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Tia faces a change of heart.

We tell them that we were pleased at them today.

They then both hand each of us a little wrapped box. We thank them and open the boxes to find each a bottle of Givenchy, Live Irresistible perfume. I nice gift and we thank them again. They then asked permission to kiss our hands and we gracefully extend them and say. "Yes you may." Once done we see them out. Get ready to close up shop and will head for my home. We will get home and kick off our heels and soon be in our lingerie and cook a nice dinner together, sit and enjoy our cooking with a bottle of nice wine. Later just lounge and enjoy our company as we watch t.v. :-)


[Prefix: The story will progress by another month, the personal and business relationship between Chantel and Kerri is developing well, respected, fun and loving as two engaged t-girl lovers and new best friends will have. So please keep in mind they have known each other near three months now and engaged over one month as per where the next chapter will pick up. I hope you continue to enjoy not only a story of sexy t-girl dominatrixes but as you are reading, love and its journey between Chantel and Kerri.

When I began writing this story series I did not see a love story running in the plot of sexy, transvestite dominatrix and her power over her mostly male clients. As I write it now, I have become myself enamored at the relationship I'm creating and flowing with between Chantel and Kerri along with all the sub players. In fact as crossdresser myself, I have found that their building and exciting relationship is one that I feel a love of myself :-) ]

Chapter Thirteen: More Fun, Chantel and Kerri set a Date and We have a Party

"Hey Hun, lets invite our friends over for a nice Saturday night party and tell all that we have set a wedding date." I say.

Kerri walks over to me from behind half dressed with her black bra, forms and padded panty on and a black leather pencil style mini-skirt over a pair of black sheer pantyhose, puts her hands around my waist from behind, pecks my neck and rests her head on my right shoulder, says, "Mmm sound fun babe, set it up for this Saturday and have a little party."

I say, "Well we will message the gang of friends and say oh about 7:00pm Saturday night."

Kerri says, "Ok dear."

We both finish for another sexy day at our Adult studio...

[Saturday Night]

We rush home from our Saturday at our studio, scrambling into my place, kicking off our heels and getting out of our dominatrix wear. All the while we can't help keeping our hands off each other as we strip down to our bras, panties, garters and stockings. It's 5:30pm. and we soon both are now, stripping off all to be taking a hot bubble bath together while still en femme with our makeup and wigs. I am soon resting in back and Kerri sits in front of me between my legs. My cock is rock hard as I sense her still very feminine appearance. I kiss her on her neck and she lays back resting on my left side breast.

Kerri's cock is rock hard and at attention. I say, "Mmm babe the sight of your dick like that turns me on." as I kiss her on the right side of her neck.

Kerri sexily giggles and says, "Maybe you will need to do something about it babe."

I am sexually aroused, and say, "Maybe I should, trade places with me hun."

Kerri now sits in back and I move in front facing her on my knees, our wigs are getting a bit wet and sexy looking as a result. I then take my right hand and begin to play with Kerri's stiff 6 odd inch cock. Soon I look at her eyes and tell her as I toss my slightly wet brunette and auburn hi-lighted hair back and say, "I'm going to suck you off babe and I want to taste you, every drop of your jizz I can get from your stiff dick."

Kerri moans and says, "Oh babe please do it, suck me off Hun."

I then open my mouth and slip Kerri's dick in my hot and ready mouth.

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