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Wife caught in the act.

" With that Allie moaned and grunted, relaxing and pushing, her hot brown load squelching as the perv fucked her ass, the shit getting forced out of her rectal tube, squishing around the man's thick cock.

"Oh fuck, fucking look at that brown mess, it's gonna make me blow my fucking load" the perv grunted as he pulled his filthy shit-coated cock from Allie's shithole. "Get down and suck it, quick, suck my filthy dick" the perv moaned and grunted as Allie spun around, squatting on the toilet floor and opening her mouth wide for the perv to shove his filthy cock into. "Arrgggghhh, fuck yes, here it cums!!" he moaned, his cock erupting with spurts of thick cocksnot into the moms shitty mouth. Allie kept her mouth open, the thick cum mixing with the slimy shit in her mouth, slowly drooling down her face. "Fuck that was good, now let's see you dump the rest of your filthy mommy load you dirtslut" the perv continued, making Allie again spread her legs and bend over the toilet. She spread her white ass wide open, the slimy shit already smeared heavily around her asshole. One hand against the wall, her other hand furiously rubbing her cunt, Allie pushed her load out, the shit snaking from her asshole and falling part on the floor, part into the bowl. "Fuck hun, you were fully loaded huh?" the man said admiringly, watching the 37yo mom shit herself.

The perv was jacking his slimy fat cock, watching Allie shitting herself. "Now slut, shove your ass back more, open yourself wider and bend over and lick your shit off the bowl" the man said, Allie's filthy ass spread obscenely wide, her shithole bulging, as the perv jacked his cock harder and watched the housewife lick her own brown mess. "That's it slut, keep licking that shit, yess, yess, look at your filthy housewife ass you dirty filthy slut...ohh fuck yesssss" he grunted again as he shot another load of cum, Allie thrashing her cunt and coming on her fingers soon after. "Fucking thank you slut, you are a filthy piece of ass, you know how to find me if you ever want to do this again" the perv said, zipping up and walking out as Allie wiped as much shit off her ass as she could, flipped her dress down, picked up the envelope and walked out of the toilet block to her SUV, putting some newspaper on the seat so she didn't make a mess of the leather seats.

Allie drove home, driving into the garage and closing the door behind her. As she got out of the SUV she noticed some movement at the side of the house...oh god, she thought, probably one of those college boy peekers, oh well, he'll get a good eyeful now, as she squirmed into her big bathroom and stripped for the shower, her ass filthy with shit still. Allie quite enjoyed the college boy peekers, they were so keen on her wide mommy ass, so different to the hardbody college girls she'd see at the mall. And of course, a few of the rich college boys didn't mind paying Allie for some favours from time to time, favours she was happy to oblige them with!

She washed well, all the time knowing the boy was probably peeking at her through the slightly open bathroom louvre windows.

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