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Did sub Allen earn his weekly orgasm?

Once he was fully undressed, he knelt again in his former position, placing his hands palms down on his knees. Mora stood and clipped a leash on the ring at the front of his collar and gave a short tug. Maki stood.
"I see we are going to get along just fine." Mora grinned and sat back in her seat, tugging the leash again. Maki took his position once again. Several people began filling the room. The blonde from the cloak room brought over a pair of black boy shorts and handed them to Maki. Her eyes lit on him for a moment and a confused smile lit her face. She turned back to Mora. "It's amusing that you picked this one. He was admiring the stained glass in the atrium. And Gunnar had his eye on him."

"Gunnar usually has excellent taste. I suppose it's a good thing that this one will be free after tonight, in that instance. Else wise I might have to hear Gunnar complain at me for the next week." She turned her attention to Maki. Her voice took the clipped tones he was accustomed to. "Dress. Quickly." Maki spared no time and did as he was commanded. He stood, dressed, and resumed his position at the feet of the Mistress. Four men filed in and were chained to the throne with the neck manacles, one of the men being Gunnar. His eyes met Maki's for a moment before Gunnar took position and lifted the throne from the floor. Maki felt a tug on his leash and stood. Three other pets were brought in on leashes, each lead by one of the Dommes that had been working in the red room. Maki glanced over them, making sure to avoid eye contact with the Dommes.

"Be gentle with that one, Maya." Gunnar spoke softly as he rested one side of the throne against his shoulder. "I have plans for him later."

Maya turned back toward him. "He's Mora's until after the show. You can take it up with her." She winked and turned away, leading Maki out to the floor, the men with the throne containing Mistress Mora following behind. The curtains were drawn on the stage and the performers took their positions. Maki followed along rather blindly, catching a flash of a smile from behind blonde curls. He felt a step out of synch with reality and it was slightly dizzying, but not unpleasant. It was nice being in a submissive role for once where he didn't have to make all the decisions, give all the orders, and was allowed to blunder through behind someone else. Maya tugged on his leash and he took a step toward her, realizing he had fallen behind. He bowed his head apologetically before kneeling at her feet. Her hand smoothed his hair along the back of his head as he knelt on foot and knee, his head bowed and hair falling to the floor, masking his face. He rested his fingertips on the floor, his shape resembling a fallen angel. Maya crouched beside him, running her fingers though his hair. "Just make sure your attention doesn't wane from Mistress Mora tonight. She'll direct you as long as you follow her lead." Maki looked toward her, but caught Gunnar's eye instead. They shared a moment that was held just a moment too long before he snapped his attention back to Maya. She smiled and laughed. "You've got the fever, don't you?"

A deep bass tone resounded through the club and the lights dimmed.

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