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He becomes her and reaps the reward.

"You can honestly say that I tied you up and took advantage of you, which means that you don't have anything to feel guilty about! And trust me, Sean," she said, her voice going low and her eyes narrowing just a bit as she took a step closer to him, bringing those mammoth tits closer to his face than ever, "I most certainly am going to take advantage of you!"

"You are?" he asked quietly, his eyes locked on her hard nipples less than two feet away from his face. She stepped closer than ever, right in between his legs and forcing them apart as she did so, bringing her huge tits less than a foot away from his face. She looked down at him and nodded, smiling that now-seductive and cheery smile at him.

"Oh, yes," she said, reaching behind her back and untying the bikini top as she spoke, never taking her eyes from his as she did. She pulled the bikini top over her head and dropped it on the table, then ran her hands over and under her huge, heavy breasts, squeezing them in her hands and tugging on the nipples as Sean watched. She looked down at his crotch and saw that his cock was now rock-hard and straining against the shorts, literally begging for release. She stared wantonly at his thick, hard shaft for several minutes, tugging and pulling on her big nipples as Sean watched, finally looking back up at his face as she spoke.

"Would you like me to suck your cock, Sean?" she asked, still pulling on her nipples. Sean looked up at her in surprise, pulling his eyes away from her tits with some effort. It was obvious from his reaction that he'd never been asked that question before, and it surprised him so much that all he could do was nod. Lorna giggled at his reaction, releasing her huge tits as she dropped down to her knees in between his outspread thighs. She reached up and stroked the outline of his shaft with the palm of her hand, loving the feel of the hard, thick shaft beneath her palm. She looked up at him and gave him that cheery smile again as she slid her hand up and down his shaft, giving it a squeeze as she spoke again.

"I just love the feeling of a nice, hard cock in my hand," she said in a low, sultry voice, looking up at Sean as she spoke. She reached up and rubbed his balls with the other hand, making Sean moan and push his hips upward a bit. Lorna rubbed his shaft and balls through his shorts for a few moments more, then reached for the waistband of the shorts and slid her fingers beneath it.

"Now let's see this wonderful cock of yours, shall we?" she said, lifting the waistband up so it wouldn't snag on his erect cock and then pulling it down and over his cock, all the way past his balls. She smiled bigger as she saw his hard, throbbing cock and smooth, shaven balls for the first time, and she cooed as she slid her fingers around the warm, hard shaft and squeezed.

"Oooo, what a nice, hard cock you have, Sean!" she said, looking up at him for a moment before dropping her eyes back down to his shaft. "Just the perfect size, too - not too big and not too small. I should be able to get this in my mouth and in my pussy with no problem!" she said, pumping his cock slowly with her fingers wrapped firmly around it. She held it straight up as she pumped, her eyes roaming over the length of his hard shaft, and Sean moaned softly. She could feel his cock throbbing in her hand as the blood pumped through it, and she was pleasantly surprised when the first big, clear drop of precum appeared at the tip. Without hesitation and without a word she pulled his cock back towards her mouth as she leaned over, sticking out her pink, wet tongue and licking the precum from the head of his cock and swallowing it. She pumped his cock again and another drop appeared, and she licked that one off as well.

Sean watched in fascination as she continued to pump precum from his cock and lick it off, still amazed that this was happening to him.

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