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Who needs a bed?

The women collapsed onto our heaving chests, all of us trying to remember how to breathe for a minute or two.

Eventually the ladies began to stir. Brenda smiled as she rose up on her knees, giving me a brief glimpse of the tuft of blond fur between her legs as my cock slipped free. A dribble of cum oozed down the inside of her left thigh. A moment later she joined Amy who had already dismounted and was standing in front of Nick.

"You guys wait here," Brenda ordered. "We're going to go clean up."

Nick and I sat there, just as we had at the beginning, naked except for our tee shirts, our cocks how at half-mast.

"I don't know what to say," ventured Nick.

"I don't either," I replied. "So let's not say anything just yet."

Nick and I began to pull our underwear and shorts back into place. By the time we finished, the ladies had returned and demanded a nightcap. Pinot Grigio seemed like a good idea, so I went into the kitchen to open a bottle.

Thirty minutes later, Brenda and Nick departed for home. Amy and I met in the shower and then proceeded to have the most extraordinary sex of our lives, finally falling asleep in each other's arms well after midnight.


The next morning at breakfast, Amy was more than happy to discuss recent events. Her friendship with the uninhibited Brenda had unlocked something inside her that stripped away all reluctance to engage in out-of-character sex and then talk openly about it. I was thrilled.

"Where should I start?" she asked.

"From the beginning?"

'Well, as you might guess, Brenda came up with that idea. I was horrified at first. Fucking you in front of Nick and Brenda was one thing, but fucking Nick was an entirely different matter."

"Brenda obviously persuaded you somehow," I offered.

"She had a pretty good argument. If I was willing to give Nick a blow job - and she was more than willing to give you one - you guys would have an opportunity to call a halt to everything before we went the rest of the way. Eventually, I decided that I could go through with it if you gave me permission by allowing me to continue."

"What made you think that Nick and I would go along?"

"We didn't know for sure, but we decided to go ahead with our plan. If you guys cooperated, you'd be giving consent. If either of you balked, that would have been the end of it. But you didn't, and the rest is now history."

"Yeah, but my eyes were closed. You ambushed me. I didn't exactly get a vote," I replied with a grin. "And I'll have you know that I almost stopped everything just as the blowjobs were beginning."

"Why didn't you?"

"I figured that you and Brenda swapped places for the blowjobs just to shock us and you'd trade places again when it was time to fuck. Later on it occurred to me that you might not swap and I decided to let everything go in whatever direction you and Brenda intended. I was already inside Brenda before I knew for certain what was happening. I don't know what Nick was doing."

"Just like you, he had his eyes closed. I don't think he had a clue until it was too late. Would you have stopped everything if you had known in advance?"

"I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not," I replied.

"I don't think you would have. I'll bet that just the thought of fucking that gorgeous little blonde bombshell would have tipped the scales," Amy said with a wide smile.

"Okay, so how about you and Nick. Is there anything going on there that I should be concerned about?"

"Not at all. Nick is just a friend. Brenda feels the same way about you. Nothing romantic is involved. What we did last night was a huge turn on for me but it had very little to do with Nick. Watching you and Brenda, and knowing you were watching me with Nick was what pushed me so high. I made good use of Nick's cock, just as Brenda did with yours, but it was just a tool. The intensity of my orgasm was driven almost entirely by the watching."

"Do you want to do it again?" I asked, suddenly realizing I wanted her to say yes.

"Yes I do," she answered.

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