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Alpha male manipulates alpha female using sub female.

It didn't take long for me to cum especially as the image of Lisa handling my cock-cage was in the forefront of my mind but I was still too engorged and erect to get the ring on and I worried that I had wasted my money and bought too small a device. I decided to occupy my mind a little and once again changed computer profiles and decided to kill some time checking Facebook and Emails.

After several minutes I realised my dick was totally flaccid and soft and I swiftly slipped the ring over my balls and then squeezed my dick through the remaining space to fully surround the base of it. It was an incredibly tight fit and as my subconscious caught up with the fact that I was wearing part of the chastity device I began to stiffen again. OK, I realised that I needed to fool and distract myself for this to work so I positioned the cage itself and the small padlock that had been supplied with it nearby and went back to browsing on the internet. It took slightly longer this time as I was conscious of my dick constantly and any reminder made it swell slightly.

At last, after reading a long article about nothing in particular I realised my erection had subsided totally and I leapt into action before my libido could catch up with current events. I placed the cage over my soft penis and located the locking stem which connected both pieces. Once I had my dick encased, although I could feel the blood inside trying to pump up my erection, the cage restricted me and kept me soft. I slipped the padlock through and clicked it locked. Wow! That first moment wearing a cock-cage was so thrilling and exciting. I stood up and walked about the apartment fascinated by how it felt and how it hung. I teased myself by looking at porn for a while, amazed at the feeling of helplessness and submission but ultimately only kept the cage on for an hour or so before my will broke and I unlocked the cage and masturbated furiously.

Over the next week or so, I wore the cage quite a lot, enjoying the thrill of going out to the shops and once even to work wearing it. I loved having a secret that nobody else would or could ever know about. I wasn't actually masturbating any less as my lack of self-discipline was shocking. I toyed with the idea of mailing the padlock key to myself so that I would be powerless to unlock myself until the key was redelivered back home but was frankly too scared to attempt this.

"Oh. Hi Mark."

I had just stepped into the communal foyer and Lisa had been checking her mail box. I hadn't seen her since she had brought me the chastity device and decided to act as if nothing had ever happened between us and we were just completely normal neighbours.

"Hi Lisa, you ok?" I answered nonchalantly.

"Yes, all good thanks," She smiled and then asked,

"How's the cock-cage?"

"And there was me hoping we'd never mention that again," I tried to defuse the situation with a little humour.

"Really? I honestly can't stop thinking about it." She was laughing now.

'"That's embarrassing to admit, I guess... I just mean I find it really fascinating. I studied psychology at college and I can't help but be fascinated by a guy intentionally locking his dick up so that he can't orgasm." She stood there now as if this was the most normal conversation to be having.

"I really don't think I could explain it to you, to be honest, I can't really explain it to myself." I said candidly.

We were stood facing each-other now, her with several letters in her hand.

"Would you try please? I am really interested. I tell what, why don't you come up for a coffee?" she invited.

"Uh, I really appreciate the offer but..."

"Oh please? We live next door to each-other for goodness sake, it's not as if it's far and if you get too embarrassed or uncomfortable I'll let you leave, I promise." She was smiling and batting her eyelids coquettishly and I had time to adjust to the embarrassment and shock I'd felt the previous week.

"Ok, I guess."

I followed her up to her apartment wondering if I could m

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