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I rubbed it gently as I turned round dropping to my knee's easing his pants down over his hips, his cock springing upwards in front of my face. He stepped out of his trousers and pants as I continued stroking his black cock inches from my mouth teasing him making him wait for before I mouth fucked him.

Grant was moving around us making sure he got the best shot's of the action that was unfolding before him, I stretched his foreskin back as far as it would go lightly running my teeth over his light brown helmet. The black guy held my head easing it forward until his black cock enter my mouth, I caressed his heavy hanging balls as I took his cock deeper into my mouth. I mouth fucked him very deeply knowing that was what he wanted and I wanted to please my latest black man, Grant was on his knee's again inches from us getting more close up shot's of the black cock in my mouth. I rubbed the black guy's cock hard flicking a quick look at Paul, smiling at him as I slipped my mouth back over the black guy's cock. I heard the black guy say, your slut wife gives a good blow job man as he started fucking my mouth a little faster.

I could feel the black guy's balls going tight and didn't want him shooting his load, so I got to my feet and moved onto the bed. I opened my legs running my tongue over my lips, looking at his black cock standing rock hard to full attention wanting to feel it inside me. The black guy moved onto the bed kneeling between my open leg's cock in hand pointing it towards the opening to my pussy, Grant stood by the bed camera pointing towards my pussy as the black guy eased the tip of his black cock between my pink pussy lips. He kept easing his cock gently into my pussy until I felt every inch deep inside me, I arched my back my hands caressing my tits calling out yes as I felt the tip of his cock touching the top of my pussy.

The black guy started thrusting his cock slowly back and forth as I moved my hips meeting him, this was no fuck he was making love to me and it felt so good knowing he wanted me as much as I wanted him. He leant down over me our lips coming together as his cock gently met my pussy, I placed my arms round his neck as we gently kissed and made slowly gentle love to each other. He pushed every inch of his lovely black cock into me held it for a moment then even more gentle eased it back, I gripped his arse pulling him forward so his cock went even deeper making my pussy so wet from the pleasure he was giving me. The black guy was now caressing my tits sucking my rock hard nipples in turn his cock still gently probing between my pink pussy lips.

The black guy then asked me who fucks you better me or him over there without having to think I called out you, he then asked who's bigger me or him I didn't have to think about that one and again called out you. Paul called out WHAT I just gave him a quick look laughed and said well he is, this really got the black guy going and we started to make love a little harder to each other. I called out your so big so good fuck me fuck me. Paul was getting really upset hearing this but I didn't care I only wanted to pleasure the black guy as much as he was pleasuring me, Grant pointed the camera at me as I was saying all this which made me say even more. I called out Paul you are so small compared to this black cock your fuck is so shit compared to this fuck, I just love black cock let me ride that black cock you black bastard I couldn't believe what I was saying but it was all true.

The black guy laid back on the bed, I took his cock in my hand lowering my pussy over it until I felt it part then enter between my pink pussy lips once more.

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