable. He had begun also hinting - even then - that it would be so nice to meet. She brushed it off as a typical remark from a possible player and tried to suppress the urge she felt to confirm for him her desire in meeting him. In later conversations she was able to submerge that desire in the release of passion that they experienced together. His voice and imagination carried her completely away from wherever she found herself in the house when he called. Her fingers and tongue became his as she touched herself with an urgency that she didn't want to understand or name. She remembered the first time that she heard him cum. The way in which his deep masculine voice began to change from the controlled tones of passionate description to gasps of a growing climax. She heard him groan deep just after describing how he could feel her pussy milk his cock deep inside of her, how her hands on his chest as she road him forced him to voice his release which she summarily heard splash on his chest. She very rarely realized how loud her own cries were or how fast her fingers moved in and out of her drenched cunt so focused was she on his loss of control at their imagined couplings. Afterwards they would always talk for a time and discuss the usual could- have- beens between them. He always would hint strongly at meeting and making their fantasies a reality, but she always demurred vaguely and changed the subject to something less painful for her.

Now she stared down into her mug looking for something that would help her maintain her composure as the realization of what was about to happen washed over her. She heard the cappuccino machine whirr to life and the pace of the man's shoes as he went back and forth in front of the pastry window. The mug wasn't giving her any answers though and all too soon she heard him thank the girl and walk toward her table.

In the park she saw the little boy come running back around from the rocks and her eyes followed the trees

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