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Beth has gone six months without sex, can Anna help?

She looked up into Jason's brown eyes and felt herself spinning out of control. She quickly straightened up her clothes and fled the closet, leaving a very bewildered and unsure Jason.

She dashed back to her office and managed to grab Mandy and drag her to the bathroom. Elaina would probably get angry to see that both of them were out of the office at the same time but Kelly didn't care. Once safe in the bathrooms, Kelly checked to make sure they were alone before sinking against the sink.

"Oh man girl, you look like you've just seen a ghost," Mandy said.

She had never seen her friend look like this before and she was starting to get worried. Something big must have gone down and she was eager to find out.

Kelly sighed. This was going to take some time to figure out, but she knew Mandy would be honest.

"You know Jason right?" she hesitantly asked.

"Oh shit girl, you mean the guy that you are totally in love with. Yeah I know him. Why?" she asked.

"Well it's complicated...but I've had sex with him. Twice" Kelly whispered.

Mandy could not stop the look of surprise that crossed her face. Kelly was so hard-working and hardly ever did anything risky. So this was big news.

"Girl, you did WHAT?" Mandy exclaimed.

Kelly couldn't help it. She blurted out the whole story. She passed over the juicy details but she could still feel the flush of embarrassment when she told Mandy that she thought it was a dream. She went on to tell Mandy about what had just happened in the closet.

"Holy shit girl, you are kinky as. I had no idea," Mandy laughed.

"I know." Kelly said while looking at her feet. "What am I going to do?" she asked pleadingly.

"Well first things first, we gotta get you cleaned up, because frankly you look like shit," Mandy said with a smile.

Kelly turned to look at herself in the vanity mirror. Her hair had clearly been mused and her blouse was askew. Her lips looked like they had been thoroughly kissed and she had a slightly dreamy look in her eyes. Oh shit, I really do look like crap she thought.

Mandy quickly left the bathroom and went back and grabbed Kelly's handbag. She looked over towards Jason's office and saw him pacing frantically, running his fingers through his already tousled hair. Mandy continued back to the bathrooms, managing to avoid Elaina's disapproving stare.

Kelly tensed when she heard the bathroom door open, but relaxed when she saw it was Mandy with her handbag. Thank goodness for make up she thought. She managed to fix her hair and apply some lipstick, but there was nothing she could do about the dreamy I've just been fucked look in her eyes.

After straightening up her clothes and casting one last look at the mirror, Kelly strode past Mandy with a look of confidence on her face. That last about two seconds as the ladies rounded a corner and saw Jason speaking to Elaina. When he heard them arrive back at their desks, Jason finished his conversation with Elaina before strolling past Kelly's desk.

Oh my fucking god. He just winked at me. We had sex about 20 minutes ago in a freaking closet and he's winking at me. Act calm, don't freak out. It's going to be ok. Just breathe.

Kelly managed a weak smile as she watches Jason enter his office.

"Can I have a word, Kelly," Elaina almost snarls.

"It seems that although you disrupt other staff members and take longer then acceptable lunch breaks, you have been specially requested to work closely with one of our senior managers on this new product launch. Now I understand that Jason will now be your manager, but if you fail to impress, I will be the one that looks bad. So don't stuff it up. Now pack up your desk and report to Jason's office where he will assign you your new work load," Elaina huffed.

Kelly managed to dumbly nod her head before collapsing at her desk. Working with same office close? Kelly was officially freaking out.

She started to collect her things; Mandy gave her a smile that tried to express good luck but was more a worried expression.

Numbly, Kelly walk

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