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Angel finds conflict at his new job.

And they began a breathtaking duet, voices swelling and harmonizing. The Phantom then offered Katrina a candle to take from a basket next to a candelabra. Katrina thanked him, and continued into the maze.

A left and another left led her to a dead end. There, she witnessed a female vampire dressed in a cape and a gothic dress backing a terrified-looking man up against the corn. She then pounced on him, pulling his trousers down and then going in for a bite..on his cock. She turned around with blood on her lips towards Katrina. Katrina could see that there were two bite marks and blood dripping from right over the man's erect cock. The vampiress then snarled and tackled the bewildered man. She sat on his chest and then began to suck and bite his cock, this time not drawing blood. The man howled and struggled, but the vampire seemed to hold him down with supernatural strength. She took his erection deep into her throat and began to bob her head back and forth at an impossible speed. Katrina, transfixed for a moment, moved on further into the maze.

A woman was spread-eagled to a table, and a man in a construction worker's outfit stood over her. There was an array of power tools, but all with a sexual purpose. He held a drill with a huge, 10-inch dildo on it with vertical ridges running down it. He looked over at Katsa, then turned on the drill. It whirred loudly, spinning the dildo at an inhuman speed. The woman on the table was blindfolded and lacked underwear, her pink pussy vulnerable to the drill. She screamed, "No, not again!"

The man laughed a hardy laugh and plunged the dildo gradually into her pussy, letting the drill spin without mercy.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh," vocalized the tied woman. The drill spun endlessly inside her pussy, and the construction worker started to pump it in and out repeatedly of her pussy. The woman struggled against her bonds, but the man persisted. Soon, she came a loud orgasm, but the man would not remove the drill. It only spun within her, no doubt stimulating her g-spot with the ridges on the dildo. Orgasms repeatedly hit the woman, and finally the man removed the drill. The woman became limp on the table. An eager, suggestive grin spread on the face of the man towards Katrina, but she ran in to the maze again.

Suddenly, a giant, surely a man on stilts, appeared behind Katrina. An an impossibly long, 20-inch dildo was protruding out through his pants zipper. Katrina started running, the man in stilts chased after her.

Suddenly, hands pulled her through a small passageway in the maze. The giant ran past her and his footsteps faded.

"Took you a while," chastised a seductive female voice. It was her mistress. Hands closed around her throad, and Katrina gasped and fought for air. Surely her mistress wouldn't kill her, right? Katrina's vision faded into black.

When she woke up with her arms were extended straight out on the sides of her body. Her oversized flannel shirt was attached to her arms and a bar that went inside her sleeves, keeping her arms outstretched. Her shirt was unbuttoned, exposing her bare breasts. They stood up to the breeze. She had not worn a bra. Her jeans were missing, and her thin underwear was the only thing that covered her bare pussy. Her legs were spread apart with a 3-foot spreader bar, which was bolted to the ground so that she couldn't walk away. On top of that, she felt a weight on her head; a straw hat. She resembled a slutty scarecrow without pants and spread legs.

"The purpose of scarecrows is to scare predators away from precious crops. However, you only seem to attract predators.." said her Mistress.

Katrina strained against her shirt, but the fabric was strong. She opened her eyes to see her Mistress' eyes right in front of her face. Her Mistress then kissed her deeply, massaging her breasts with her cold hands. Katrina closed her eyes again and accepted it, opening her mouth to her Mistress' tongue. Then she felt a bite on her lip.

A 7 foot werewolf stood behind her mistress, wearing an 8 inc

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