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How boring routine became alive with a new co-worker.

She climbed into bed and proceeded to snuggle against me. It made my skin crawl, but I gave no evidence that I was awake.

Thursday was a bright cold winter day. I barely slept and rose earlier than usual. I did not want to see Laura and left before she was awake. At work I was called in to see Stan Kondos, the DA. Stan had only one ambition in life to sit with his ass firmly on a judicial bench. To this end he was clearly intent on running for one of a series of judicial openings.

In New York the judges of the lower State Courts are elected. Oddly this court is called the State Supreme Court with the highest state court called the Court of Appeals. So in New York cases start in the Supreme Court. Stan wanted to run for the Supreme Court. Unfortunately he lacked the money to buy the support of the requisite county political chairman. Although elected, Judges rarely have to run, a judicial convention takes place where the delegates chosen by the various party chairmen pick candidates to run unopposed. It is a source of income for the party chairman since the seats are sold. Discreetly of course but sold nevertheless -the only caveat was that the appropriate Bar Committee had to review and approve the candidates. Just to keep the Judges moderately Judicial and the system appearing honest.

My old coach had put a wrench in the works. As Laura had predicted he had run for governor and been handedly elected. Governor Kincade had forced through a Judicial Reform bill. He could not get Judges appointed as opposed to elected, but he did restructure the various judicial districts more fairly and forced a special election for more judges before a judicial convention could be called. The State Bar president then stepped forward with a special screening committee. Stan Kondos as a DA with a tough but fair reputation had a good shot if he could raise the money to run the standard campaign, about a hundred thousand dollars. With that kind of cash he could expect the law firms to pony up an amount equal or double that for the front runner. Stan had to be happy about my victory of Friday as it played well to the women's groups and the law and order crowd.

Stan's secretary showed me in and to a seat. Stan wasn't there but entered a moments latter giving me a pat on the back.

"Good job Pat. Always know I can count on you."

He needed to. In an office that arguably did significant trial work and that the voting public judged solely on the basis of its last trial, I was the only genuine trial talent he had. The chief assistant and the only one of us receiving a respectable attorney salary Dexter Eling was a hopeless cause in a court room, but he was a good administrator. Dexter ran the office efficiently. I had no grudge with Dexter. He was a good and fair administrator which was the extent of his talent and he knew it. Unfortunately Dexter despised me. There could have been a lot of reasons including that some people just dislike others for no reason, but I was reasonably sure Dexter was jealous of my court room successes or probably more accurately embarrassed by his own lack of any. The balance of the full time attorney staff was just Sheila Kneeler, from an old line Van Patten family, who did whatever Stan needed done at the moment- more his personal assistant than an attorney. There were rumors about the two of them, but then there are always rumors. For my money her awkward physicality and generally drab looks were against a sexual element to the relationship. She might be willing, but I doubted Stan was. The rest of the staff were part timers and happy to stay that way.

We had three part time attorneys who filled the greater balance of their time working in their private law offices. They covered the various courts and let me and theoretically Stan cover the big trials. Stan only showed on the slam dunks or when the Victory lap was due to be run.

"Pat, I have decided to go for the Judgeship."

"Good for you -YOUR HONOR congratulations."

Stan gave a good laugh at that.

"A bit premature, which brings me to why

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