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Son bothers his busy mum.

She made me cum so many times I was wrung out."

"Wow," I said, my jaw dropping. "I never figured you for lesbian stuff, cousin."

Lynne laughed. "I'm not a lesbian, silly, you know better. But I might be bi too, you know? I mean, this girl is amazing. By the way, she wants to meet you."

"Huh?" I said. "Me? Why?"

I told her about us and she'd like to... well, do a threesome with us. Interested?"

The very thought of it made my cock instantly hard, even though Lynne and I had just fucked. "I, well, I, uh, sure," I stammered.

Lynne picked up the phone and dialed, said that Jo should come over, and hung up, smiling.

"I thought you'd say yes, you horny kid. She's on her way."

In about ten minutes the doorbell rang and when Lynne opened the door, this ravishing creature walked in. She was quite slim in contrast to the voluptuous Lynne, and had red-gold hair and piercing green eyes. She took off her coat and stood there in an almost sheer blouse, her small breasts revealed and the hard pink nipples poking out. Her micro-mini barely covered her. She stuck out her hand and said, "Hi, I'm Jo, and Lynne tells me you're one hell of a stud."

"Shit, I mean, omigod, well, I don't know about that," I said, beginning to sweat. "I mean, Lynne is...... well, you know.... "

"Indeed I do," Jo said, "she's hotter than hot."

We relaxed, Lynne and Jo on the couch and me in a chair, trying to hide the erection that was threatening to split my shorts. We had a drink, and then Jo leaned over and began kissing Lynne, who responded eagerly. Soon the two women were feeling each other and shedding the few clothes they had on. I was sweating more and was almost bug-eyed watching them. Jo had two fingers in Lynne's pussy and was sucking on one of her large nipples. She withdrew her fingers and licked them, making a humming noise. Then she got down and licked and kissed her way up Lynne's ample thighs, finally burying her face in Lynne's bushy pubic curls. Lynne moaned and began moving her hips. It didn't take long for Jo to make her cum, and when she pulled away I could see the wetness all over her face, and the cum fron my cousin's pussy was dripping down her ass crack.

Jo came over to me, and I saw she was clean shaven, her pussy lips dark pink and partly open. Pearly moisture glistened. She stood me up and took off my t-shirt and shorts.

"You're right, Lynne, he's a well-hung young stallion," Jo said, taking my cock in her small hand. She leaned up on tiptoes and kissed me, lightly at first and then more firmly, opening her mouth and putting her tongue in mine. She was jerking me off, too, and I was afraid I'd cum any second. I leaned down and licked her small nipples, amazed at how they grew and stiffened. I kissed down her taut belly and began licking her pussy lips. She went over and lay on the bed and spread her legs, showing her wet cunt and small pink rosebud. I followed and, thanks to Lynne's tutoring over all these weeks, began licking and sucking her. I swirled my tongue around and around her clit, and it emerged from its hood, gleaming with juices. I licked and sucked her pussy lips, and then drove my tongue as far into her as I could. She tensed, gasped, and grabbed my hair, pulling my face even closer.

"Oh yes, yes, yes, lover," she whispered, "fuck me with your mouth. I'm almost there, baby, make me cum."

I pulled back a little and stuck two fingers in that very tight wet pussy, then transferred the wetness to her asshole and pushed at it gently. Then I began licking her again, all the while inserting my finger deeper into her ass. As she bagan to squirm and make incoherent noises, I put my mouth over her clit and sucked on it directly. She was over the edge instantly, her body heaving.

Meanwhile, Lynne had moved over and was kissing Jo and fondling her pert tits.

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