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Father and daughter become reunited after many years apart.

He had some great clear close-ups. She had such amazing tits and he just loved, loved, loved big tits! She was so much like his Japanese porn star lover. He just wanted to squeeze and play with her tits for hours; abuse and pinch and pull on them. He could see her nipples pushing out against the fabric of her semi-transparent flesh-colored bra and they were just so large and thick! That was all he needed to focus on. He imagined her flesh, her softness, her curves and flesh. He shoved a pile of Kleenex into his underwear and rubbed his cock some more and, once again after not too much frantic stroking, he shot off another big load of cum into his pants. He was trembling and shaking it was so intense. She was so fucking hot!

Now at least, he was calmer and could be around her a little longer without so much urgency to cum. After calming down a bit he got some more water and acted as if everything was normal. After all, he had been sneaking around the house staring at her and beating off a couple times already, but all was normal, la, de, dah. Tommy then went to the bathroom to wipe himself down and dry himself off. Even after shooting off twice, he was still up for some more gawking.

As Tommy came back to the living room, Becky checked him out a bit. He was young but still he was kinda cute, she thought. Becky felt a bit wet in her panties, but she just sat there and enjoyed all the teasing she was doing to him. She wondered if he would just reach out and grab her. She wondered how nice a kisser he might be. So, the two of them watched a TV show a bit and shared some popcorn. Tommy still had to calm himself down and convince himself that this was all true, that she was just sitting there and letting him gawk at her tits.

A bit later on in the evening, Becky looked down and lied, "Oh my gosh! I didn't know my blouse was open. Oh gosh, I feel so embarrassed. I'm sorry Tommy". Of course, Tommy didn't mind at all. He simply loved the show. "Why didn't you tell me, you dirty boy? You must have noticed" she giggled and slightly scolded him. She didn't want to sound very serious, but she did want to tease him a bit.
Just to be sure he got an eyeful of her, she spread her shirt wide open and said, "Have you been staring at my almost naked chest Tommy? Have you been looking at my tits all this time?" she innocently asked. But she wasn't innocent at all. Well now he could see the full shape of both her breasts. He could see how well they packed her bra to overfilling. He wondered how they sat on her chest with no bra on at all. He was really staring at her now. Becky then closed her shirt and began to button it.

Tommy now felt very, very embarrassed and didn't know what to say. He promptly got up and said, "Uh...I've gotta go to bed now. I'm sorry" and turned his back and went upstairs, embarrassed as hell. She caught him, but she also didn't seem to really care very much.

She knew she had teased the hell out of him. She was tempted to call after him and ask him, half-jokingly, if he wanted her to tuck him in or not. She could do that and drag her tits right across his face, she fantasized. Ha, ha, that was a funny thought, she thought.

Tommy spent the rest of the evening upstairs in his bed zooming in on the cell phone shots he had taken of her while he beat off yet again except this time he could do it lying down on his back with his cock at full-staff, shooting wildly onto a cum rag he kept around. He alternated this with watching videos of Julia Boin and her wonderful pair of fabulous tits. Finally, after being quite spent from the multiple ejaculations he had made, he drifted off to sleep with images of being smothered in Becky's large firm hooters; of her nipples lingering in his mouth as he went off to lullaby land.

* * * * *

About 3 days later, Keith asked Becky again if she could housesit.

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