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When orcs capture an elf princess things get rough.

I want you to have the time of your life with me so you'll return."

I looked at Tommie incredulously then responded, "You are kidding right? I never want to leave and have to thank you for kidnapping me. I feel like an idiot now. You are the most amazing lover I have ever had hands down. I promise you that I will come to you whenever you desire to fuck me. I just want more and more, again and again, forever." I began laughing as I drank down the rest of my water and shook the bottle at him.

"So I can loosen you from the restraints? I mean you won't try to escape will you? I often dream of having you to myself." Tommie said lowering his voice as if he sounded stupid.

He reached inside a small refrigerator and removed another twenty ounce water bottle and handed it to me as I began laughing again. I said, "I am not running anywhere on my wobbly exhausted legs baby. You made me cum so hard and intense my body cannot walk. Besides do I look stupid to you? I found the discovery of my lifetime the equivalent of the discovery of fire or a new planet and I am going to run away from it? Not on your life Tommie."

He began laughing as I began drinking down the water and he began loosening my bonds. I felt stupid but I no longer cared. I knew what I was thinking and normally I kept quiet but let's face it this kid fucked me like a champion stud. He was more amazing than any lover in the universe I do believe.

Well one exception, is the fantasy man Alejandro, who comes in the shadows to every young girl at night. That story I thought was fake when I first ever heard it but I concentrated hard on him one night. The shadow lover came and he was the bomb. I thought I imagined him but I found out every touch was real. I had bite marks between my thighs and hand prints on my ass where he spanked me deliciously. He made me have seven orgasms throughout the night but left before daybreak. I was satisfied for weeks after that. I was floating.

True to form my abductor, the young restless Tommie, was not through with me. He told me to get on my knees and give him a great blow job. I crawled over between his open thighs remembering he was my captor. I held his cock only about an inch away from my awaiting mouth. I felt his member pulsing like a heart beat in my hand then I realized it was him throbbing from the anticipation of my first lick. I could smell the acrid sweat from his balls. I could see the beauty of his throbbing helmet and veined shaft of his circumcised member. I witnessed the dripping eyelet of his penis hole as it seeped looking thick as honey in a tear drop form.

I, making eye contact with my abductor, decide to purposely stall and make him desire my sexy mouth. Feeling his cock twitch and throb I blew hot breath on his glands moving forward to kiss his inner thigh teasingly. I sucked his hairy flesh using my hot little mouth as if I were punishing him on purpose for taking me. It was my only payback to him at this moment. I was thinking in my brain, "Yes he waits while I play now."

I felt his huge member throbbing as I continued strategically placing small soft kisses to both his thighs and moving his cock from side to side of my head. The only touch his cock had was from my hand and it was only minor compared to how I meant to please him. I wanted him to desire me and beg for my mouth to suck him or force his hand to make me. Suddenly I became aware of what a true Dominant male was as I felt his hand reach down as if to pet me but I felt my hair being wrapped into his fist as he rudely yanked me hard on the ground of the barn scraping my knees.

Tommie's voice was not raised but in an almost too calm a voice said, "Cunt if you knew what was best for you right now, it isn't to play games. You better act like my cock is God's life giving bread and you're Ethiopian understand?" Tommie's fist was still pulling my hair with his cock inches from my mouth.

I went forward to suck on him but he yanked me backwards like a dog on my haunches as I whimper

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