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Rank has its privileges.

His head was growing woozy, his mind numbing, a distant part of him rising up in panic on a wave of adrenaline, speaking only in ancient instincts. Lie down, the voice said, belly up, show submission. You're beaten.

"There," the demon's voice echoed in the hollow Ted's mind was hiding in, luring him partway back to the surface, "There. It's so much easier when you stop struggling, isn't it? So much easier when you give in. When you accept."

Part of Ted, the part of him that fled even farther into the hollow, leaving the rest of him to cope as best it could, that part of Ted was screaming with terror. He could feel the demon's nails, too long, too sharp, biting into his wrists as they raised his hands to press against the brick wall. He could hear the unnatural tones to the demon's voice, see the red glow that lapped about them in the alley. But the part of him that knew, or intuited, what all that meant, that part was the part that left, leaving him alone.

"Ted," the demon let go of Ted's hands, his body still pressed into the man's back, his claws sliding down the man's face as he shuddered at the sound of his name, "Ted, tell me again, why are you so mad at me?"

"You," Ted gulped, feeling the lightness of the touch on his cheek, the warmth that surrounded him from behind. The demon's hands almost burned as they touched him, "You fucked my...fiance. You took her...virginity."

The demon laughed, his claws slicing into Ted's shirt, finding the skin underneath, leaving fine cuts that welted up as they bled.

"Did I? Did I take it? Or did she give it?" His claws shrunk as his hands slid into Ted's pants, teasing the skin that lurked just below the waistband.

"She wouldn't...she was saving..." Ted stammered, feeling himself growing hard, his heart pounding in his chest with every touch.

"She was saving herself," the demon's voice dripped with contempt and sarcasm, "She gave it away, Ted, she screamed for me to take it, she begged. She took me deep into her mouth, she opened herself for me, she impaled herself on me, she cried out with me."

Ted sobbed quietly, his hips jerking upwards, hoping for one finger, just one, to slide lower.

"Ted," the demon's hand slid lower, barely missing Ted's pulsing cock, "Ted, do you want to know why she did it? Why she gave herself so willingly?"

Ted could only breathe for a moment, his eyes closed, his jaw slack. Then, barely, only barely, he nodded.

The demon spun him around again, slamming the back of the head against the bricks as their lips met, crushing together, his tongue sliding into Ted's mouth. Ted never fought, his hips bucking against the demon's leg, his hands still holding onto the wall. The demon stole his breath, tempted his tongue, brought him to a fever pitch that was matched only by the hardness of his cock as it pulsed and yearned for release. The man was lost in the kiss, his senses on fire, his heart racing as moments became minutes.

It ended and Ted's moans became sobs.

"See, Ted," the demon stepped back across the alley, "What would you do to have me?"

Ted's eyes slitted open, his hips still twitching slightly in memory of what he had felt. The demon leaned against the wall across from him, hands partly in his pockets, his black hair cascading about his face. There was laughter in eyes as he watched Ted struggle to think, his lips curved into a gentle smile. Finally, the demon, in his own way, took pity on the man, his voice reaching across the alley.

"Crawl to me, Ted, crawl to me and show me what you would do to have me."

Ted dropped to his knees without questions, his hands finding the ground, his eyes glazed with the lust the demon had inspired. Slowly, the ground slick and sharp beneath his hands, he crawled forward, stopping at the demon's feet to gaze at him, wondering what to do next.

As he stared, he understood, his hands rising from the ground to find the demon's zipper, the sound agonizingly loud in the strange silence that surrounded them.

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