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Two lovers pleasure each other in a steamy shower.

He moves to the other, leaving this one to press forward in his absence. Wanton tits of hers leaping into his hands and bursting forth for more when he gives only a little. She has never been like this before and little understands now what he has done to her.

"Tell me what I like." His voice is low and dangerous whispering like a growl in her ear. So close that she feels the moisture from his inner self.

"I. I don't know." She falters. Her voice and thought fail her completely. Her hands shake in their cuffs. Above her head and of no use to defend her or deflect the blows sure to come. Nothing comes to mind. Less than nothing.

"You knew what to wear for me. What would excite me. You certainly flirt with me as often as I allow."

"Yes." She twists back and forth. She is becoming desperate. She feels him hard and insistent slipping up in the crack between her legs. A shiver and she swallows. "You like shirts that show my breasts."

"There, see?" He is patient as if talking to a child. His tone remains deadly. She is afraid of what he is asking of her.

"Y-you like when I am wet and ready for you."


You like when I'm frightened."

"Yes I do, don't I?" He chuckles. "I can't help that."

She breathes easier. It seems that's all he wants from her.

"What else do I like?"

Quivers wrack her frame. He's not through with her. "You like me to dress for you. You like that I work hard to please you."

"Very good." He nibbles her ear.

"I like when you aren't sure of what is coming." His voice slides down into her spine and she burns from the words. "I like when you tremble."

"Yes. I know. I can't help it. You frighten me."

"You are afraid of yourself. You're afraid of what you can do. What you will do if you are free to do whatever you want."

She can't breathe.

He nips at the top of her ear. His hands more insistent on her tits. Grabbing and squeezing. And finally, there is the pinch of her nipple. Vicious and stabbing. The pull and twist of the entire aureola. She should scream, but all that comes out is a gasp and an even louder moan. Her body quakes out of control.

"What else do I like?"

Suddenly, she knows what he wants. She understands that she has known it all along and is simply avoiding it.

"You like me to beg."

His breath comes out heavy. Almost a panting like some great wolf too near in the forest where she surely hides until daylight comes to save her.

"You like when I beg you to fuck me. When I plead with you to let me suck your cock."

"Yes I do." His air is hot. The atmosphere surrounding him bestial and thick. "I like when you are driven beyond your hope and thought until you can do nothing else. I like you so thoroughly desperate that you will do anything for me to take you."

As he says this, he pinches her nipple again. A stab of pure flame that takes her very heart up and stops it.

"I have enjoyed taking you beyond your boundaries one at a time."

"Yes." The times flash before her eyes in a long stream of desire, love and hope. She can't really believe all the things she has done with him. All that she has allowed him to do to her. The places hidden in her darkest mind he has taken her through.

"You like making me do things I don't think I can."

"I loved tying you for the first time. Somehow you thought you would always be able to get loose. Like bindings weren't really tight enough to hold you."

"Yes. That scared me when I couldn't get out. I only stopped from panicking by the way you held me and talked to me."

"What else do I like?"

"You liked the first time you whipped my tits." His breath is sharp. "I'd never felt anything like that before and I did panic that time. Until you pulled me back from the edge."

"That was very good.

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