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Cheating wife continues to shame and titillate her husband.

It made her feel good for Jeannie to give such a positive response. Done she moved and sat down beside Jeannie on the couch.

"I tell you what Dottie, if Pete doesn't attack you when you come in wearing a hot number like that you may as well check him into a morgue somewhere" Jeannie said laughing. "Ok, now my turn again, don't go anywhere." With that Jeannie moved to get up off the couch and when she did she put a hand high on Dottie's thigh to help push herself up off the couch.

Dottie couldn't help but notice the warmth she felt from Jeannie's touch. Absent mindedly she rubbed the spot that Jeannie's hand had been on as she thought about some of the comments that Jeannie had made thru the night. Her hand drifted upward as all kinds of thoughts ran thru her mind. The sound of approaching footfalls brought her out of her trance and she looked up to see Jeannie standing there in the doorway.

"Wow" Dottie whispered. Jeannie now stood just in front of her wearing a red baby doll with white lace across the top and bottom edges. In the dim light this material was still transparent and Dottie couldn't help but linger on Jeannie's hard nipples and the dark circles surrounding them. Finally looking down she saw that across the bottom was as easily transparent and could see that her friend liked to shave all the way. Jeannie was also wearing white thigh high lace stockings with garter bands and stood tall in white heels.

"You look incredible Jeannie. I only wish I could look that good in something so sexy."

"You can, go and look on my bed and you will find what I have laid out for you to wear next." After a final spin Jeannie came and sat very close to Dottie on the couch, her leg rubbing light against Dottie's bare one. "Get up and go" Jeannie told her. Rising up off the couch Dottie felt her friends hand on her bottom, giving her a push up off the couch. As Dottie walked out of the room she felt brave and looked over her shoulder as she paused in the door and gave her butt a little extra shake before laughing and walking on out of the living room.

Dottie found the outfit lay out like said and gaze at it for a moment. Where Jeannie's was red with white trim this one was purple with black trim. There was even black stocking and a pair of black heels set out for her. Smiling she quickly disrobed and put her teddy up back in the bag. Gingerly she stepped into the new one and pulled it up slipping her arms thru the holes for them. Looking in the mirror she could see that even with the lace being black it was still easy to see thru and her hard nipples were pressing hard against the thin material. Sitting on the edge of the bed she slipped on the stockings and then slid her feet into the modest heels. Since it had been a while since she had worn any kind of heels she took a moment or two to walk around the bedroom and get use to them before heading across the hall. Taking one last lingering look in the mirror she smiled as she realized she could still look this good.

"Damn, you look incredible." Dottie jumped at the sound of Jeannie's husky voice. Turning she found her in the door way looking her over from head to toe.

"Do you really think so? It has been so long since I felt this sexy in something and only wish someone at home would be as appreciative of it as you are."

"I tell you what, I will go and sit back down and you come in the living room like I am Pete and you want to get my attention. I promise you that you won't be disappointed this time."

Jeannie turned to walk back across the hall leaving Dottie standing there trying to digest it all. The husky tone in Jeanie's voice sent shivers thru her body and made her even more aroused. Confident and ready, she took off slowly across the hall to where her friend was waiting, it was time to impress.

When she first walked in she saw that Jeannie had turned on the TV.

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