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Moving to a new house changes the family forever.

The sound of his zipper echoed in the mostly empty garage and I could see the back of his head over his car. His eyes were closed and I ducked behind a car and peered towards them. My wife stooped in front of him. Her mouth was agape and his cock jutted from the fly of his pants. He had a big impressive cock with a thick brown shaft and a bulbous pinkish tip.

Her eyes fluttered with excitement and she kissed her way up and down his shaft. She had always been a talented and enthusiastic cock suck. She had, in fact given me the best blow job of my life the night we met, and two weeks later I'd put in for a transfer to a job location closer to Lansing. We'd since moved across the state and didn't make it back east more than once every two months or so.

She dragged her tongue along his shaft and then slid her open mouth from the fat, circumcised head to his big balls as he moaned softly. He had impressive length and my wife opened her mouth and eased her lips down his shaft. Her pale, white hands gripped the base of his prodigious cock and she stroked him methodically as her head bobbed in time with her hands.

"Oh fuck Baby," he gasped in a deep baritone. "You suck a mean dick." He placed his hands on the sides of my wife's head and guided her movements, pushing her deeper with each stroke.

My wife choked and gagged when his cock touched the back of her throat. She gasped for air when he released his grasp and she looked up at him with a ravenous hunger in her eyes. Her mascara was smeared and tears streamed down her pretty round cheeks. Saliva dripped from her chin and her bountiful breasts heaved as she breathed deep and heavy.

"I need you to fuck me," my beautiful wife said breathlessly. She rose to her feet and kissed him hard. Her tongue plunged into his mouth and she stroked his big black dick. I'd been kissed like that by her countless times. Her kisses were even better than her blow jobs. She put everything into them and I felt like I'd just been kicked in the gut as I watched them make out like a pair of randy teenagers.

He pushed the top of her dress down and pulled out her big, heavy tits. His dark skin contrasted with her alabaster breasts and he squeezed her nipples hard making her yelp and squeal in pleasure and pain.

He turned my wife around and she grabbed hold of the back bumper of his car. My eyes widened as I realized that his was bareback but my wife pushed her juicy ass back at him, sinking his cock balls deep without hesitation.

"Oh fuck," she hissed loudly. Her eyes closed and an expression of pure bliss danced on her full lips. He started to thrust and my wife panted wantonly. Her body pushed back to meet his powerful thrusts. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

He said nothing. His hands gripped my wife's wide hips and he fucked her hard and fast. Her head thrashed from side to side like a fish out of water and her body quivered and quaked. I'd seen her cum hundreds of times but I never thought I would see her cum at the hands of another man, much less a black man who she hardly knew.

My wife slumped forward and continued to pant and moan. "Why am I doing this?" She cried out. "Why do I like it so much." Her tremulous voice betrayed the depths of her excitement and her body shook from another hard climax.

He said nothing. He pounded my beautiful wife relentlessly. The loud sound of his hips slapping against her big round ass echoed in the garage and drowning out her urgent please to fuck her harder.

"You love my dick don't you Baby?" He boomed. He slowed his pace and grabbed her long hair, lacing the fingers of his right hand into her reddish locks, as he squeezed her fat ass with his left.

"I do," she sighed. "I love your big black cock." Her eyes opened and she looked back at him wistfully. Her body writhed sensuously and she clutched at her huge tits.

"You always loved the dark meat," he said playfully.

"Mmm hmmm," my wife responded.

My head cocked to one side and I replayed his question and her reply in my head.

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