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Michael and Andrea take their exploits to a new "high".

She quickly discovered that his upper body pleased her almost as much as his delectable bottom. With the long lean muscles that ran down his back, she began to imagine what it would be like to run her nails down it...

"My back doesn't need as much work, but my neck is killing me, do you mind?" His question snapped her back to reality and she remembered that she wanted to keep this professional. "Of course," she replied. Sadie took her place at the top of his head, the normal position she took when working on necks, only this time being extremely aware of how close her pussy was to Robert, worrying that he would start to smell how aroused she was.

"Your legs look fantastic, you need to show me how you keep them so toned," Robert said. Only then did Sadie realize he had the perfect up-

close view of them. "Next time you come to the gym, we'll go over some exercises," she replied.

The comment seemed slightly inappropriate for the situation, and Sadie began to wonder if he shared any of the feelings that she was currently experiencing. Wanting to test her new theory, Sadie decided to use tricks she would normally use when she was playing with clients.

Starting at the base of his neck, she ran her hands down the length of his back, pressing her large tits into the back of his head. "Mmm, that feels fantastic, Sadie. Perfect," Robert said breathlessly.

After standing, she "accidentally" dropped oil on the floor in front of him, knowing that when she bent to grab it, Robert would have the perfect view of the top of her cleavage. When she stood, Sadie noticed that he was adjusting his body, and that his breathing had quickened almost to the point of panting. She secretly hoped her tricks had excited him a little.

Deciding to be bold, Sadie allowed herself to slowly grind against the headrest of the table, knowing that her swollen pussy was mere inches away from Robert's head, and that he would be able to see extra movement in her legs if he opened his eyes, but she was too horny to care anymore. Getting lost in her near orgasm, Sadie let out a low moan, immediately grabbing her mouth, hoping he didn't hear. When there was no noticeable change with him, she continued to press her pussy into the headrest, feeling the tension build in her body.

Lost in the moment, Sadie closed her eyes as she continued to hump the table. Opening them again, she thought she noticed Robert's pelvis slowly rocking back and forth. Realizing that she was going too far, Sadie stopped grinding and began to move away from the table, when Robert grabbed her leg. Breathlessly he said "No, don't stop Sadie. Continue until you finish."

Knowing that it was wrong, and that she should end the session immediately, Sadie continued to hump the table, harder and faster now that there was no need for discretion. The addition of Robert holding tightly to the back of her legs brought her orgasm on quickly and violently, "Mmmphmm. Oh shit! God yes!" Sadie quietly screamed, grabbing onto Robert's shoulders to steady herself.

"Oh god, what have I done," was Sadie's immediate thought. She quickly backed away and started to apologize to him, saying she didn't know what came over her, and that she had never done that before. Before she could finish, Robert was sitting up, "Don't worry, Sadie. From the moment I walked into the room, I have been dying to hear you cum, you made my day."

"You mean, you're attracted to me? I thought I was insane to be so attracted to you. I've been trying to control my urges this entire appointment."

"I wish you wouldn't control them..." Robert said with a wicked smile.

Now that he was in a sitting position, Sadie was able to see that Robert had a significant bulge under his towel, that he was attempting to adjust. Wordlessly, Sadie turned around, and locked the door. If she was going to break her professionalism rule, she was going to make it memorable.

"Lay back down Robert.

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