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High-flying Indian academic explores sex.

Lupe's lipstick matched her crimson nail polish. Electrolysis and spa treatments left her smooth skin with a beautiful glow. Gwub__ regarded her as the ideal of female beauty. Her almond-shaped and dark eyes almost made her look like an attractive Laotian woman. Her smooth aquiline nose and pouting lips revealed her true heritage.

The gorgeous prostitute felt mildly disappointed by the appearance of the legendary "freaky doctor". From all the frightening descriptions, she hardly imagined him as a short and maize-skinned man. His tailored suit looked quite flattering on him, but she wondered if he would look as good without it. His fuzzy shaven head and his goatee did not seem to contribute to his appearance. She hoped that the cover did not reflect the contents of the book. She desperately wanted her fantasy to come true. However, if worse came to worse, he at least paid her upfront for services rendered.

The doctor broke the uncomfortable silence, by stating, "We shall begin," in Spanish. He bound Lupe with plastic cuffs to the four oak bedposts. Her dark eyes grew wide as washed his hands and put on his gloves. He carefully disinfected platinum and steel tools that reflected their surroundings like mirrors. The suspense caused Lupe to perspire as the doctor checked her heart rate. The customer asked her if she needed any sedatives. She shook her head.

Her response seemed too good to be true. The doctor asked her to speak her desires. She told him, "I want to feel everything." Her answer was amazing. Gwub__ felt himself swell as he lifted a scalpel from the tray. She smiled as she begged him to explore her from the inside out. He put on a lab coat and obliged silently. She moaned when the blade sliced into her tender skin. She smiled, as the shallow scarlet line on her chest grew longer. Gwub__ stopped as her fascinated eyes started to water. He had never seen such a reaction before. She actually enjoyed the game as much as he did.

The sting of the needle caused her to giggle. Lupe observed how her purplish blood drained into a pint bag with intense affection. Gwub__ scolded her. "You're enjoying that too much." He pulled a tiny bottle out of his large suitcase. Dilating drops turned the light in the room into a heavenly pastel palette that burned her eyes. Goose bumps rose from her skin as he sutured her chest. A cold speculum crawled up her up her inner thigh after the doctor completed his needlework.

Gwub__ gawked at her, much in the same way a child gawks at unopened Christmas gifts. He peeked inside her body and wrote his observations on a white sheet of lined paper. Unlike a panicking streetwalker or an unemotional clone, Lupe would not require euthanasia after the procedure. Unlike any brothel worker before her, she did not scream for her manager or refuse to play the game.

Instinctively, she understood Gwub__'s need to explore the beauty of nature, so he could emulate and improve upon it. She desired to help him in his unspoken quest to save humanity, for she too wanted to make the world a better place. In their minds, human experimentation was necessary for the creation of medicines with the power to heal all ailments. Lupe felt it was her duty to volunteer as a noble test subject.

After Gwub__ completed her examination, he decided to hold a conversation and cut her binds. He stuttered as he wrestled with his timidity. Lupe studied him silently as he collected himself and addressed her in a very personal and almost familiar tone of voice. He was not frightening. On the contrary, he was charming, almost bordering on charismatic. Gwub__ admired Lupe with equal enthusiasm. Despite her mousy voice and her sensual appearance, she possessed an air of gravity and intelligence. She was the type of person he actually enjoyed beyond a superficial professional level.

When they shared their fears and hopes, they realized that they needed to be a team.

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