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Working man gets sexy call from wife.

Linda came in with two glasses of wine, and set them on the coffee table. She sat in a chair adjacent to the sofa, and crossed her legs. As she did so the slit in her dress exposed both of her black nylon clad gams. We lifted our glasses in a toast and took a sip. She rocked her foot until her mule dangled from her toes. She watched me as my eyes imbibed her stocking foot and legs.

"This is so erotic Archie, watching you get turned on by my stocking foot and legs. I'm getting turned on just watching you." She said.

Then she let her slipper drop off and put her foot on the coffee table in front of me, followed by the other foot. I slid off the couch to my knees in front of the coffee table, and began fondling her feet. I picked up her feet as if to move her and the chair swiveled in my direction. I raised her feet to my face and the chair rocked back. I placed the soles of her feet on my face, and ran my hands up and down her legs.

She moaned, and I moaned, and I kept kissing, and licking her feet, and rubbing her legs. "You really know how to turn a Guy on." I said, for lack of anything original to say. My brain just wasn't capable of formulating thoughts or words at this point.

"You really know how to turn a Girl on." She moaned.

"I'm glad you're loving this as much as I am." I said.

"Oh, I am, I am." She whispered.

She pulled the flap in the front of her dress up to her waist and said. "Look what else I have for you, Archie." Her crotch-less pantyhose exposed her glistening, hairless pussy.

I slowly worked my way up her silken legs, and planted a kiss on her pussy lips. "Oh my god, It's purring." I said.

"Yes it is." She giggled. "And it's calling your name."

I proceeded to lick around the sides of her vulva. I kissed the pubic region above her clitoris, and down and around it. Then I said. "Tell me what you like."

"I'd like you to beat it lightly with your tongue." She moaned.

I moved around to the side of her, keeping my mouth over her, and rapidly wagged my tongue against her clit like a vibrator.

"Oh, oh, oh." She moaned. "Finger." She gasped.

So I slipped a finger into her vagina, and slowly pumped it in and out; then two fingers as I vibrated her clit with my tongue.

"Oh... oh...., Archie, I'm coming, I'm coming. Ahhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh."

Her body bucked and bounced like a bucking bronco, but I stayed with her until she started to subside. Then I scooted down between her legs again, put my mouth over her pussy, and tongue fucked her vagina, and drank her delicious juices, as she spread her legs wide and rubbed my face and head with her beautiful stocking feet.

I stayed there for a long time slowly licking her pussy as she slowly massaged the sides of my face with her silken peds. I was in heaven.

I reached up and felt her breasts through her dress. Linda laughed and said. "You never did get that far did you?"

"No." I said. "I never got past second base, but I think I hit a home run!"

"Oh, Archie. That was a grand slam and a touchdown all in the same game." She said. "I thought I was going to blow your mind, and you blew mine. Come let me kiss you, mmmmmm."

We both moaned and made noises as we necked.

"Unzip me so I can get this dress off." Linda said. She slipped the dress off and stood there in just her pantyhose. Her breasts were gorgeous! Not too big, but firm and just a hand-full.

"Why don't we sit and finish our wine." I said. "You can sit on my lap while I taste these."

"Why don't you take off your pants so you can feel my pantyhose?'

So I took off my pants, and everything else too. Linda sat on my lap while I tasted her lovely tits, first one, then the other... then one, then the other. We sipped our wine and just cuddled for a while. I fondled her breasts, and kissed, and sucked. I rubbed my hands up and down her legs, and felt her feet, and she was totally enjoying the attention I was giving her.

The doorbell rang.

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