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Punishment and redemption after an error in judgement.

She thought she wasn't so keen on him anymore...

She swatted Anderson hard on the ass and said, "And you've done everyone else in my house!" All those guys had fucked her two roommates, at one point or another -- Sarah, the athletic brunette passed out in the livingroom, and Ellie, a petite redhead with a sweet ass. Bridget suspected that's why they got along so well. "True enough!"

Josh chimed in, "And so have I," handing her another beer, looking her over, her wet sweatshirt clinging to her 38D chest She smiled, even as she felt his intense brown eyes burning through her. She felt a little exposed, somehow; he'd never looked at her like anything but a buddy before.

"Oh my God you are so right! I feel so relatively pure!" swilling down the can, not bothering to shotgun it. "Would you do me, soldier boy?" she says, cocking her head, in a flirty, fake-southern drawl. She pouted, her full lips looking quite inviting, and she was feeling a little sexy. It had been a long time for her, to go without sex, and the beer was making its effects known, making her head spin and her body a bit warm.

"Yes." She was taken aback by his serious response, but figured he just sounded more intense than the always cheerful Anderson, who was neck-deep in the cabinets. Josh locked eyes with her again, then scanned her curvy body, the skirt cascading over her long muscular legs and the shirt still clinging to her large breasts.

"Dude, what are you looking for?" Suddenly feeling uncomfortable, she turned her attention to Anderson.

"Shot glasses, to toast our mutual platonic love for you, and your amazing hooters." They laughed, and Bridget relaxed. Anderson broke out the University-logo shot glasses (a joke birthday gift from her brother) and topped them with cheap vodka, the plastic-bottled house brand at the local liquor store that doesn't card her, ever. She squeezed some lime over the tops of them.

She noticed Josh leaning against the kitchen stove, silently watching her, and, grinning, grabbed his hand, "Get over here, all for one, one for all." He squeezed her hand, as they all lift their glasses and slam the harsh vodka down.

Through her growing alcoholic fog, Bridget hears the music and murmurs outside the kitchen door. Her face flushed, she grabs on to Josh and Anderson's shoulders. "I love you guys," she slurs, pulling them into a huddle, hugging them close. She likes the feel of their bodies, their sweaty Tshirts under her hands, Josh's broad shoulders and Anderson's narrow ones.

Anderson playfully tousled her messy hair, "You too, babes, but I'm out of here, it's like three and even geniuses got to get some sleep." She woozily waves him and the kitchen door seems farther away as his ponytail bobs out of sight.

The murmurs outside have quieted, and she heard Ellie call to her, sleepily, "Night hon. you still there, everyone's gone."

"Yeah, no worries, me and Josh, we'll lock up, clean up in the morning."

"Cool, I'm going to bed." She hears Ellie's door close at the far end of the apartment, along with the heavy snores of the bodies dropped on the living room-floor mattress; Joey and Sarah had their heads cutely resting on each other's shoulders.

"Just you and me kid," she says to Josh, staggering, falling against his broad shoulder. She heard the stereo still playing against their sudden silence. "Desperado" comes on the city's all night classic rock loop.

He put his arms around her waist, pulling her close to his tight body. She felt suddenly sleepy, as if it were the last dance at a high-school dance. Somehow, her arms are around his neck, and their eyes meet in one big soft clich__ of discovery. In this realization, they smile, and laugh, but quietly, so as not to wake up the mattress-crashers outside the door. "Why don't you come to your la la la la la..for so long...."

He pulled her closer, and the first kiss between them just happens, she tells herself.

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