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Daddy begins teaching Angel about pleasure.

"Hey, you wanna go to the movies?"

"Um," Manny tried to move his head too fast, and it began to swim so he closed his eyes, "Sure."

"Great, I know just the place."


Kristy drove him to the heart of downtown, where the streets narrowed and lights reflected strangely onto the car windows. Manny was essentially a suburban boy, and had only ventured down here for a few rock concerts, as well as last year's New Year's Eve.

She nudged the car into a spot under a fire escape, beside a dumpster on one side and an entrance to an alleyway on the other. A few steps away and they were on the sidewalk of a main thoroughfare. Walking down the street, Manny's arm around Kristy's waist, drawing her close, he felt the eyes of passers-by, and not just men, check Kristy out, and especially try to catch a moment when her stride might kick her skirt up higher than normal.

"Down here," she indicated stairs in front of a building that brought them below sidewalk level, to a door that was marked with faded, scratched signs, all in Chinese. Manny had to push heavily against the door, but finally it opened, and behind it was a stale-smelling foyer with a dark red carpet, and an old oriental woman sitting behind a counter off to the side.

Kristy pulled a few bills out of one of her boots and handed them to the woman who sat there stone-faced, staring straight ahead. She pulled Manny to the doors at the other side of the small room, padded doors that could swing inward or outward on gold hinges, and had small diamond-shaped windows at eye-level that flickered with light from the room beyond.

Manny's buzz had settled into a pleasant level, and he was trying to make out some of signs that were posted here in the room, as they seemed to be in English, though in illegible handwriting on crumpled paper. Finally, he mumbled, "Oh, alright," and went along with Kristy's tug.

Past the doors they found a movie theatre. It was small and cramped into this bunker-like basement, but a theatre all the same. There were about a dozen rows of seats, separated by two walkways, with the centre section having about ten seats across, while the sections against the walls had four seats to a row. There were people in the seats, some sitting in pairs or groups but mostly the people sat alone, slouched far down and difficult to distinguish in the darkness, with most choosing the fringes of the theatre.

Cigarette smoke drifted through the beam of light that travelled from the projector, which was displaying two men and two women, all naked, in a living room which looked vaguely European. One man was sitting on a couch, getting sucked off by a woman on her knees in front of him, while he watched the other woman lying on her back on the coffee table, the other man thrusting his cock into her pussy. Their grunts played over the speakers in the walls, along with a plastic melody.

Kristy guided Manny to the 3rd row from the front, sitting right in the center. Almost as soon as they'd sat down, she rubbed a hand over his crotch and said, louder than necessary, "Oooh, lookit that action! Lookit 'em fuck!"

Manny felt the eyes of the anonymous theatre patrons staring at them. If simply leading Kristy into the theatre in that outfit didn't get their attention, her behaviour certainly would.

"Jesus Christ, I'm getting wet already!" She continued, much louder than the soundtrack. "You're gonna have to pull your cock out for me soon!"

Manny looked questioningly at her. He was going to say something, but looked her up and down, at her slave-collar, pendulous breasts, and platform boots and thought, who am I to save her virtue?

The two couples had changed position on the screen, now the two women were sucking each other's pussies on the carpet, while one man fucked each of them.

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