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A fight between college roomies end up in steamy submission.

" We sit on the park bench and exchange pleasant stories of our long lost childhoods for what seemed to be like hours, while dark and menacing storm clouds begins to blanket the sky.

I gradually gather my things up to attempt to avoid the impending rainstorm, but it had appeared my boss had other plans in mind. She had challenged me to come with her and play at the playground to "relive" and maybe make some more "childhood memories."

Without a second thought, I cry out, "Last one on the corkscrew slide is a rotten egg!" as I franticly bolt toward the now deserted playground. She cries out, "No fair!" as she chases closely behind.

We frolic like children as we attempt to "touch the sky" as we swing higher and higher on the swings, slide down on the slide on our rears and stomachs and spin ourselves dizzy on the circular wheel.

Time fleets by quickly as we totally forget about the impending storm, at least until raindrops begin to pelt against our skins. I look to the sky and then look to her as if to say, "We better get going" but between the determined look on her face and the way she said, "No, I'm having too much fun!" reignited my sense of adventure.

We continue to romp around the playground, attempting to play as many childhood games as we could remember as the rain became gradually steadier and eventually totally soaking us from head to toe. We finally decide to take temporary shelter in the jungle gym, at least until the rain eased up and to dry off a bit. We could not stop laughing as we recount some of the fun things we did before we got all soaking wet from the rain.

As our laughter gradually subsided, our gazes meet and I could still see a spark of innocence embedded in a yearning for passionate desire. I gently brush back the hair that innocently clung to her cheek with my fingers and lovingly gaze into her eyes.

I slowly lean over to her and begin tenderly kissing her soft, delicate lips while gently wrapping my strong yet affectionate arms around her. She begins to caress her hands all over my back as our tender kisses become more passionate.

She giggles as I softly whisper seductive words into her ear and then moans while passionately kissing her soft, supple skin as I advance down her neck and across her shoulders. The thought of making passionate love in such an open space only heightens our arousal.

She lies down as I begin sensuously kissing all over her chest while gradually moving closer to each budding nipple that slightly protrudes through her rain soaked tank top

She softly whimpers and bites her lower lip as I gently caress my lips and the tip of my tongue over her tender nipples while gently nibbling with my teeth through her tank top.

I softly moan as my hands gradually move up her sides, gently removing her drenched tank top, and gaze upon her fully developed breasts. She closes her eyes and softly combs her fingers through my hair as I begin fondling her soft, pliant breasts and slowly running my tongue up and down in between them while rubbing her delicate nipples with my fingertips.

Her breathing deepens as my tongue slowly meanders underneath, up the outside and gradually back down to each ripening nipple. After reaching each nipple, I forcefully lick around the areola, flick the tips with the tip of my tongue, and then suckle as if upon a drinking straw while rolling them around inside my mouth with my tongue. I gently tug on the tips with my teeth as I slowly withdraw, while cupping her breasts completely into my strong yet affectionate hands.

Her body squirms as my hands caress up and down her sides while attempting to sensually kiss and lick every inch of her soft, supple skin as I slowly advance down her torso, briefly pausing to lick around and flick the tip of my tongue inside her navel.

Moving lower, I unbutton her shorts, slowly unzip the zipper with my teeth as I remove them, and gradually lick up her inner thighs as my hands slowly caress her legs up and down.

As I reach her groin, the sweet aroma of her wom

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