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Another erotic encounter, with an unexpected partner.

She lives in England, owns her own store, and is a bit bored. She is widowed and 63. I thought, what the hell, she is far away and nothing can happen, so I wrote back that I was interested. On the second note I got explicit and said how I fantasized about eating a mature woman with her clean sweet pussy and smooth bud of a clit. She responded immediately that she had fantasized about taking a Yank's nice cock in her British mouth, and then shoving it up her puss. She also said that she is generally shy, especially in and around where she lives, but she felt liberated over the net because we were anonymous and far apart. She could write here deeper thoughts.

We wrote back and forth irregularly about our fantasies and our notes began to trail off. Things changed when I was to make a business trip to London. Somewhat nervously I contacted my email paramour, and let her know I would be in her country in a few weeks. She responded that she could make it to London when I would be there, and perhaps I would like to truly be in her cunt-try.

I was staying at a nice hotel, and we made arrangements for dinner one evening. I was a bit nervous about being seen with another woman by my co-workers, but figured that she was older, and I could make up a story about having mutual old friends. Fortunately, that was not needed. My co-workers went pub hopping and left me behind.

We met and I thought she was radiant. She was mature, but she glowed. She was about 5 feet, not slim, but well endowed above with ample but attractive hips. Her face was sweet, and I could not take my eyes off her lips. I kept thinking about slipping my tongue, then my cock between them. We made small talk at first, and had a light dinner. I broke the ice and asked if she minded whispering about our fantasies. She whispered back that she couldn't wait. I told her how much I wanted to taste her lips -- and her breasts. She suggested that we discretely go up to my room.

Once in the room, one kiss really broke the ice. I helped her take off her dress, and then helped undo her undies. It was extremely erotic as I touched her shoulders, breasts, stomach, thighs and smooth, smooth ass while I took off her things. She helped me take off my clothes and gently kissed my nipples.

I could wait no longer, and pulled her head toward my hardening dick. She took the head in her mouth gently and rolled her tongue around the tip while she gently stroked the shaft. She turned from a 63 year old matron into a 21 year old horny slut. I rolled her over to a 69 position and shoved my tongue into her moist slot, and then worked up to her clit. She moaned aloud and really worked on my shaft with her mouth.

I did not want to come just yet, so I twisted around and tried to pull my cock from her mouth. She resisted mightily because she obviously liked what she was doing, as did I, too much! I told her she would get more, but to slow down a bit. I had her lie back and pull her knees up toward her chest to expose her moist, dripping twat. I dove like an eagle into her muff and licked deep before sucking her clit, and licking deep ... She moaned that she would come if I did not stop. That caused me to redouble my efforts.

As her clit began to convulse in orgasm, she moaned quite loudly and closed her thighs around my ears. I was in a heaven of pussy juice and hot woman. As she began to calm her writhing, I pushed her knees up again, and pushed my dick deep inside her. Her eyes got large and she moaned again, this time a deep moan from her diaphragm. I pumped slowly, then harder. She whispered that she was about to come again. I pulled out of her pussy, and put my juice dripping cock to her mouth, while I fingered her twat with two fingers. She licked and sucked as she relished my cock. Later she said she had not really sucked a man who had just been in her pussy.

I took my cock from her mouth and began fucking her again, as deep as I could.

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