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Life after the honeymoon for the Chastity belted husband

That clues me in that she has gotten all cleaned up for this meeting, and I wonder if she has shaved her legs, or shaved her pussy, or if her hair is tied back, but I have to stop my mind from racing, or else we are going to really have trouble getting through a massage.

"So April, can I offer you something to drink?"

"Well, I am not really thirsty, but I do want to discuss this massage."

"OK, so you want to get right down to business."

"So lets talk then, what is it that you want to talk about what is it that you are looking to have massaged?" Is my response back to her with a relaxed tone to my voice, and a warm smile.

"Well, as you heard at dinner, my feet are killing me, so I definitely want a foot rub, but do you give other massages?"

I almost stumble to the floor, even though I was standing still, at this question, because I wasn't really thinking about other types of massages, but on the fly, I responded:

"At this time, I don't give other massages; I only give the foot massages, because of time constraints and a need to ensure that I stay as close to professional as possible."

"How much you charge, asked April"

"Well, its $150, and you can make yourself as comfortable as you like during the massage." I responded.

"Well then let's get started." April happily says as she stretches out on the couch, and throws her feet on my lap.

One Thing about being a lover of feet, and being a foot massager, I must have a woman who takes care of her feet, meaning that they will be soft to the touch, and not smell bad.

This was April to a T, and she had little toes, and sensitive feet, so it took a little time for her to get comfortable with me touching her feet, but you could tell that she put lotion on her feet, and you could tell that she had her feet taken care of at least every two weeks.

My hands shook with anticipation as I began rubbing her arches, and she moaned with pleasure, and slowly but surely, my dick began to rise almost painfully slow, and it was like a quarter of an inch at a time.

I rubbed through her toes, and rubbed over her heals, first on her left foot, then on her right foot.

The key to setting the mood was having the room ready before she showed up, and I did this by lighting candles around the room, with a vanilla scent, just to help to give that aroma of relaxation which I wanted to make sure to set.

As the massage began to get longer, her legs began to relax, and I could feel that her legs were starting to spread, so I stepped up the massage, and decided to put on a little music, as we got more comfortable with each other.

I began to rub her calves and felt her tension melt away, but as her tension melted, so did her inhibitions.

Before I realized it, she had unbuttoned her pants, and she was getting more comfortable, and she had also begun to show more cleavage as well.

The heel of her foot was firmly planted in my lap, and she began to massage my cock, and there was no hiding my erection, or my impending orgasm, and I guess it was the knowing that she was going to be bringing me off with no hands, that made her go for broke, because the next thing I heard was the zipper on her pants, and the buttons on her shirt.

There were moans coming from her lips, as I continued to massage her feet and legs, and I worked my way to her thighs, but I had to change the tide, so I took her left foot, and began nibbling on her toes and her arch.

This made her buckle, and from the sounds of it, she was plunging her finger deeper into her pussy and flicking her finger over her clit as well.

I continued to suck one of her toes, and this was such an erotic scene, that my cock sprang fully to life, and it pointed directly at her, and she moaned out loud, and in orgasmic bliss, she tells me how much she wants me.

My cock is leaking all over my shorts at this point, butt there is nothing I can do, because the feeling of her bare foot rubbing my cock is

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