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He goes to New York to meet (and more) the WWF superstar.

Now get in the back bitch and get out of your clothes and wait for me on your hands and knees," I order.

"Yes, Sir," he responds with a smile.

I check the parking lot, lock the doors and pull the curtains around the windows. I move to the back of the large truck and stand before my male slave.

"Undress me know, bitch. Everything but the underwear," I command.

My new toy stands and removes my shirt, then my boots and socks and finally my pants. My cock is already hard and poking at the boxers I was wearing. Slave boy returns to his knees and awaits my instructions.

"Now the underwear," I instruct. His hands move up and I slap them hard. "Put your hands behind your back. Take them down with your mouth."

He moves in close and I can feel his hot breath upon my skin. He gently bites the elastic material and he twists his head to the side. He struggles to get the underwear over my hard cock. As he moves the underwear down, his cheek brushes up against my hard cock and he lets out a moan. Finally the briefs are around my ankles and I lift my legs to finish the task.

"Bow your head in front of me. Do not ever look me in the face, do you understand me?"

"Yes, Sir."

I bend over and pick up my pants and remove the belt. I run the end of the belt through the buckle and make a loop that I place over slave boy's head pulling the belt tight around his neck.

"Now be a good little slave boy and get over here and suck my cock. Keep your fucking hands behind your back and I better feel your tongue on my balls when you get all my cock in your mouth," I instruct pulling the belt and guiding his face to my hard cock.

He opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out to lick up and down the sides. He then works on the head, his tongue swirling from the underside to the top before parting his lips. I begin to push my cock into his mouth, not waiting for him to accept it. I take the belt and pull it between my legs and pull his mouth all the way down until my cock is lodged in the back of his throat. I feel his tongue slide out of his mouth along the base of my cock as he tries to lick my hairy balls. I slide in and out of his mouth for about five minutes before I pull away.

"Let's see how much of my balls you can get in your slutty mouth. And be gentle, I wouldn't want to send you back to your pimping wife bruised."

His mouth opens wide as he moves under my cock. His head tilts and I feel his hot breath on my ball sack. His tongue snakes out and tentatively licks one then the other cum filled orbs. His mouth spreads as wide as he can he lets one nut fall into his mouth.

"That's it. Easy now. Reach a hand up and stroke my cock. Not too fast. I got a lot more planned for you."

He does good, holding my cock in his hand, gently caressing it and stroking it, not to get it off, but just so it gets it's share of attention. His mouth and tongue continue to bathe my balls in his hot spit.

"That's enough now. Put your hand back behind your back and get your mouth back on my cock," I instruct.

I grab the sides of his head and work in deep with each stroke. When it feels like I will cum, I hold in deep feeling his throat muscles clench until the feeling passes. I decide it's time to give my boy toy something to tell Mommy about.

"Get up on the bed. On your back. Arms at your sides," I order momentarily letting go of the belt. Once in position I climb up and straddle his face letting my ass settle right over his nose and mouth. "Time to clean my ass, bitch. I want to feel you work it good. Use your hands to spread my cheeks and then tongue my asshole good. Get your tongue deep in there."

His hands spread my ass cheeks and his tongue licks across my ass. He works at getting it good and wet before he points his tongue and eases it in. I push back, causing resistance.

"Come on, you better do better than that.

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