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Groceries and Machine Guns.

While both my hands wondered all over his chest, I was sucking on his chest and working my way down to his hard cock, I could feel it through his shorts on my chest as I was leaning over to suck on his chest and stomach. It just made me hornier to feel him on my body. I was imagining feeling his hard cock inside me while I ride him or just feeling it in my mouth, as it grows harder and thicker as I deep throat it.

I worked my way down to his sexy stomach as I felt his chest with my hands; I pulled my hands down and started to rub his hard cock through his jean shorts. I could feel him move a little as he initially felt my hand rubbing on him but I could tell he was enjoying it as much as I was. I rubbed on his hard cock for awhile then I started to unbuckle his belt and slowly pull it out while he pushed forward on his groin to help me take it off. Just feeling him push forward like that made me want him even more. Then I started to work on his zipper. After I pulled the zipper down and got the shorts unbuttoned, I slowly caressed his hard cock through his briefs trying to tease him some more, I wanted to make him want me as much as I wanted him to participate in this three some.

I slowly started to bob my head and mouth on his cock to make sucking movements on his cock through his briefs to get him excited even more. I ran my lips slowly across his cock and kept rubbing and scratching him down his chest and slowing would work my hands to touch the tip of his cock to tease him even more. I lightly touched and grabbed the tip of his cock to just feel it slightly jerk in my fingers. Then when I felt I couldn't take it anymore, I started to tug at his briefs for him to take them off. He pushed his groin forward again to help me take them off and at this point I felt that it was safe to say he was interested in this as much as we were.

When he had the briefs and shorts off I started kissing and sucking all over his groin area but missing his cock so I could tease him some more. I grabbed his cock then slowly started to kiss the tip of his already hard cock; I took one of my hands to play with his balls. I then slowly worked my tongue and lips up his hard shaft and to the tip of his cock and then would take his hard cock into my warm wet mouth. I just was there rubbing on his inner thighs and would work my hands up his body and back down to his balls. I knew Bill was getting anxious to join in, it wasn't long before he came over and with my ass in the air, Bill pulled down my underwear and shorts. He started rubbing on my wet pussy, pushing his fingers slowing between my lips, teasing them with his fingers and pushing them a little further each time into my lips and feeling the inside of my wet lips. Playing with them and rubbing them softly with his fingers. Tantalizing my clit with his finger tips.

I continued to suck and fondle Ryan's cock while Bill was fingering my wet pussy. I was so extremely horny that I couldn't help but want to be fucked by the both of them at the same time. Bill was pushing his fingers in and out of my wet pussy by now and I was getting more intense in sucking Ryan's cock. Bill really wanted to fuck, so he started to rub his hard cock on my ass and slowly worked it down to my pussy; it slid right in from being so wet. When Bill put his cock in me, it made me tremble with excitement and it made me want the three-some even more.

Bill was fucking me from behind, pushing it hard in and out while caressing my ass with his hands and working his way around to grabbing my tits, which were fully erect from the events. Bill was fucking me hard while I sucked on Ryan's cock, waiting to see what we should do next. I could feel how excited Bill was from the way he was pushing his hard cock in and out of my hot wet pussy.

Bill grabbed my side tightly so he could get the grip he needed to fuck me fast and hard to show me how much he enjoyed what he had seen.

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