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Evil through the window, loss and loss.

"So what do ya think?" He asked.

"That's hot," I said. I was already getting hard and it was a little uncomfortable.

"I know. I'm already hard." He said. "Do you mind if I pull mine out to relieve the pressure? You can do the same if you want."

"S-s-sure," I stuttered. Even though I was buzzed from the beer I was still kind of nervous. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him unbutton his pants and pull out a cock that looked big. I tried to stare at the screen as I pulled my smaller dick out.

I sat there with my dick throbbing as my eyes bounced back and forth between the screen and his cock. Without warning Andy reached over and started stroking my cock. I jumped but it started to feel good so I didn't stop him. I leaned back and relaxed a bit more. I felt obligated so I tentatively reached over and took ahold of his cock. It felt real different than mine. Mine was round and short. His was oval shaped and long.

After a while the screen changed and now there were two guys with the girl on screen. She was still sucking the one guy but the guy being sucked by her was sucking the other guy who had walked in.

"You having fun?" Andy asked.

I couldn't find my voice and my mouth was dry so I just nodded yes.

He nodded toward the screen and asked if I wanted to try it.

"Sure, it looks good and like it would feel good," I replied. Thinking he meant getting sucked.

So he reached over and grabbed my back of my head and started pulling my head toward his cock.

I resisted and said, "I'm not sure if I can."

He said, "Just go with it. You'll like it."

So I positioned myself so I could still see the TV and opened my mouth. He sighed as hesitantly licked the tip. I slowly eased it into my mouth as he moaned. I watched the TV screen and tried to emulate what they were doing in the porn film that was on. As I tried to take his whole cock I gagged and almost threw up but I regained myself and continued sucking. I started bobbing up and down like the guy on TV was. I could taste something slightly salty yet not unpleasant. I could feel his cock getting slightly bigger as he stopped my head and pulled me off his cock.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "Am I not doing a good job?"

"It's not that," He replied. "I just don't want to cum right now. You were pretty good. Are you sure that's your first time?"

"Yeah I've never done that before but it was fun to do," I replied.

"Well you thought that was fun then you got to try that," He said while pointing to the screen.

I looked at the screen and saw first guy on his hands and knees with the second guy behind him thrusting. The guy getting it looked like he was have a good time but I wasn't sure. I was afraid it might hurt.

"I know what you're thinking, is it going to hurt?" He said.

I just nodded.

"Don't worry, if it hurts too bad I'll stop," He reassured me.

"O-o-okay," I replied still unsure.

He pulled out a tube of lube and told me to bend over the couch. I did so in a way I could still see the TV. I felt his finger touch my ass. I jumped because the lube was cold. Then he started massaging my hole and it began to feel good. I relaxed a little and felt his finger slip right in. I jumped but it didn't hurt. He fingered me for a little bit then added a second finger and again it didn't hurt. After a few more minutes he stopped and said I was ready.

So he pulled his hands away and repositioned himself. I could feel his cock between my cheeks. It itched in a way that made me want his cock in me. I kept watching the porn on TV and was really horny. My dick couldn't be harder. I was thinking about touching myself when I felt the head of his cock at the entrance of my ass. I froze waiting for the pain but all I felt was an amazing sensation. Before I knew it I could feel his balls touching mine and I felt full but in a good way.

"Wow you're tight." He breathed. "Does it hurt?"

"Nooo," I moaned.

"Oh so you're enjoying it," he said.

I moaned.

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