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Woman indulges a bi lover and herself.

God, I can't believe the friends he has. I am so jealous!

I am so wet I can't believe it. I think my dress is getting wet. It's already after three a.m. We talk about sex, about my husband who I adore but many times hate, about the church, about sex, about positions, about work, about families, about just about everything. Somehow it always feels sexual. I don't know what it is about this man, but I like it. Maybe he's just a sexual guy.

The sunroof is open, the windows are down, and a little streetlight and a little moonlight are streaming in. There's a voice outside, and with a shock I realize that it's a cop. He asks David to step out of the car and takes him out of earshot. Another cop materializes at my door and starts asking me questions. I get out of the car as well and see that there are four cops surrounding us. What the hell?

They want to know if I am here against my will. They want to know if David has harmed me or forced me to do anything. Of course, all we have been doing is talking and looking at some harmless photos, so nothing illegal has been happening. God thing! So they question David for about 15 minutes, and keep asking him the same questions over and over, and eventually I guess they get bored with the answers, so they let us get back in the car and tell us to leave. I have to pee so bad my tongue is floating, and I tell David as we are driving out.

We pull into the local Fairfield Inn hotel, and make straight for the lobby. He asks where the restrooms are, and I head to it. David also did, and we wind up coming out together. We walk back to the lobby holding hands, and it's divine. I wiped my pussy dry after I peed, but already I can feel my juices starting to drip out again. We stop at the front desk and chat up the clerk for a bit, and I move over closer to David, rubbing up against him in as sexual a way as I can. Pretty quickly his hand is on my ass, rubbing, squeezing and kneading.

Soon he is standing behind me and I can feel his hard cock pressing into my ass. He thrusts against me, and it's all I can do to keep myself together. His hands reach around and fondle my tummy, and just below the counter, out of the clerk's line of vision, he is rubbing my crotch over my skirt. And then, in clear sight of the clerk, his hand is on my breast, and all three of us are gasping for breath.

I can feel his hand slip under my skirt and lift it up, and before I know it, his hand is on my bare ass under my scanty panties. His hands roam my ass, and then around my tummy to my pussy, and he can feel my almost bald pussy. Just this morning I shaved it into a "landing strip" just for him since I know how much he likes that. I wink at the clerk, then slip my own hand under my skirt and right into my soaked pussy. Then I take my finger and hold it over my shoulder for David to lick off, and he sucks on in ever so sensually -- it feels like he is giving my finger a blow job.

He has lifted up the whole back of my skirt when I hear a zipping sound, and I can feel the warmth of his hard cock against my bare skin. I can see the clerk's eyes -- she is watching me intently -- drift over to the security monitor and see my naked ass. I feel David bend his knees just a bit, and I unconsciously step slightly, spreading my feet ever so much. His cock has now rubbed across my asshole and slipped between my legs, getting wet on my pussy juices as it moves against my pussy lips.

"Oh god, he is in me!" I exclaim to myself, feeling his hard cock thrust into me. I stop talking in mid-sentence, the clerk stops talking, and her jaw slowly drops as she "gets" what we are doing. David is grunting as he fucks me from behind. My hand drops to my crotch again and I start rubbing my clit.

I lean forward on the counter, oblivious to the whole world, except for the wonderful fucking that I am getting.

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