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A tale of Sex. Incest, Insanity, and Revenge.

Looking up I see a proud smile on my slave's face.

"Well done, slut you have pleased your mistress," Haley said once her orgasm had subsided.

"Thank you mistress," Kelly responded proudly.

Haley took a moment to catch her breath then told her slave to fetch two large bottles of water and to put on her bra and panties again, and be ready for her "punishment."

Kelly again faced mixed emotions, proud that she had pleased her mistress, but now she was to face her punishment for the earlier disobediences.

Haley ordered her to drink one of the bottles of water while she drank the other, and after downing two litres of water each, Kelly in only her light grey cotton pants and bra turned to face her mistress, ready for her punishment. "Bend over my lap, bitch."

"Yes, mistress."

Haley sat on the edge of the bed with her legs close together and feet firmly planted on the floor. Kelly was somewhat unsure what she meant, but attempted what she thought was correct, lying across Haley's outstretched legs with her arse in the air and her pussy and breasts pressed against either side of Haley's legs.

"Bring your arse up higher, slut."

"Yes mistress." As Haley firmly rubbed Kelly's arse, eyeing her target. Kelly now realised what her punishment would be: a spanking. Her worry increased but so did her sexual excitement, her nipples and clitoris became harder, pressing against Haley's soft flesh. Haley noticed Kelly's pussy getting wetter as a damp patch spread in her pants, and thought she would encourage this by giving it a quick rub. Kelly responded by letting out a quite moan, and her mistress was pleased to see that her slave was going to enjoy her spanking.

"After each stroke of your spanking, I want you to thank your mistress and ask for another. Understood whore?"

"Yes, mistress," Kelly responded meekly. Then without warning she felt Haley's hand come crashing down on her backside. Kelly felt a hot, stinging sensation across her bum. It hurt, albeit not as much as she had feared; somehow the pain coupled with her own sexual excitement gave her a sudden rush of pleasure. She quickly remembered her orders: "Thank you mistress, may I have another?"

Haley was thrilled to see her slave performing so well, and also noticed the growing patch of pussy juice in Kelly's panties. She aimed her next blow slightly lower so that half her hand hit Kelly's pussy. As it connected, Haley noticed Kelly's body shudder with the force of the blow. Although she herself was not receiving any direct sexual stimulation, Haley found her cunt was again wettening, soaking the already damp sheets. She grabbed a lock of Kelly's hair and pulled back hard, forcing her slave's head upwards.

"Thank you mistress, may I have another?" Kelly pleaded, practically in the ear of her mistress. She noticed how this blow had hit her pussy and found it to be even more exciting then the first, and as she asked for her next blow she felt a growing sense of anticipated pleasure.

"You enjoyed that didn't you, slut? You really are a dirty little fucking lesbian whore!" Haley hissed as she continued to administer the punishment, each time she did her blows being met by the call of "Thank you mistress, may I have another?"

After the 20th blow, Haley stopped, realising that if she continued for much longer, Kelly would cum there in her lap, and she did not want that just yet.

She now took a moment to admire her handiwork: Kelly was covered in sweat that had seeped into her bra, and her panties were soaking wet with the discharge from her pussy. Haley then pulled down Kelly's panties to reveal a bum covered in pussy juice and sweat, and an even better sight: the white skin of Kelly's backside had turned a vibrant shade of red, and as Haley stared down she could just make out hand shaped markings. "Get up slave!"

Kelly rolled off Haley's lap and slowly stood up on unsteady feet, pulling up her panties.

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