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Diary of a repressed woman and her new landlady.

"Next stop... Plain Bay."

I wondered where exactly Sunbrook was, if that's even where we were headed. It had to have been pretty far East, as the far East contained all the places which names I had never, or barely ever heard.

It was pretty grey outside. On the windows, I'd noticed a few tiny drops of water.

I was staring outside, kind of worried, and his lips were slowly leaving a trail of kisses on the sensitive skin of my neck. My body tingled for him. I put my hand back on his thigh, rubbing it up and down teasingly over his jeans. He grabbed my chin and directed me toward his pouting lips, holding my chin dominantly, kissing me so slowly, gently introducing his tongue into my mouth.

My hand found a warm bulge in the center of his thighs and stroked it softly.

"Mmmm," he managed to moan with an accent, as he thrusted his hips lustfully.

My fingers found the outline of his manhood and began to rub back and forth, as if stroking his penis right through his jeans.

"Ahhhye, por Dios." he uttered breathily, with obvious excitement in his voice.

"Now approaching... Plain Bay."

It was raining now. The clouds were so dark up ahead. It looked like it could pour. The sound was pretty calming.

"Now stopping at... Plain Bay."

The bus stopped and nobody got off. The bus was no longer crowded, but still fairly occupied.

The bus driver rose from her seat and walked half way down the aisle. My hand jumped away from the action.

Her eyes were fixated on us in particular and she said, "Hey hombre, will you watch yourself on my bus? We got kids in the back." She glanced over at a blonde mother and child toward the back of the bus.

I felt the heat of a blush in my face and he responded, "No entiendo." (I don't understand.)

The bus driver sighed with annoyance, shook her head, and made her way back up to the front of the bus. I felt pretty embarrassed. I only imagined how Jos__ would feel, being the one that was actually reprimanded, for some reason.

"Next stop... Shadebrook." the bus informed us.

Shadebrook? Was that near Sunbrook?

"__Es cerca de tu hogar?" (Is that near your home?)

"S__. Ven conmigo." (Yes. Come with me.)

I smiled. I decided that would be a good idea. So long as his wife wasn't home, or wouldn't be home. If she would be, why would he invite me?

"Mi esposa es trabajando hasta las nueve." (My wife is working till nine.)

"Eres muy mal." I told him "you are so bad". I wondered if his wife had made him feel as starved for affection as did my husband. Was he really so bad?

"Tienes hijos?" I asked if he had kids.

"S__, dos." He had two kids.

Perhaps the kids had made him feel obligated to stay, or he couldn't bare to leave them, or something. But he was so starved for affection that he'd go crazy if he didn't find it elsewhere. Or maybe he was just a prick who goes around seducing strangers and taking home people's wives on a regular basis. Who knew?

"A mi esposa no le gusta hacer el amor." He told me that his wife doesn't like to make love.

Now we were on the same page. I would tell him the same of my husband, but would he believe me?

"Mi marido tampoco." hopefully he would understand.

I wondered if they had always been like this, or did it become this way? Did she lose her sex drive after having kids? Did she fall into depression? Was she diabetic? Did she lose her good looks? Maybe she never liked sex, but he married her regardless, under-estimating the effect it could have, marrying her just for love?

I felt a little less alone after he had said that.

"Now approaching... Shadebrook."

I turned to him and kissed his lips softly, not planning to go further until going home with him. Hopefully he could control himself till then. I didn't want us getting kicked off the bus and having to walk to another town in a downpour.

"Me encantar__a tocarte abajo de tu falda." his whispered in my ear, his raspy Spanish words meaning "I would love to touch you under your skirt".

"Yo tambi__n.

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