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Jim continues humiliating Jenny.

"Hey Carmen!!"

The two engaged in a conversation through the window in Spanish. They were talking a little loud because she was screaming down from the third floor to the streets to talk to her friend. I became distracted and looked up. And couldn't believe what I saw!

Esmeralda had leaned out the window so far; she had half her body hanging out the window. The summer dress she was wearing had risen up over her buttocks. At this point I couldn't help but enjoy the show. I couldn't write anything else after seeing this.

Esmeralda was so involved in her conversation; she was oblivious to what was going on inside the office. My eyes beamed in on her ass, and were riveted there. I wanted to get a closer look, so I quietly walked up behind her, got down on one knee to get a closer look. She was wearing a white cotton thong that fit her to perfection. The white cotton seat was lined perfectly with the crease of her pussy, the thin strap of her thong disappeared between her buttocks.

I stood there for a few seconds before I decided to make a bold move, and planted a soft kiss on her left buttock! I pulled back for a second. I wasn't sure how she would react, but to my surprise she kept talking to her friend as if I didn't do anything at all! I was wondering if she even felt it or even noticed at all if I was there.

This time I took a soft bite on the right side of her ass, and Esmeralda let out a loud laugh, without missing a beat! She kept her conversation going with Carmen. After this, I was sure that she knew I was behind her, so I stuck my tongue out lined it with the crease her pussy made through her thong,and slowly moved it upward toward her ass.I was getting ready to do it again, when all of a sudden.I felt a firm grip on my wrist! I looked over and I noticed Esmeralda it was she who had taken this death grip on my wrist.

She had completely pulled back from the window. She was holding my wrist tightly, her eyes were shut tight and her bottom lip was quivering. She finally composed herself, gave me this mean look and said.

"What are ju doing! Are ju crazy?!! Somebody see us!! Don't do dis!!"

I didn't know what was going to happen next, if she was going to throw me out, or call the police. I looked at her, and told her.

"Look. I'm sorry but you had your ass out for the word to see! But if you don't want to finish this deal, Ill understand."

Esmeralda left my arm and walked out of the room and into another part of the office before I could say anything else; she was horny as hell, I just didn't know it yet. She stood there for a minute thinking about what just happened, and stuck her head through the door and demanded.

"Ju come in here!"

I followed her to this other room, it was a lounge lined with couches. She stood in the center of the room. I walked up to her, she put her arms around my neck, and gave me a long passionate kiss!

We paused for a second with locked eyes, then we kissed again. While we were kissing, I put my hands on her ass and slowly raised the summer dress. Esmeralda raised her hands over her head, so the dress could come off with ease. We continued to kiss. I was taller than her so she had to stand on her toes. The kissing became awkward after a period of time, so she pushed me to the couch. She then climbed on top of me. I unsnapped her bra, and with me raising my torso to help her, she pulled my shirt over my head. In one smooth but quick move she unbuckled my pants and started to pull them down. I kicked them off in an awkward fashion. We just stood there admiring each other's bodies for a minute.

Her nipples were stiff and pointed out like two Hershey's Kisses.

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