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They were going to wait until after they had been graduated. Despite their passion, Julie and Mickey had been sensible, and hadn't copulated yet, though it had been hard to resist. They were going to go to the same college together, and get an apartment together, study hard and build their lives. That's what they had planned.

That wasn't what happened.

After the team bus got back, Julie was waiting for Mickey to get off. As he came down the steps from the ugly yellow school bus, he spotted Julie, and ran over to her; he had just enough sense to slow down and not bowl her over as he got to her, though they still wound up in a pile, laughing and hugging and kissing.

They just barely made it back to Julie's house, playing slap and tickle all the way there while Mickey was driving her home. All of the lights were out, as they crept up the stairs to Julie's bedroom, not ever whispering, their hands all over each other.

It was inevitable: they were so happy, and so in love with each other, that they were soon on Julie's bed together. Their playing around was deathly quiet, the only sounds being sighs and kisses, and soon Mickey's shirt was on the floor. A few moments later, so was Julie's.

Mickey kissed her small breasts, the first time they'd gone this far. They'd kind of felt each other up before, passionate but still in some semblance of control. For high schoolers, their love for each other had taken a much more mature turn than for most kids their age, and they'd been together, as a couple, ever since that seven minutes in Heaven. Julie kissed Mickey's chest, as marveled by his firm muscles as he was by her soft breasts. She had seen him without a shirt before, at the pool and the river during summers, and had touched his bare chest, but this was different, both softer and harder, calmer and more passionate.

Was it the thrill of her boyfriend hitting the winning shot? Perhaps it was the naughtiness of being in her bed, with her parents just two doors down the hall. Maybe it was just that they had been together for 2__ years now, but whatever it was, their hugging and kissing and love for each other led to the whispered plea from Julie, "Make love to me, Mickey."

How had the rest of their clothes gotten off? In all of the times that Julie thought back to their first time together, she still couldn't remember, but however it had happened, what she could remember was taking Mickey's manhood into her hand, and guiding it inside of her that night. The room was mostly dark, with only the light of the streetlight halfway down the block and the LED display from her alarm clock, as she could only barely see what they were doing. Mickey felt big in her hand, hard and thick. She was scared, but so much in love, and her fear did not lead her to hesitate. He was ready, and she was ready, and she knew, they both knew, that it was time.

Julie thought it was marvelous, wonderful, amazing. Of course girls talk among themselves, and her friend Sylvia had said how much her first time had hurt, and not really been very good. Other girls had said that it wasn't that bad, but Julie was unprepared for just how great this could be. There was a sharp pain, as Mickey broke through her maidenhead, but the pain didn't last, while the wonderful feeling of Mickey filling her up continued.

They went slowly, Mickey not wanting to hurt his wonderful Julie, and both of them knowing that they couldn't make noise.

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