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Kirsten and Alice head in different directions.

Adrianne inhaled sharply at the unexpected pain, but again felt a thrill of excitement at the unexpected sensation.

Adrianne was encircled by the taller woman's arms. She craned her neck up and tried to kiss Phaidra herself; she was met with another enthusiastic caress of soft lips on hers. Adrianne pulled back this time and felt her skirt fall to the ground. She felt a hand firmly grip her ass; Phaidra stroked her across her cheeks. She made round circles with her hands and, occasionally, a finger would slide under her panties and rub her bare skin.

Phaidra stopped rubbing and forcefully spun Adrianne around; she overbalanced slightly and steadied herself by planting both hands down on the bed. Phaidra leaned over the top of her, and for a moment Adrianne thought she was going to get it from behind. However, she felt fingers searching up her ass and along the hem of her blouse. She felt it being tugged upward; she stood up straight and held her arms high as the garment was pulled over her head.

Adrianne stood half naked in the dimly lit room, wearing only her mismatched white bra and black panties. When the day had started, she was still uncertain as to whether she wanted to go to Phaidra's or not, but had prepared for it nonetheless by wearing her best underwear. Unfortunately for Adrianne, her best bra was a white push-up that gave her a noticeable cleavage, and her best panties were a black lacy number. She suddenly grew insecure about their lack of mutual functioning, wishing that she'd worn pantyhose instead.

Phaidra reached for the clasp on Adrianne's bra and unfastened it. Adrianne turned back to face the assertive woman, cupping the bra while Phaidra pulled its straps off. The garment fell to the floor; Adrianne instinctively covered herself with her hands but Phaidra pulled her hands away. Adrianne fidgeted uneasily as she was looked up and down.

"You've got a gorgeous body, you know that?" Phaidra purred. "Perfectly shaped."

Adrianne blushed with embarrassment.

"I don't! My skin's all pale, and my boobs are different sizes, and I... " Adrianne began to stammer. Phaidra put a finger up to her lips, silencing her.

"We're going to take all that nervous, insecure energy of yours and put it to better use," Phaidra said.

Adrianne looked at her with confusion. "Just what do you...?"

Phaidra walked over to the small table next to the bed and opened the drawer. She pulled out a black satin piece of fabric. She swaggered back towards Adrianne, hips swaying from side to side.

Adrianne watched with piqued interest as Phaidra unfurled the fabric; it appeared to be nothing else than a long, thin, rectangular cloth. Phaidra held it up in front of Adrianne's face, smiling, and it suddenly dawned on her what Phaidra planned.

"You want me blindfolded?" Adrianne asked nervously.

Phaidra smiled even more broadly and began to wrap the cloth around Adrianne's face. She found herself in complete darkness and shivered involuntarily despite the slight warmth of the bedroom air. The satin felt smooth and cool on her face, and she reached up to stroke the fabric with her fingers. A voice broke the sightless silence.

"Did you know that when a human being loses one of their senses, the others become more sensitive in order to improve their chances of survival?"

Phaidra's voice had a low, husky quality. It wasn't breathy or shaky; it sounded calm, confident, deliberate. Adrianne felt the blindfold tighten around her eyes, and then the other woman's warmth seemed to slip away.

"This would normally take months to take effect. The brain needs some time to fully adapt to having lesser input."

The voice now came from the opposite side of the room. Adrianne hadn't heard footsteps or felt Phaidra's movement through the air - despite her tall stature, she could be very svelte when she wanted to. She concentrated and could just make out the opening and closing of another drawer.

Phaidra spoke again - "In the right conditions, however, and the right combination of sensations, we can

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