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Mellie goes on a date with Bobby.

That was her way of getting the mother out of the room and to obtain further instructions that there were no visiting hours until at least afternoon tomorrow.

Cindy stood between the mother and her son and gently peeled back the blanket until the entire black and blue area all around his genitals was visible. She started to reach for his injury when Cindy grabbed her arm and pulled her out the door, "Don't forget to see Dr. Branch before you leave, and call before you return." She turned and said, "you know your dad is still in Europe for another few days. Should I tell him about your condition or allow him the comfort of thinking you're fine?"

"Tell him I'm fine, but find out who won the game because he'll want to know."

Cindy spoke up and told them the Wildcats won 28-21, and a smile broke out on Don's grim face.

As Don gradually recovered, he was regaining his strength but the dark bruising remained long after he was hospitalized and he found he was unable to become erect. He was too embarrassed to tell anyone or ask for help until nearly Christmas when he sent Cindy some roses and called to arrange a date. Cindy couldn't get Don from her mind because she was surprised he could endure such attention to his penis and groin for so many days and still never become erect. She wondered if he had regained his manhood and she planned to find the answer.


The Poor Recovery

Cindy had to work a twelve-hour shift from 7 AM to 7 PM on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and she was tired when she returned to her apartment after work the day before Christmas. She lived alone in a one-bedroom apartment in a building near the hospital where she worked. Cindy knew Christmas would be a lonely day for her as she had no family in the area, and being alone she was agreeable to work both days to allow someone with children have the time off.

She had barely unlocked her door when a neighbor met her with a large bouquet of long-stemmed red roses in a beautifully painted vase. Her first thought was that her father had sent the flowers, but before she had taken her winter coat off she opened the card and nearly lost her breath as she read, "from Don, the guy who will never forget your kindness and gentle treatment after my injury."

Don was in her mind almost every day, but she could never bring herself to call and follow-up on his recovery, she guessed because nurses really don't do that. They just move on to the next patient. Though he was a tall muscular and powerful man, he looked anything but strong on those days she treated him after the terrible football injury to his groin a few weeks ago. She wondered if he had totally recovered or if he had some lasting bruises or pain after he was discharged.

Cindy thought about the flowers Don sent and thought she needed to call to thank him, but being Christmas Eve, she decided to hold off for a few days until the holidays passed. The roses were a Christmas present she would never forget because they converted an evening of loneliness to one of joy with the knowledge someone thought enough of her nursing skills to thank her.

Cindy had barely arranged the flowers in the most conspicuous spot in her apartment which was on the kitchen table at the time, for she needed to warm up some Chinese food she had in the refrigerator and have her dinner. She had just sat down to eat when the phone rang, and she was sure it was her dad, but to her great surprise, it was Don who told her he had been trying to reach her and finally called the hospital to learn she worked until 7 PM. In a word, she was elated to hear from Don and bubbled over when he told her again how much he wanted to thank her for everything.

This gave Cindy the opportunity to ask how his injury was and if he was totally recovered. Don replied that he still had some discomfort and the bruising was still not totally gone, but that it was 90% better now. It was six weeks ago today when we met in the hospital you know, and like you told me, "it will take some time to be completely healed."

"Don, it really does take time

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