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Niece continues her tease.

To my surprise there was a cock in her mouth and one of the guys was on his knees licking her pussy. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe that quiet, shy Carrie was doing this. Needing to compose myself, I looked off toward the door wondering if I could escape.

"I know you're nervous."

The man beside me said. "So why don't you just watch a bit and if you get excited then you can give me a tap on the shoulder."

Nodding my head, I watched in surprise as the two men beside me began kissing. Soon Mr. Massive cock was bent over sucking the other guys cock. I couldn't believe it. By now there were moans and grunts coming from all over the room. People were fucking and sucking everywhere and then there were people just sitting back watching. I had never known places like this existed.

I had never told anyone of my secret desires. Always holding them close for fear people would think I was sick. But watching this man suck off the other was totally erotic. Before I took my vow of celibacy I would often watch Bi-Sex movies and Gay porn. I enjoyed the Bi sex more. Watching a girl fuck a guy in the ass or having one cock in the girl and the other up her partner's tight ass.

For the first time in years I was in a total state of euphoria. Hearing a shuffle beside me I turned to watch Carrie lower herself onto one of her partner's cocks while the other one got ready to penetrate her ass. She was moaning and clearly enjoying herself. I couldn't take anymore. My pussy was soaking wet, and it was time I saw how receptive Mr. Big Cock was. Running my fingers over and into my pussy I lubed them up well and taking a chance I spread his cheeks and slowly inserted my finger. He stopped what he was doing long enough to turn and look at me. A smile on his face as he pushed back.

It seemed he was in to it. Soon he was moving in time to my finger and I knew he wanted more. Slowly I inserted another finger and he moaned. Before long I was ramming my fingers in and out of his ass and he was moaning louder and louder.

Now I was really excited and felt I need a little attention. Tapping him on the shoulder he turned and looked at me.

"My turn, I want you to lick my pussy NOW!"

It turned out that my new friend was submissive and that was thrill. He dropped to his knees and went to work on my pussy. Lapping up all my juice, he was good at what he did. I motioned for his friend to come closer to me as he got within reach I grabbed a hold of his cock and pulled him closer to me. Within seconds I was sucking his cock he was holding my head and pumping his cock into my mouth. I was overcome with lust. His moans were getting louder and I knew he was about to cum. As he started to cum, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and pointed it toward my pussy. Where it landed with a plop.

"Hey pussy boy, lick that up."

Without hesitation he was there licking it all up. It was so exquisite. But I need a cock inside of me and since his friend was spent and walked off, I took my new charge and pulled him up to me, and kissed him deep.

"Do you want to fuck me?"

"Oh yes mistress please may I?"

"Yes, but I want you to go slow. I'll tell you how much to put in."

"Yes mistress whatever you say."

Placing the head of his cock at my opening, I instructed him to push in just the head. He did and we both moaned. After all this time I was tight and from all that had been going on wet. I knew I wanted it all and but I made him wait. That was when I saw a man standing close by watching the action. His cock wasn't really long, it was average in length but it was thick as a baseball bat. I wanted to see it in my new lover's ass in the worst way.

"Have you ever had a cock in your ass?"

"No just fingers and a few small anal toys."

"You like anal play though right?"


"What if I said I want you to let a man fuck your ass? As your mistress you would have to allow it."

"Yes, I have to do whatever you say now. I'm you're toy to do with as you wish."

"Very good, you want to stick more of your cock inside of me."


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