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"Ok Jen." Tommy said, "Paula is coming to dinner do you want her to bring some vodka?"

"No I don't think so Tommy, beer will do nicely." she said, with a smile at John, "So lets get changed for dinner then shall we guys."

"Here you are then Jen." JJ said handing her what was obviously clothes on a hanger.

"What's this JJ?" she asked a little confused.

"Well you did say if we got to final testing by tonight you...." he hesitated.

"You said you would show us your striptease." Fred finished.

She was gob smacked, they all looked at her, waiting, "I didn't." she said.

"I'm afraid you did Jen." Ben said, "and we all clubbed together to get you an outfit suitable for the occasion."

"But I cant, no I didn't say I would." she said, trying hard to remember if she had.

"Just before you went to bed." JJ said.

Then she remembered, a quick remark nothing more, "Fuck!" she said.

"So you remember then." Charlie said with a leering look on his face.

"If I remember rightly I said, 'you never know your luck,' which isn't the same as 'yes I will' she conceded.

"That's ok Jen." Jake said, "You wear the outfit and if we're lucky you'll strip it off, ok."

"What is it first?" she said smiling, "I know you lot and I'm not wearing a string vest."

"No!" Jen." JJ said, "John said it had to be classy so I took Paula with me, she said a woman's view would be much better, she said she knew you better than we did. I don't know what it is; none of us has seen it. She said you had to get ready and wait in your room till she come to get you"

Jenny smiled, well Paula did know her better than JJ, "Ok if I like it I will put it on but as to taking it off, don't bank on it cos it ain't happening.

She moved towards her room and John said, "Oh Jen."

"Yes John." she said slowly, "No underwear, I know."

This time it was John who was caught out, he wasn't going to be quite so blatant. The others all looked at her and then at him, he smiled, "A private bet, I said she didn't have the guts, so shoot me."

No chance of that happening, they were even more eager to get her dressed than to get her stripped. Jenny went into her room and uncovered the outfit that Paula had chosen; she hung it from the door and looked at it in surprise.

It was gorgeous, regal even. A body suit low cut below the bust, tight fitting, and boot cut legs and no sleeves. However, what really made it stand out was the zip fastener; it started at the bottom of the neckline, below the bust, went round the waist and twisted down one leg. Black, sparkly and very transparent, with three dark areas in the appropriate places. With it came a full-length flared over-coat made of the same material. The coat had sleeves and fastened at the neck where a stiff collar came up behind the head, not too big but enough to stand out. Finally black stay up stockings with a silver interwoven pattern, and one bright red garter.

Jenny couldn't wait to try it on, she grabbed her wash bag and went to the bathroom where she found a queue, "JJ's in there then Charlie and then me." Fred said.

Charlie knocked on the door, "JJ get out Jen wants to get ready."

Talk about eager Jenny thought, his face covered in shaving foam JJ dived out of the bathroom. "Sorry Jen." he said as he rushed off to the kitchen.

Charlie and Fred just watched as she went in. All this attention was getting to her; she loved it and even started singing in the shower until she remembered she probably had an audience. She used her best shower gel, and finally, just in case, she shaved herself clean. With just a towel wrapped round her she walked out of the shower and went to her room, she could feel all eyes watching her, the thought made her smile, and her pussy seemed to like it as well.

She took her time doing her hair and putting her face on, and then when all was ready she put her new outfit on.

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