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The name says it all.

The amazing craft hovered 40,000 miles above the Earth powered by vertical and horizontal thrusters.

This was the HQ of Spectrum, the World Organisation that protected the Earth from threats and terrorism, formed in an effort to relieve pressure from global unrest.

Men and women of outstanding achievements and abilities were chosen to be agents and were given colours as code name to protect their anonymity.

Five female pilots formed the strike force stationed on Cloudbase and were named Angels, again in an effort to protect their families.

The couple were enjoying a rare moment to themselves, the two active members of Spectrum, were always made aware that this was a 24/7 outfit that never slept.

Born in Paris Destiny, real name Juliette had gotten close to Captain Scarlet during the last few months and his black haired, blue eyed look appealed to her.

Considered the most handsome, loyal and bravest of all the Spetrum agents he gazed into her big brown eyes and brushed a loose strand of her long straight blonde hair from her face.

He was born in England and had joined the military after graduating and had developed excellent skills.

They sat beside each other on the couch and chatted.

Dressed in a red evening gown which was loose fitting, Paul saw that every time she leaned forward the top ballooned out and he got a peak at her large billowy breasts.

It ended three quarters down her slender thighs that were bare down to her five inch open toe shoes.

Probably the best of the five fighter pilots she had time to chill out as her aircraft, the Angel Interceptor was being rejigged.

Now was the moment she had decided, to finally bed the fit and athletic man.

As she moved closer to him he could smell her Charlie scent and their lips met in a long and deep kiss.

Immediately her tongue darted into his mouth and searched for his. They fell into each others arms and he ran his fingers through her fine hair.

She lifted her chin and he nuzzled her long neck as she cooed with excitement.

"Will you make love to me my darling?" She whispered in his ear.

Her hand found his growing erection and she had her answer.

He took her by the elbow and steered her to his bedroom where he shed his tuxedo and fell to the bed.

Juliette placed her right hand on his chest and slowly unbuttoned his ruffled shirt.

Once his chest was bared she slid her hands across his chiselled torso and felt the knotted muscles under his flesh.

She liked men with broad shoulders and hard biceps and she felt a tingle of anticipation of what was to come.

He pulled up on his elbows as he feverishly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers.

His monster of an erect cock burst out and pointed straight up.

The blonde stared at the thick shaft as it quivered all by itself.

She lowered her head for a closer look and then without the use of her hands licked the underside of the big pole to the tip in one move.

Paul groaned as she popped the top into her warm mouth and kept it there.

The man arched his back which made her gag as he tried to shove more in.

With a firm grip she held his cock between pursed lips then bobbed her head on the head only.

Her cheeks hollowed as she breathed in deeply and grazed her teeth across his glans.

After a few moments she raised off and tossed her head back in triumph, and he frantically rubbed his prick to get some instant relief.

"I learnt that in Paris," she smiled. "Drives men wild. You like?"

"S.I.G." He answered.

She looked at him quizzically.

He referred to the all clear call sign of Spectrum.

S.I.G. which meant Spectrum Is Green.

"I mean Suck It Girl!"

She laughed at the joke as the tiny five foot two blonde stood and unzipped her gown and let it drop to her heels.

He took in her naked figure which had been braless and pantie less under the dress.

Paul continued to stroke his stiff prick as he looked at her fabulous 34C boobs with the large areolas and hard nipples.

Her left hand moved across her flat stomach to her shaven pussy

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