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"Welcome Samantha," a very feminine voice said. "Thank you for your trust. If you feel threatened or uncomfortable at any time, please feel free to hold up your hand as a sign that you wish to pause to collect your thoughts. Should you choose to stop at any point, just use your safe word. You will then be taken to another room where the guide will escort you to your van to be taken home. A representative will contact at you at some point in the near future. You must speak only if spoken to and follow all directions. I encourage you to relax and enjoy the evening. Your safe word is 'done.' If you speak that word, all activity will stop.."

For a few seconds, there was no sound but then I heard a footstep and shivered as several hands began to move over my body. It was impossible to tell how many people there were, as they softly caressed everywhere on my body. My face was turned from side to side as at least one woman kissed me, though I was sure it was more than one. The kisses roamed over my neck and ears as the warmth that began spreading over my body brought a soft mewling sound from my lips. I felt someone unbutton my blouse, pulling it from my skirt, but it wasn't removed The tender kisses moved down to cover my shoulders, and chest, then on to the exposed globes of my breasts. I felt arms surround me, pulling me into a warm embrace and then the hands stopped and there was nothing but silence. I now stood, wearing an open blouse, and white lace demi bra over my skirt and heels.

The hands soon returned and now I felt fingers working their way under the waist band of my skirt as other hands unzipped it. As my skirt dropped to pool around my ankles, a cool breeze swept over my bare legs. Two pairs of hands grasped my arms to steady me as a voice requested that I step out of my skirt. The hands that again began to teasingly fondle my body were soft and gentle in their touches and strokes, almost as light as a feather, and I heard myself moan in desire. When one of the hands moved to cup my sex, I instinctively spread my legs wider, gasping as they moved over me, caressing and stroking over my panty covered sex. As my blouse fell to the floor, kisses were placed all over my chest and arms, then over my shoulder and down my back. A warm, wet tongue caressed the flesh of my stomach, moving slowly upward toward my bra. I was now moaning and mewling almost constantly.

When my legs began to weaken and start shaking, hands once again steadied me as my bra was removed. I was gently guided to a couch or bed of some kind where I was moved to lie on my back. With just a few motions, my heels and panties were whisked away. My legs were spread and a soft towel was placed under my hips. Soft, well padded restraints were wrapped around my ankles and wrists as my hands were moved over my head and secured there while my ankles were secured at each corner of the bed or couch.. I was now naked, my, wrists over my head, my legs splayed wide, my moist pussy on display. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster and it was difficult to control my breathing.

I tensed when hot breath was blown over my clean shaven mons and my now exposed labia.. Then, once more, as suddenly as it started, it stopped. Again there was no sound. The thoughts of what was about to happen had my body screaming for attention and I felt the wetness between my legs, grateful for the towel that had been placed there.

Though I never heard a sound or sensed any movement, I gasped as tongues began moving over my painfully erect nipples.

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