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The daughters and Sai go to the hotsprings to relax.

The worst that can happen is I can say 'No.' "

"Well, I mean, would it be all right if I let him peek at you through my telescope? He used to like looking through it back home." Again she stopped.

"At me?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, you know I like to watch you." She blushed here, her pale skin turning bright pink.

"Um..." I was embarrassed here, knowing that she knew and accepted that I liked the idea of being watched. "I don't know, honestly, if I could do that. I mean, it's one thing if you know I like to be watched a bit. It's another for other people to know. I mean, I don't want anyone to know I like it. I'm too embarrassed and don't want to get known as a slut or show-off."

"Oh, that makes sense. But what if he didn't know you knew. What if I told him I'd not told you that I could see you? I mean, I've mentioned your name, but now why or how we met. He wants to meet my 'new best friend' anyway. But showing him a bit of you in underwear, or whatever, would really rev him up. And me a bit."

"I don't know." I did know, though, I was getting wet just thinking about it.

"Um. Could you arrange for me to see him naked," I rushed on, "without him knowing of course!"

She smiled here, "Yes. I could do that. God. Does it bug you that the idea of showing him off turns me on? I don't think, though that I want you to see us having sex or anything. I don't think I could show myself off that much."

I smiled in return. She and I really did have a bond here -- and I was trusting her with a lot.


I spent the next two nights, when not talking to Kristi, fantasizing about how I could show off without it being obvious I was showing off. I finally came up with an idea and shared it with Kristi. She loved it, and I agreed to go through with it, though I claimed the right to back-out, or not be very revealing. "I'm not sure if I could knowingly show off too much knowing that someone I knew -- well, would meet -- would see me."
"I can promise you he won't ever say a thing about it. Hell, I'll be threatening him with death etc., if he tells anyone."

Saturday came around and I watched eagerly, that night for lights to come on in Kristi's room. I knew he was taking the 5pm ferry and that Kristi was picking him up at 6:45pm; they were then going out to dinner before coming home.

At around 9:15pm the lights in her room came on. I waited and watched as a cute guy with curly hair lift a suitcase up onto her bed and unzip it. Kristi came up behind him, her arms encircling his body as she pressed her breasts against his back. They were still clothed as he turned around and they began to make out. They were kissing gently at first before it started to get a bit more passionate. She pulled off his shirt and pointed at the suitcase on her bed. He broke free and moved it toward the chair I knew was near her window. She walked over and started lifting out clothes and holding them up to him. She held up a blue shirt and turned back to the window. I could see her looking right at me through my binoculars and knew it was time. I quickly put the down and turned on my lights. I picked up my phone and dialed her cell.

"Hey Kristi, how are ya?"

"Good, thanks. I've got you on speaker phone. Rob is here and he's just unpacking. What are you doing?"

"Hi Rob!"

"Hi Susan - I look forward to meeting you."

"So, Kristi, my sister gave me a bunch of her old clothes and stuff, and I'm just trying it on."

"Cool, is there some nice stuff in there?"

I laughed quietly at our loosely scripted play. "You're busy with Rob, I'll let you go."

"No, really, I can talk for, say, 15 minutes." This was our code to let me know that she wanted me to turn off my lights and look back at her with my binoculars. That's when she'd pull him away from the telescope if he was still watching me.

"No, seriously, go re-connect with Rob!" I hung up.

I moved to the foot of my bed and picked up a sweater that I'd picked out.

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