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The triplets summer fun continues.

"I think you like watching me undress more than fucking me," I told him as I peeled my suit all the way to to the floor adding gratuitous wiggles as I did it. I looked at my black triangle of hair and dusted away some sand particles.

"It's all good," he said with a smile. He walked up behind me and covered each of my pale b-cups with his big bronze hands. "Perfect handfuls," he whispered in my ear.

I giggled, pulled his hands away from me and claimed the towel on his shoulder. He went to his closet and found me his shower basket containing a bottle of shower gel, shampoo, and a scrub cloth.

"I'll shower on this floor," I said with a barely contained grin.

"Whatever you like," he said absently. He was so distracted by my nakedness that he hadn't heard what I said.

I wrapped the towel around me and opened the dorm room door.

"Wait? Did you say you'll shower on this floor?" he asked as my comment finally got passed his erection to his brain.

I stepped out the door into the quiet curved hallway. Bare foot, dressed in just surfer shorts, Hawk followed me out. The showers were at the opposite side of the big circular hall from Hawk's room. Flushed with excitement and a wild hair, I removed the towel and tossed it at him.

"One more nude moment down," I said trying to sound casual but couldn't keep my voice from hitching a little. A month ago, I had made a stupid bet on a football game. Not surprising, I lost. I had to pay up by getting my picture taken naked in public four times. After this I had just two more to go.

"Holy fuck," Hawk whispered looking at my exposed naked body with wide unbelieving eyes.

I laughed, enjoying surprising him like this.

"Get the camera before someone shows lolo," I scolded playfully.

He stepped back in his room and quickly returned with my towel over his shoulder and his digital camera in his hands. He made me posed in front of his neighbor's door to use as a marker and any second that door was gonna fly open. He flashed several pictures.

"Enough," I said brimming with excited anxiety.

He handed me my towel but I didn't take it.

"See you around the bend," I said with a smile then casually walked off to the left gaily swinging the basket of shower goods.

"I'm gonna put the camera away," he said to my retreating back. "See you at the bathroom entrance."

I heard him open his door, and then I heard running bare feet fading as he hurried off in the opposite direction to the shower entrance. A thrilling panic seized me with each dorm door I passed urging me to run, but I held myself in check and kept walking.

'This is turning you on something fierce Japanee girl,' my lizard brain said.

'And it's gonna get you expelled and Hawk fired,' my logical brain added.

My luck held out and no one stepped out any of the room doors. All I had to do was get passed the stairwell door and I would be at the showers. Then to my dismay, the stairwell door pushed open and a girl and guy stepped out. The girl was Filipino, very pretty and petite, the guy Asian mix a little on the chubby side. They both froze gaping at my nakedness.

"Oh my God, you okay?" The girl asked in accented English.

I blushed burning with hot embarrassment, automatically bending at the waist, slashed my left arm over my B-cups and covered my pubic area with my right hand-although my lizard brain was totally turned on at being caught.

"Playing truth or dare!" my logical brain barked finding a dumb but plausible excuse for my nudity. I straitened up, dropped my arm and removed my hand. The girl's eyebrows went up and she shook her head. The guy stared unblinking.

"Excuse me," I said politely and walked passed the pair continuing on to the shower a few feet away. I could feel their eyes on me and a thrilling mixture of embarrassment and electric sexual passion raced through me. Hawk wasn't at the entrance of the bathroom. I wondered if he had gone back to his room to hide.

"No look stupid," I heard the girl say.

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