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Will Jayn and Perikos make it out alive? Or still together?

I just guess yer just not woman enough to handle him, don't worry, I'll keep the bed warm better than you ever could." Cait said, grinning.

She knew just how to wind Piper up, and sometimes that was the best way to get some good action from the fussy reporter. Piper's face was pink and angry as she snatched her thick, hand-woven plaid scarf from the nearby stool and stepped behind where Cait was bound, slinging the thick fabric around the girl's slender, already bruised neck before pulling back hard on it.

Cait began to choke immediately as Piper pulled the fabric taut, wrapping it around her left fist and holding it tightly as she used her now free hand to lash out, driving her right fist hard up into Cait's kidney again, and again. She was in a jealous rage and for a moment Cait thought that she might actually go too far and kill her this time, the thought both excited and frightened Cait, giving her a huge rush of excitement that was so intense it felt like it was melting her simple little brawler's brain.

After a minute or so of constant squeezing, Cait's face began turning a dark shade of purple. It was then that Piper let go of the scarf, Cait immediately sucking in several deep, ragged breaths as an exhausted Piper leaned against the girl to catch her own breath.

Very slowly, Piper's hands moved down to Cait's naked hips, snaking slowly up the curves of her hard, athletic body before she cupped Cait's breasts and then brutally pinched and lightly twisted the girl's stiff, dark pink nipples. This elicited a sharp, but soft scream from Cait before Piper released her grip on the hot, supple flesh.

Piper's fingers laced into Cait's hair and roughly jerked her head back, Piper practically cheek to cheek with the other woman as she narrowed her eyes, hissing through clenched teeth as she lowered her voice.

"If you ever threaten to take Blue away from me again, I'll shoot you up with so much Med-X there won't be anything left in that thick, stupid head of yours, and then I'll let the super mutants and ferals have what's left of you to use as a cocksleeve!"

"Aww come on Boss! I was only playin' with you!" Cait said in earnestness, her tone much more submissive and less nasty.

"I know." Piper said, kissing Cait on the lips once more before releasing the other woman's hair.

"You're acting up because you haven't had your medicine yet." Piper said, and at the word 'medicine' Cait's eyes flashed with hunger and she started to squirm in her bonds.

"Almost done." Blue droned, not looking up from the chemical station.

"Please Piper, I want it! I want it bad!" Cait whined, she was a fierce, savage fighter who didn't take shit from anyone, but in this state she was flashing her most sincere puppy eyes up at Piper.

"Well I suppose, you were a good girl today, but you still haven't done enough to earn it." Piper said, moving around to the front of Cait where she cut the girl's restraints, letting her finally rest her limbs for a moment. She had been tied up all afternoon, and Piper was nearly exhausted, having wailed on Cait for at least a solid hour.

The massive amount of drugs Cait took made her like this, she thrived on the pain, because normally her mind and body were so numb that she felt nothing;

when she was in combat, the rush from killing someone, or the pain from a massive injury was the only time she felt even remotely alive, human. So she loved the violence, though it looked horrible on the outside, Piper knew that the pain was the only thing keeping Cait going at times, so she was happy to give her pet what she needed.

"Earn your keep, raider bitch." Ordered Piper.

"Yes darlin'." Replied Cait as she stepped up, embracing Piper as the two shared a hot, savage kiss. Their tongues battled, almost violently as they sucked at each other's mouths, Piper's hands scooping up Cait's small tits and roughly fondling them, her thumb and finger pinching down hard on Cait's left nipple which made the tatted, Irish girl whimper into their kiss.

As Piper fondled Cait, the redhead was quickly work

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