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She anxiously awaits his return.

Later in the day, Gloria was gone and Gilbert felt better, He handed her the seven hundred in cash, supposedly from Gloria, "Where did she get the monies" Betty inquired.

"She told me that she sold some of her jewelery" Her husband answered.

"Wow" are you shitting me, I didn't think she would ever pay it back" Betty stated.

"Yea I know" Gilbert said.

"Great lets go have dinner tonight at "Carl's" Betty said

"Ok baby what ever you would like" He husband told her.

Tony had picked Gloria up in his truck, The twenty six foot day cruiser was already in the water at lake Isabella, "You like boats Gloria"? Tony asked

She looked at his shirtless young rigged chest, "Oh Yea" Gloria answered.

"Yea I love boats" Tony told her. It was a great sunny day,and she figured that it was going to be great to be on the lake with this young man. "I didn't tell you but I have some friends meeting us here, and as soon as they get here, we will get going" He instructed.

"That's fine" she answered him.

"Ok Here they come" Gloria looked over and saw a White Chevy Suburban coming.

"Lets get on the boat honey" Tony said.

After they were all on the boat Tony introduced them to Gloria.

Tammy was a young woman , Burnett short hair, very well endowed for a young lady, 38C chest, she was about five foot five, and she was with Richard a tall young man with a chizeldface and short blond flat top haircut. He was muscular such as a profession arm wrestler.

Soon Tony fired up the 455 Old's CI V-8 and the boat began to move forward.

"Oh this is great" Gloria announced.

"Did you bring a swim suit baby"? Tammy asked standing there in her turquoise and red bikini.

"Yes its in my bag" Gloria told her.

"Well go down to the Head and put it on"

"I believe the guys would like that" she said smiling.

Then she showed Gloria how to get down to the dressing area.

Gloria put on the french cut Red bikini that she had purchased months ago but never worn.

This morning when she took a shower she did something that she had never done before, and that was to completely shave her mature pussy, So the new french cut bottoms felt good upon her rear, The top pushed up her 36dd's and made her older cleavage appear deep.

She bushed her hair, and went back up to the top of the boat.


"That's better"!! Richard said looking at Gloria's natural lovely older body.

"Oh Gosh girl you look adorable" Tammy told her.

"Thanks you all look pretty good your selves" she told them.

Tammy opened the cooler and took out the plastic glasses "you want a drink" she asked

There was whiskey and rum and vodka and cans of coca cola,

"Yes let me have vodka and coke please" Gloria said.

The guys took cans of beer, After a little bit Gloria stood by Tony who was driving the boat.

"You want to drive it"? Tony asked her.

"Oh I don't know how to" Gloria told him.

"Here sit down and I will show you" "Its easy" he said pulling her down and onto his lap. "Here take the wheel" he told her.

She was steering the boat, it was exciting,

Tony allowed his young hands to grip her around the bare waist. Gloria smiled and was so turned on at this moment.

"I am truly attracted to you" He told her.

"I like you to Tony" she told him.

He took his right hand from her waist and reached for the throttle and cut it back some, "Pull into that cove when we get closer" he said pointing the direction.

"Alright" she replied.

His right hand went to her right leg, She tingled with womaness, She could pass out right now from the feelings that roared thru her body,

He moved it closer to her inner thigh.

"Ok start turning a little" he told her.

"Good just like that" he said, "You're doing very good" he said making her secure in what she was doing. Then he cut the engine off, and told Richard to drop the anchor.

"Iye Iye Captain" Richard responded.

Soon the where a float but stopped, "Come on lets get some sun" Tammy told Gloria taking her by the arm, Gloria followed her up upon the deck of the boat.

Tammy put two large towels down onto the fiberglass "Here you c

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