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A visit to Aunty Kate's house.

I lost track of time and I heard movement behind me. I was on my knees, pushing my empty suitcase under my bed. I was trying to get it as far back as I could so my head was under the bed.

"Nice ass, Kim." I heard and jumped, banging my head on the underside of my bed.

"Ouch" I screamed and grabbed my head.

"I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to scare you." I heard behind me and felt warm hands on my back and the back of my legs.

I scooted out from under the bed, holding my head. I got out and sat back on my knees. My head was aching now along with the rest of me. I saw my roommate Tracy staring at me. I looked into her sweet eyes and just burst into tears. She gasped and immediately hugged me tight as my deep sobs racked my sore body. He held me tight and stroked my head, whispering into my ear.

"It's ok, baby, it's gonna be fine." She said.

I cried and cried, all of the events of yesterday flashing through my mind. I saw the fat guys and their ugly cocks. I saw Ken's angry face and remembered him fucking me brutally and just leaving. I saw my Daddy's face again and the tears fell. Tracy held me until I stopped crying.

"Baby, what's the matter? That bump wasn't hard enough to bring that on." She said.

I looked at her and saw the compassion and sympathy in her eyes. I wanted to tell her so bad but I was afraid it would make Ken angrier. I didn't know what to do. She handed me a Kleenex and I wiped my eyes and nose.

"I had a rough summer." I lied.

"I'm sorry, baby, but you're back now and everything will be fine." She said and hugged me tight.

I felt so warm and comfortable in her arms. I put my head on her shoulder and held on to her tight. She did not pull away as she probably sensed I needed many hugs. We sat there on the floor for at least 5 minutes just holding onto each other. I relaxed a little and she pulled back slightly, looking into my bloodshot, swollen eyes.

"Girl, you look like you need some distraction. Get dressed and let's go for a walk." She said.

I nodded and thought a walk around campus in the warm sun was exactly what I needed. We both stood up and I turned to grab a pair of shorts out of my drawer. I looked as Tracy pulled her sleep shirt up over her head. All she was wearing were small, pink panties. I noticed for the first time that her breasts were beautiful. They were small compared to mine but they were perfect. They sat up with absolutely no sag and her little nipples were pink and rigid. I felt a little tingle in my stomach. My mind snapped back and I realized I was looking at my friend in a sexual way. I roomed with her all last year and saw her naked many times. I had never looked at her like that before. She slipped on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

"Let's go sweetie." She said.

We both slipped on our flip-flops and went out the door. We walked slowly around the campus and I felt the anxiety and stress leaving me slowly. I started to wonder if Ken would contact me at all this semester. He was a nice guy deep down. I knew he was angry and hurt and his behavior was as a result of that. I guess I couldn't blame him, I probably would have thought the same thing had I walked in when he did. Maybe he would calm down and our relationship could resume as before? I hoped he could forgive me and move on.

Tracy grabbed my hand and led me towards the part of campus where all the little eating places were.

"You want some breakfast?" she asked.

As she said this I realized I was starving. I had lost track of everything yesterday and my stomach came alive with hunger at the mention of food.

"Yes, I am starving." I answered.

She pulled me towards our favorite little diner and we went inside.

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