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The introduction to the club’s best Dom; and a big step.

An 18year old virgin, looking very similar to her Mother. Francesca was wearing a white trousers suit. She smiled shyly at the both of us..

"Hi Francesca, lovely to see you, this is Jessica your new adopted sister," said Adele.

"Well hi there sissy Jessica, brought my old school uniform with me, for you to wear," said Francesca, picking her nose.

"I hope your Father has packed his bags, don't want him around when I take Jessica home," said Adele.

Francesca nodded her head, then she laid out on the office desk her school uniform. My mouth watered over the sight of navy, blue, cotton panties, bra, long, navy, blue socks, royal, blue, pleated skirt, with matching blazer. Francesca's white, school blouse gave me an enormous erection. Adele wanted me to have a pretty girls hairstyle. She showed me a picture of Joanne Harper, who worked at our office. Joanne was a pretty girl of 19. She had short ,blonde, sexy hair. Adele produced a wig and glued it firmly over my head. Francesca laughed as she kissed me on the lips. I felt like a born again flirty teenager.

Adele made me stand up in front of her. Then she sprayed her expensive perfume over my body. I was soon smelling beautiful. Francesca was shaving my legs., as her mother applied her makeup to my face. I stood in front of a mirror and watched Adele paint up my face. I winced as she plucked my eyebrows. My blue eye shadow was already on. Then followed my mascara and blusher. Finally Adele applied her red lipstick to my lips. Francesca helped me on with my school uniform. Francesca's panties were a bit tight on me, but I didn't care. My toe and finger nails were painted pink. Adele was delighted in her new slut of a daughter. I was Jessica Howells and I was dressed to kill.

"Well Jessica Howells, what a pretty Olchfa Schoolgirl you really are," giggled Adele.

"Thank you Mummy Adele, I do love you Mummy Adele," I said in a quiet voice.

"I think the girls are arriving," said Francesca.

"Oh good, this is where your humiliation really takes off Jessica," teased Adele.

So from a man in his forties, I was now an 18 year old pretty, young lady. My mother was gorgeous Adele Howells and Francesca was my new sister. Lucky old me. Adele advised that I picked my nose on the way out to meet my new friends. According to Adele all schoolgirls enjoyed picking their noses. Adele held my hand tightly. I was the new centre of attraction. There were giggles and gasps, as I was paraded around the office floor.

I started to blush, because I worked with these women in real life. Joanna Curle, a plump women aged 37 recognised me straight away. Joanna's hysterical laugh filled the office. Joanna looked so inviting in her white blouse and long denim skirt. Her kinky, black booties made me go hard inside my panties. Joanna took out a white, paper hanky. She blew her nose hard in it. I could hear Sue Lewis laughing in the background.. Joanna held out her snotty hanky. Adele pushed me onto Joanna's lap.

"Lovely noise isn't it, as my snot travels down through my nose," said Joanna.

"Yes Joanna, what a cute nose you have and that hanky is so snotty," I replied.

"Share my hanky with me Jessica," said Joanna in a kinky voice.

Everyone watched my reactions to this kinky request. I kissed the tip of Joanna's nose. This turned Joanna into a quivering love machine. Joanna rubbed her snotty hanky over my mouth. I didn't flinch, as her green snot stuck to my lips. Adele gave me a proud look as I licked my snotty lips. Joanna blew her nose again. I was now getting sexually aroused.. I could see out of the corner of my eye Christine Wells wiping a tear away from her eye. Christine was a sexy 59 year old women with lovely brown hair. Joanna's small, paper hanky was now caked with green snot. I put my mouth to her hand, taking her hanky in my mouth. Joanna laughed as I chewed her hanky, sucking the snot from it. Joanna gave me a big, wet, smoochy kiss. We were both so much in love .

Sue Lewis was 45 years old.

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