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A business merger becomes more.

"Let them in."

Jeannie's eyes followed the voice and she smiled as she saw her savior from earlier in the day grinning back at her.

"You didn't call," she said.

"What? You want me to look desperate? I was going to wait until tomorrow." He walked over and took Jeannie by the arm, then held out his opposite arm to Lisa.

"What are you doing here?" Jeannie asked.

"They're our little sisters. We stand guard during the ceremony," Alex explained. "Heather's expecting you. We both thought you'd be earlier."

Lisa laughed. "It was epic. We'll tell you about it later."

Alex escorted them down the stairs, and stopped before a closed door. He reached up and took a pair of yellow robes off the wall, and wrapped them around each girl, snapping the front closed. "Don't speak. Just go in and stand at the far right of the line of pledges." He leaned down and gave Lisa a quick kiss. "I figured you were only about fifty-fifty. I'm proud of you."

Lisa beamed at the unexpected praise.

Then he took Jeannie in his arms, and kissed her. "By the way, I lied about question three."

Jeannie giggled. "I know. Thanks."

"Go in after I leave. I'm not even supposed to be down here." Alex turned and jogged up the stairs.

"I can't believe we're doing this," Lisa said. "After all the shit we went through, especially you."

"I know. Ready?"

* * *

Jeannie had heard the rumors of course. He'd been around. And around.

She had no desire to be just another notch on his headboard, and had expected the pressure to mount. Six dates, and the only part of her body he had access to was her breasts while covered.

He'd seen every inch of her and knew what he was missing out on.

Yet he was still patient, apparently content to do things at her pace. Not like the way he practically dragged her around the quad that day.

After ten dates, she sent him away again, hard for her, no satisfaction, not even a hand job. She didn't mean to torture him, but she was torn. She wanted him, God, there was no doubt about that part. Every minute she spent with him only reinforced that. Late at night she breathed his name as she pleasured herself, chiding herself for being alone, when she was certain he'd be more than happy to take on the chore.

Nobody could be as decent as he seemed. No way. At least part of it had to be an act. Once he'd had her, would she see the real Alex Hamilton?

She had promised herself she'd loosen up this last date. Give in a little. Take her shirt off for him, ease that big thing out of his pants, and help him out. And at the last minute she'd chickened out. She was embarrassed to kiss him goodnight, and send him away like that. Then she wondered if it would be a problem, or if he'd find one of his old girlfriends to take care of it.

Entering the sorority house, she found Heather seated, text book open, apparently studying. Heather looked up from her reading, and gave Jeannie an inquisitive look.

Jeannie she shook her head.

She didn't know what Heather's story was. She'd asked Derek, but he wouldn't talk. He would only admit they were close friends, and had an intimate relationship once, but that had been long ago.

Jeannie started to walk by, when Heather called out to her. "Want to talk about it?"

Jeannie didn't. She'd been talked to enough. Lisa for one was harping on her daily. She might be her best friend, but she was dreading facing her again. It was her body, damn it! "What? I suppose you're gonna tell me what an idiot I'm being? How I'm going to lose him?"

Heather closed her book and set it to the side. "No. There's no hurry. He'll wait until you're ready, years if he has to. He's done it before."

He'd done it before? Waited years? "I want to. I ... I guess I'm scared."

Heather nodded, then stood and put her arm around Jeannie's shoulders. "Take your time. You'll know when you're ready. Hell, he will, and he'll stop you if you're not."

"What happened between you two?" Jeannie asked. "You seem like you'd be perfect together. Like prom king and queen."

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