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Katey came back in wearing a nightie that took my breath away. It was a very light material, red satin, that although it was opaque, it molded perfectly to her body, clearly showing she had removed her bra and that her nipples were erect. It was slit with black trim on the front of her thighs so that panel still hid her groin as she walked, the slits opening for her thighs and right up to mid torso. It was short and barely reached past the base of her groin. She did a slow pirouette for me that revealed slits in the back of the legs that left a panel covering the center of her bottom, but revealing the cheeks as she moved. The slits front and rear clearly showed she was wearing matching red-satin thong panties.

"Katey, you in that nightie is the sexiest thing I have ever seen!" and I wasn't lying. Self-consciously, I kicked off my shoes because Katey wasn't wearing any, although she was wearing a very fetching toenail polish - scarlet. It made my toes feel a little drab, and I nearly giggled at the silliness of the thought.

"Thank you, Drew, and believe me that dress on you is doing something for me," She licked her lips and sat down gracefully beside me, "And now that I know you aren't wearing panties, that dress is really turning me on. Do you think you might let me smell your pubic hair, like you let Marcie?" So, I stood in front of her and reached for the hem of my skirt.

Now one would think I would be getting over being embarrassed about raising my skirt to my breasts for the third time in one evening, but one would be wrong. Even the adoration in her eyes as she held me at arms length, her hands on her hips and her eyes on my pubic area didn't keep me from blushing as she said, "And that is the sexiest thing I've ever seen, sweet Drew!"

Her hands on my hips pulled me closer as she leaned forward and nuzzled my dark brown fur, for much longer than Marcie had done. Feeling like a shameless slut, I spread my feet wider and murmured, "Marcie kissed me there, too."

"Mmmm," her low moan was a bit muffled by my fur as she began kissing and French kissing my dark furred mound, and her tongue did find the top of my slit and she gave me a very warm and lingering French kiss there. It felt so wonderful that I didn't even lower my skirt when Marcie came into the room.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" exclaimed Marcie in a hushed voice, like she was afraid of making her mom cease her kissing of my groin area. I felt Marcie put her hand on my naked bottom and slide gently down the crack as came close to me and kissed my mouth with a very soft, very wet kiss. Marcie's finger ever so lightly stroked across my asshole just as her mom's long pointed tongue gave me a warm wet lick that touched most of my hood. I moaned my pleasure into Marcie's mouth, and Katey pulled away, releasing my hips and I let my skirt fall. Marcie's finger withdrew from my bottom, and she stopped kissing me.

Which left me standing there red faced and panting as Marcie got a wide-eyed look at Katey's incredibly sexy nightie. Katey obligingly stood and modeled it for her while I sat back on the couch, trembling slightly from sexual stress. I crossed my legs and squeezed my thighs together as I also admired Katey's perfect body and shapely tanned legs. "Mom!" Marcie said gesturing with her hands at Katey, "You are so fucking hot!"

Katey looked at Marcie's perky bra and then down at her tanned and bare legs - totally revealed by her brief shorts, "You know, you are fucking hot yourself, kiddo!"

I looked from one pair of shapely calves and tapered thighs to the other and said, "You are both so fucking hot, and you look like really hot sisters."

"Drew says the sweetest things!" said Marcie plopping down beside me, and then she patted on her other side indicating to her mom to sit beside her. "Come on, Mom, I'm separating you two for a minute for a reason."

Katey sat down beside her daughter making the act of sitting down almost look like a ballet move.

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