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Son is first one to see Mom's new black dress.


Amy rolled her eyes, this was just what they needed. Taylor caught her eye and Amy winked at her playfully. That against the odds, got a little giggle from Taylor and her nerves began to settle slightly. Paula's voice dragged on.

'Well, at least you have your... friend here to support you.'

Her eyes seemed to linger on the way Taylor was holding Amy's hand, and the blonde immediately stiffened at that. Before Amy could signal for her to just leave it, she had quipped.

'Actually I'm her girlfriend!'

The words came out over-loud and fast, defensively. Amy knew she should have been annoyed with this busybody but she just laid back and let it happen. Taylor was bristling. Paula didn't acknowledge it for a few seconds, and didn't seem to want to, before replying.

'I see. So are we finding out the sex of the child today?'

Taylor turned to look at Amy half-heartedly. She had been nagging her for weeks to let her find out, but Amy called the shots with the baby. When they woke up next to each other, Taylor would whisper in her ear, trying to persuade her. As they sat in their tiny kitchenette eating breakfast, Taylor would beg her.

One night as Amy sat propped up on the couch with her big belly watching junk TV, Taylor refused playfully to get the groceries unless she relented to let her find out, Amy shrugged and said she'd go herself. At that, Taylor had immediately sat her back down and told her not to lift a finger then rushed out to get whatever she had been craving that week, fish fingers and custard or something. So when Paula asked the question, Amy's response took her aback.

'We'd love to, please.'

Taylor beamed and clutched her hand tighter with joy. Amy grinned at her cheekily. Her eyes shouted 'Surprise!' Paula stood up and said she would have to take the results to be processed with the doctor across the hall. She waddled out the room and the door swung shut behind her. They both watched her go, Taylor tiptoeing over to make sure she had gone and then returning to Amy who was lying on the medical reclining chair, complete with stirrups. Amy didn't say anything, just stuck out her tongue devilishly.

'You cheeky bitch! Why didn't you tell me? You had me slaving away!'

'Hehe, I wanted it to be a surprise!'

Taylor didn't know what had gotten into Amy today, she was all giggles and smiles, compared to yesterday's tantrum over her size. Nothing was bothering her today though, not even that judgemental nurse.

'What's got into you today? I want some of it.' Amy giggled and squirmed a little in the chair.

'Haha, I don't know. I've got so much excess energy and I feel so giggly. It must be my pregnancy glow. Just relax, baby.'

'I'm trying but that homophobic Jesus freak is putting me on edge. Who the fuck does she think she is?'

Amy spread her legs and placed them in the stirrups at either side, tugging at Taylor's arm gently.

'Fuck her. And more importantly, fuck me, you know that's the ultimate way to get to her.'

'Here, Amy, no! We're in the middle of the hospital, for crying out...'

Amy tugged at her arm harder and pouted.

'Pleasssssse. My hormones are sending me crazy, crazy horny. I need your tongue in me... it's not for me, it's for the baby!'

Taylor rolled her eyes at that excuse. Amy had been incredibly sexual this past week. At 4am the other night, she had woken up to find a sleeping Amy humping her leg like a dog, her baby bump digging into her back. All she wanted to do was fuck even though Taylor was working all the time to make some extra cash.

Amy went to a special store to get herself a preggy babydoll, pink, lacy and floaty and had got on all fours and begged Taylor to fuck her that night. She had just got back from her shift at Sarah's bar and before that she had been doing some temp work in an office all day. All she had wanted was sleep. But seeing Amy on all fours like that, bump and all, all she could do was fall to the floor too and kiss those swollen lips...

'Pleasssse!' Taylor turned to the door, which remained shut, and made up her mind.

'OK, OK, but we have

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