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Dr. Brown requires Dawn's after-class participation.

. She would probably benefit from it, after eating those beautiful Italian dishes.

They walked the length of the main street and were just about to turn around to walk back when they were drenched with a shower of rain. It seemed to come from nowhere. They looked for a cab but at that time of night it seemed that no-one was out and about. They decided that since they were already wet through they may as well run back to the Motel.

When they arrived back, Jonah opened his door and as he had a suite, he also had a fireplace. The owners had set the fire so Jonah immediately started it and called Lisa over to warm up. She shivered as she came round to the fireplace.

"I think you should get out of those wet things and have a shower before you come down with pneumonia," he told her.

"I can go to my room and do that," Lisa replied.

"Ah but you would not have the benefit of a lovely warm fire there, would you?" retorted Jonah. There is a robe behind the bathroom door that you can use, and if you throw your wet things out I can drape them round so they wont get too crumpled and you can take them back to your own room later."

Lily could hear the fire crackling as she stepped from the bathroom. Jonah had changed clothes and was now wearing tight black denim jeans. She could smell his aftershave, a real musky aroma. She belted the robe as firmly as she could, but she actually felt that she swam in it. It was way too big for her tiny frame.

After taking her fill of him, she turned and exited into the lounge room and stretched out on the sofa.

"I am so tired, that I think my brain has stopped working, I feel as though I am working on automatic."

"The brandy is on the coffee table, why don't you curl up for a bit while I organize something to drink, like a nice hot coffee or tea if you prefer."

" Coffee will be fine, thanks," she replied.

Lisa curled up with her legs tucked beneath the robe and her head tucked into her chest. She gazed at the fire and thought how lucky she was when Jonah had come along and picked her up. She didn't last long though. Within about 5 minutes she had fallen asleep.

Jonah came from the kitchette area and looked down at her. He bent and ran his fingers along the smooth surface of her cheek and jaw line. He then just sat in the armchair opposite and watched her. She looked so angelic when asleep. He felt his heart miss a couple of beats and then begin to thump rather rapidly. He was totally engrossed with this lady. She had been getting to him more and more over a matter of a few hours, but he didn't know how to handle the situation.

After watching her for about an hour, Jonah realized that she couldn't be too comfortable on the sofa. He bent down and picked her up softly and carried her into the bedroom and lay her on the bed. He pulled the comforter over her and made sure that she was covered. He left the light on in case she woke and wondered where she was. He returned to the Lounge room and tried to settle on the sofa himself. Of course, it was no use.

Jonah was about 6'2" and about 190lbs so the sofa wasn't too comfortable for him. He got up and looked in on Lisa again, and seeing that she was still sound asleep, decided that he could just lie down on the other side of the bed and at least get some sleep. He changed from his jeans to just the bottom of his pj's and slipped into the bed.

He woke up about 5am and found Lisa curled into his side with her arm thrown across his chest and her leg across his thigh. As always, first thing in the mornings, he had a boner. He couldn't work out how he was going to extricate himself from her. He tried to slide under her arm and leg but she only moved closer which didn't do too much for his situation. He lifted her arm and moved it to her side and then leant down and moved her leg so that it was lying beside him and not over him.

As he did this he noticed that her robe had fallen open and he was witnessing a show of one bare

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