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Date night with the love of my life.

"Water under the bridge."

"So it's true?" she asked.

"That he screwed me?" Cole said with a small hint of anger. "Absolutely." she looked over at him. As he said that. "He wanted my job from the moment he got back from New York. All he could talk about was making you proud of him. And there was no better way than to become sheriff." Cole said shaking his head.

"But he came to New York two years ago. Wasn't he sheriff already?" she asked. As she made another turn. Now she knew where she was.

"Ha!" Cole laughed. "How many times you think he came to New York?" he asked. She looked at him and shrugged.

"Twice?" she said.

"Try eight. Eight times." Cole said. "Bled the money he got from his parent's will dry." Cole said. "And those boys that killed the people at the hardware store. They were Hispanic, not black. But colored is colored out here. No one questioned it. And the one's I let go. Your father did not know this but they were minors." Cole said. Jordan looked at him again. Cole was never a person to get upset. She remembered a time when Leanne and her took his cop car for a ride and crashed it into a tree. He did not get upset. But now he was angry, no furious.

"Did you tell the county?" she asked.

"Ha! They wanted someone to blame for the murders. So who else?" Cole said. "So I was the one." Cole said as he pointed to a road. "I can walk from here. Isabelle is home and I don't want to go inside mad. She will call the doc for sure." he smiled. She parked the truck on the side of the road. He climbed and got his bike out the back. He came back to the window. "Don't you dare, take my word over what you have. You find out the truth yourself. You're like your father. A good judge of character. Use it." he said as he walked away.

Jordan was more mad,then when she had left, Rick's house. She drove home and walked inside. Everyone was fast asleep. She wanted the truth now more than ever. Not because he was lousy in bed. But if he had come up to New York more than once, that was creepy. She laid there thinking about what she should do.

"JORDAN! It's 11, you going to sleep all day." her mum screamed up at her. Jordan woke up with a jolt. Had she really slept half the day away.

"I'm up." Jordan said down the stairs as she made her way to the bathroom. She missed having a bathroom in her room.
"Can you take me to the store?" her mum asked.

"Of course." Jordan said. She had to cash the few checks that Andrew had sent and get a few things. As she got out the shower she began to get dressed, as she put on her bra it wouldn't snap together, she kept on pulling and pulling. Then it snapped. She took a deep breath, then it really snapped.

"Not again!" she screamed. She grabbed the tape from her toiletry bag. Began to measure around. "Fucker!" she said at herself. She had gotten bigger again. "Stop fucking growing!" she held her boobs up at yelled at them. "Yeah right bitch." she said in a mocking voice impersonating her boobs. She put on an emergency bra, which was really just a really stretched out sports bra. She put on the rest of her clothes and walked downstairs. She couldn't believe they were still growing. When she had decided to lose the hundreds of pounds she had put on, her friend had told her of this Asian natural remedy place. She had tried one of the home remedies she found there. The lady behind the counter said there would be side effects but this was ridiculous. It was nearly every year she was getting bigger.

"Grew again huh?" her mother said pointing at Jordan's boobs.

"Yeah. They won't stop!" she said as grabbed them.

"Doing that, won't help." her mother said.

"I will have to order the size. I want online." Jordan said. "If they even have bra's that go this fucking high." she said.

"Jordan!" her mother said.

"Sorry." Jordan said. Realizing she was still irritable from last night.

"Whatever it is, you should not swear at the table." her mother said. Jordan nodded. They finished eating breakfast and told her father they were going to the store.

Jordan pulled into

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