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Being so young I had never witnessed this sort of dancing, so close and so tight. Most were dancing chest to chest, and some men were dancing with their groins tight against their dance partner's behinds. I noticed that most hands that were once on hips, slowly had become hands on asses. No one seemed to mind. The wives did not protest and the husbands did not mind that their wives were being openly felt up since they themselves were copping feels of their own from other wives.

As the party progressed, I noticed my neighbor had begun dancing with his sister. The woman was a knockout. She was very petite and very pretty. She did not have the voluptuous body that his wife had. She was very similar in body type to Robin Givens. Only her skin was dark and her face was much prettier. He had been drinking all night and the effects of the alcohol must have gotten to him. He was dancing with his sister with his groin against her ass and his hands on her hips. He was grinding against her and she was pushing back against his every move. It appeared as if they were having sex except they had their clothes on. Her husband was dancing next to them and watching her every move. The smile on his face showed he enjoyed every moment of her wicked dance. Then she turned around and began kissing her brother softly on the lips and eventually tongues were exchanged and passionate is an understatement of how they continued to kiss.

As I scanned the rest of the party, I noticed cousins kissing cousins, brothers kissing sisters, and then I saw the most shocking thing. My neighbor's wife was in an unbelievable French-kissing session with her own father! His hands were groping her ass and her arms were wrapped around his neck. This continued for quite some time until she turned around and allowed him to hug her from behind. As he hugged her with his dick pressed against her ass, he was softly kissing her neck. They had their backs to me so I could not see her expression when her brother approached her and told her something and proceeded to kiss her full on the lips. Her father never stopped kissing her neck while she made-out with her brother. Her father's hands moved up and down her body occasionally grabbing a handful of her gigantic breasts. Her husband occasionally glanced over, but could not be bothered since he was dry humping his sister's very cute ass.

The party thinned out and the few people who were left were the one's who were going to sleep over. My neighbor, his wife, her father and her brother. After cleaning up a little, they went indoors. This next part is the total truth even though some may not believe.

I had discovered a few weeks earlier that a clear view into my neighbor's bathroom could be had since they did not have frosted windows and the shades were lifted high (to allow air in since it was summer). I stumbled upon this discovery by accident when I heard a noise one day and looked out my window to see my neighbor looking up as he was taking a piss in his bathroom.

I stood waiting by my window waiting for her to use the bathroom, when into the bathroom walks her father. He strips down and hanging there was a huge penis. He jumps in the shower (which I could not see), and a few moments later in walks his daughter, my neighbor's wife! She was only wearing a pair of panties which she lowered so she could pee. As she is sitting she takes off her shirt (has no bra on underneath) and throws it on the floor. She wipes and stands up and there before me is the most amazing ass ever! It was so smooth and round and perfect! She then turns around and then I see the biggest breasts I could have imagined with big dark nipples staring at me. My heart almost stopped! I glanced down and noticed she had a big hairy dark bush. She then hopped into the shower with her own father! I wish I could tell you what happened in the shower, but I could not see! My mind raced at what sorts of things were going on in the shower as I masturbated with all my might!

About 15 minutes later he gets out and ha

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