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Tom tries to come to grips with what has happened

He noticed that she was staring into his eyes with a sentimental grin stretched across her face.

"Are you OK mom?"

"Yeah, I just can't get over how much you look like your father right now."

"I'm just amazed that this tuxedo even fits! How old is this thing anyway?"

"That is the tuxedo that your father wore on our wedding night. I don't think he's worn it since. I guess it's a good thing we kept it all these years."

"Well I'm glad it looks good on me. Not that it matters much with you in that dress."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"You look hot mom, and everyone in this entire restaurant has been staring at you all night."

"What's wrong are you jealous?"


"Why don't you call me Diane? It might look weird if our waiter thinks I'm out on a date with my son."

"OK, Diane." It felt strange to Eric to call his mother by her first name but he was willing to do just about anything that she asked him to at that point.

The waiter came and gave them each a glass of champagne before filling their wine glasses. They toasted and slipped back into a comfortable friendly conversation. They talked and laughed through dinner and Eric realized that they had gone through two whole bottles of wine by the time dessert came. He had only had two or three glasses so his mother must have had the rest.

After dessert the waiter left a few small chocolates on the table and Eric put one in his jacket pocket to save for later.

"What's this?"

Diane looked up to see her son pulling something out of his jacket pocket. He looked down as he opened his hand to reveal a crumpled up ball of white silk.

"Oh my!" His mother gasped.

Looking up at her he asked what it was.

"Put that back where you found it. Those are my panties."

He quickly thrust his hand back into his pocket. "But you said the last time he wore this was on your wedding night."

His mother's cheeks reddened.

"You know, we weren't always boring old people. Your father and I had a lot of fun when we were younger."

"Those are from your wedding night?"

"Sometimes when we would go out I would go to the bathroom and take off my panties and hand them to him. He said he liked the warmth and the smell of them."

Eric didn't know what to say.

"I guess I never really thought of you two having a sex life before."

"We did all sorts of wild things when we were your age. I'm going to go to powder my nose and then we can sneak in a little dancing before heading home OK?"

"Sure thing mo.. Diane."

She smiled at him as she left the table. Curious about the contents of his pocket Eric waited until she was out of sight before reaching back in to pull out the crumpled fabric again. It felt soft in his hand as he examined the panties that his mother wore on her wedding night. They were made of pure white silk with detailed white embroidery. He felt his cock twitch in his pants as he brought his mother's panties up to his face and smelled the faint aroma that was only barely perceptible. He closed his eyes as he inhaled his mother's scent left over from her wedding. The thought of her being fucking in her white wedding gown sent a shockwave through his body.

He opened his eyes and pushed the panties back into his pocket just in time to see his mother turn the corner into the dining room. She glided through the room turning heads as she went and stopped next to her son. Diane reached out and took his hand into hers pulling him up out of his chair.

"Come on Mr. Harris it's time to dance."

Eric stood up and felt his mother's other hand reach out and push something into his hand before she turned to lead him to the dance floor. He stood still as she slowly walked away. Looking down he was shocked to find that he was now holding a pair of red satin panties that his mother must have just taken off. Unlike the other pair he could still feel her warmth as he pulled them up to his face and again smelled her sweet aroma. His knees weakened as he breathed in the strong musty smell of his mother.

His eyes caught her approaching the stairs and he noticed her looking back at

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