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She becomes yours completely,

The officer listened to the details, and filled out a report. However, Sarah wasn't quite off the hook just yet. The officer replaced the muzzle, and placed Sarah into a cage in the detention area. Brian was 2 cells down.

The officers had to investigate who was telling the truth and who was lying. They went to Brian's room, and found the cage, and the training equipment, as well as photos of Sarah begging to be made into a puppy slave. They also had found her search history on pet enslavement on her dorm room computer. However, they also had found evidence that the computer's memory core had been modified recently, which cast some doubt on the legalities. Deciding not to take any chances, they gathered up all the evidence, and informed the school court system they had a possible involuntary enslavement they needed help with.

After 3 days, Brian and Sarah were led into the court building in town. Sarah was still in her bitchsuit, since it was a disputed enslavement status. Brian also wasn't looking too good, as he was in a prison jumpsuit. On the bench sat three judges, whose job it was to determine the fate of both Brian and Sarah.

"Brian Carson and Sarah Owens, you both have been brought before this court, to answer and hear the verdict on the case before us, on whether the enslavement of the pet slave before us, was a legal enslavement or not. After hearing the evidence, we are ruling that the enslavement was not a legal enslavement, due to the tampering on the computer of the slave, as well as on the repeated efforts by the slave to affect release from her suit punishment."

Sarah was about to let out a yelp of joy, when she saw the judges continue.

"We are, however, not certain whether she would benefit more from her release from her current status, or if this will serve as an object lesson to her for future contact with strange individuals. Therefore, we are not ordering her release until the following school year, on the condition that she complete the current school year as a pet slave. Failure to complete the year as a pet slave under the training and care of the cheerleading squad will result in her status being permanently changed to pet slave. While enslaved, she will be required to act as the school mascot, and be expected to perform at all school functions to the full satisfaction of the head cheerleader, whom we are placing in charge of this slave."

Sarah was mortified. All her friends were now going to be seeing her as a pet slave for the rest of the year. And if she failed to measure up, she would be a pet slave for the rest of her life. Sarah sat numb as the judges handed down their punishment for Brian.

"Brian Carson, since you illegally converted a human to a pet slave for your own amusement, we find it is fitting that you will suffer the fate you were going to impose on your victim. Therefore, we rule that like your victim, you will be transformed into a pet slave. You are sentenced to life enslavement as a male pet slave. You will be fitted into your own suit, and forced to live out your life as Sarah's mate."

Sarah was just as shocked as Brian as the judge banged the gavel down, ending the case. Brian struggled as the bailiffs led him off to the fitting room, while Sarah was led to a holding cage, to await her transfer to the cheerleading dorm.

Brian was taken off by the guards to a fitting room. The guards stripped him of the prison uniform, and began cuffing him down, to prevent his escape or struggles. The guards began his punishment by bathing Brian in a hair remover, which killed off all his hair except on his head. Brian struggled as the chemicals burned out the hair and their roots, leaving him hairless. Next the guards began working his legs into the special sleeves of a bitchsuit, forcing him to fold his feet to his ass, and taking away his ability to walk except on his knees.

As the guards paused, Brian knew what was coming next.

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