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Secretary & boss share a steamy office encounter.

e shrugged her shoulders replacing the receiver on its cradle as the intercom paged her to exam room 3 and STAT!

Rachel pampered herself, taking a leisurely bubble bath, then did her nails, both hands and feet, then dried her long red hair and was applying her make-up when the telephone rang, interrupting her.
Reaching over, lifting the receiver, it connected before she was able to view the displayed telephone number.

"Hello?" Rachel answered hesitantly.

"Hi Honey, it's Mom. They have everything under control here, so I'll be home within the hour. See you soon!" She announced with a spring in her voice.

Before Rachel could respond her mother had hung up.

Nervously, Rachel peeked her head out of the bathroom into her bedroom checking the clock on the wall. It was already two PM!

Oh well, she thought as she finished applying her make-up. So I stood the guy up. No big deal. It's not like he knows who I am.

Dianne glanced down to her wristwatch as she neared the Marina.

" 2:10 PM... I have time to ready the boat before picking up Rachel." She said out loud pulling off the main highway.

There was still plenty of time to take a nice cruise before sunset. How she enjoyed this daylight savings time!

A warmth washed over her when she spotted the My Girl, Rachel, moored along Pier 7 as she parked Rachel's BMW.

Tears began welling in Diane's eyes as she walked towards the dock. She had not been on their boat since before her husband died.
How she wished she could magically turn back the clock and spend those outings now with Jonathan and their daughter.

Walking down the gangplank Dianne's heel caught on a raised board. She screamed out, finding herself being catapulted forward.

"Gotcha." A deep voice sounded as strong arms caught her, breaking her fall.

In a hoarse whisper Dianne thanked him while trying to get her footing but the man tightened his grip on her lifting her off the ground, turning and continuing down the wobbling planks.

"What are you doing?" She demanded while struggling to get free. "Put me down."

The silent stranger only tightened his grip on her.

Dianne's eyes shot from side to side in terror. There was no one else in sight.
Who is this guy and what is he doing?
Her heart was pounding, her pulse racing as morbid thoughts flashed through her mind like a bad movie.
Working long hours in the Emergency room she had treated un-imaginable injuries resulting from muggings and rapes.
They were just ordinary everyday people, crime statistics... until now.

Suddenly a clothed hand was covering her nose and mouth as if anticipating her impending screams for help.
The numbing smell was all too familiar as she held her breath as long as possible before gasping for air.
Dianne felt lightheaded as her lights began to dim.

When she regained consciousness she was disoriented, below deck, lying naked on her own bed in a pool of bodily fluids.
Her head was throbbing from the chloroform and she felt sick to her stomach.

Looking down to her wrist for the time she discovered her treasured watch, the one Jonathan had so thoughtfully engraved and given to her as a Med school graduation gift, was gone.
How she longed for Jonathan's comforting embrace and support right now.

Pulling herself to her feet she staggered into the bathroom to use the telephone there.
Still in a hazy blur, she didn't know who to dial first; the police, her daughter, the hospital?
While trying to decide her fingers automatically pressed 9 1 1.

After taking the particulars from Dianne, the operator instructed her to stay on the line until the officers arrived. They were on their way.

Dianne fumbled for the robe hanging on the back of the bathroom door, pulling it from the hook she covered her trembling flesh, plunking down onto the closed toilet seat as body fluids continued to seep from her abused orifices.
Now she understood first hand why so many women showered before reporting their attacks, as she wanted so desperately to do the same! But she knew the routine.

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