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Aftermath, Recovery, and Re-discovery.

Then she adjusted her bra right in front of me as I stared at her boobs.

"Thanks but you can leave now."

Smiling shyly. I left the room.


Next afternoon, she went into her room to take a nap at the exact same time.

Today I found her lying on her left side, facing away from me. I could see her butt covered in the shalwar and the kamiz. I repeated my original move of lifting up her shirt, this time from the back. I took it as far up as I could, revealing her shalwar-covered ass, and her bra. If I pulled it further, she would have felt the tug and woken up.

I wanted to see more. So I focused my attention to her front. This time she was sleeping closer to the edge of the bed, so I could reach her front without having to climb the oversized bed.

Fortunately the kamiz wasn't tucked between her legs. I was able to pull it up from the front side too. I raised it as far as I could. Her beautiful plump stomach became visible. Her huge belly button was also there.

But my mind was dominated by images of her hairy crotch. That's all I wanted to see. Breathing heavily, I tugged slowly at the knot of her shalwar and tried to let it fly open.

Just at this moment, she made a slight movement. She was still fast asleep though. Whimpering, I realized she was going to change sides. I stepped back.

To my delight, she turned left and now was laying flat on her back.

Even though the conditions were now perfect, I was still extremely scared. How would I explain myself?

But this wasn't the time to think about all this. I had come this far. If I left now, wouldn't she wake up wondering who opened her shalwar? I was prepared to get kicked out of the house if it came to that.

I had decided to go in.

Grabbing the already loosened knot, I held two ends of the string and pulled them apart from each other, further easing its grip. Even though the knot was now open, since the shalwar was tight around her waist, it was a challenge to pull it down to expose her crotch. I had to do it slowly or she would definitely wake up.

Carefully, I started to widen the opening of the loose pajamas from the front, kind of like a zipper being opened. She hadn't made a sound yet. I pulled the two ends of the shalwar apart from each other, as they parted like beautiful flower petals to expose the treasure underneath.

Her pubic hair was now visible. A few more millimeters and I could be able to see the top part of her cunt.

I couldn't wait. Grunting, I slowly stick my tongue out and lightly licked her pubes. I licked her course hair like a sick dog. Scared, I looked up at her face. Still no movement. She was in deep sleep.

The dilemma was that the shalwar was now at a place where it wouldn't expose any more of her crutch unless it was let go from the bottom - meaning she would have to lift her ass to let go of it.


Resigning myself to the fact that I was not going to be able to take it off, I slowly proceeded to move my fingers above her shalwar-covered pussy.

I caressed the line of her cunt gently. I massaged and moved my hand from side to side, really feeling the shape of her pussy lips. I now had the stiffest hard on that I had ever experienced. As I caressed her pussy lips with her shalwar on, I sensed some movement in her. Shocked, I paused. I noticed that her snoring had completely stopped.
One part of my mind told me she wouldn't mind. She had stared at my erect cock when I was sleeping. Maybe she wanted this.

But why would she want this? Isn't this really sick? And wouldn't a conservative woman like her be really against this? What would she tell my father?

As this storm of fear and excitement was brewing in my head, I noticed some movement again.

She uttered a muffled grunt and tried to move to her right side in her sleep, but her movement was hampered by the open shalwar which was now locking her thighs, preventing her from turning on her side.

Grunting again, she gave up on the turn but then did a very strange thing...

Continuing to lay flat on her back, she wriggled her ass up a littl

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