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Cumming Over.

On the days she was extra horny, things would go smoother, and she could take maybe two thirds of his large prick. But most of the time, she could only take about half. And on days like today, days where he seemed really turned on, his cock as hard as steel and thicker than ever, taking even half was difficult.

"Mmm..." she sighed, wincing slightly as he pumped his cock inside of her.

"How is that?" he sighed into her ear, kissing her earlobe.

"Mmm... it's good, baby," she told him, eyes closed, hands rubbing his taut, bare back. He groaned from his throat in pleasure as they had sex. He sensed her struggle as he gave her about four inches of his thick cock, pumping into her gently and lovingly.

He gripped the bedsheets with one hand while he reached down to sweep her hair, moving to kiss her neck. She curled up in pleasure beneath him as he hit one of her sweet spots with his tongue. Her legs lifted from the bed, clutching his sides and holding him close. Her hands slid down his tensed back and gripped his ass, holding him as he pumped down into her.

"I love you, baby," Kathleen whispered. He began pumping into her more rapidly. Her married pussy stretched to the max around his thick intruder, the top four inches slid in and out of her a little faster. As he did this, he slid his mouth downward, kissing his way down her chest, across her small, petite breasts, taking a hard nipple in his mouth. "Ahh! That's it," she panted, her body shivering with pleasure.

Despite their small size, her breasts were very sensitive. And it wasn't just the physical sensations he brought out in her, but the knowledge that a man like him didn't mind her small breasts. That he chose her, even when they were all those other women out there, the busty ones who could have any man they want. This perfect man, Andrew, chose her when he could have had any of them. And he communicated this physically by putting his mouth on her tiny little boobies.

"Yeah, baby," she sighed as she scratched his scalp lovingly. "I love you so much!"

He pumped into her more quickly, his cock vibrating with pleasure. He was getting close.

"Hon, uh..." he groaned, his mouth near her ear again, his cock pulsing with need. "I'm gonna..."

"Please! Do it, baby! I'm ready..." she sighed, kissing his cheek. He pumped into her once, twice, again until...

"Uhhhh! Jesus!" he groaned as she could feel him unload his thick load into the condom. His body flexed as he came, and she clutched him close as he rode out his pleasure. She didn't often cum from penetration, at least with him, since he was just so big. She did sometimes, though, but most of the time, he made her cum with his mouth, or his fingers. He always made sure to leave her satisfied, and a lot of times, like here, having him get the pleasure he needed was all she needed.

As she held him close, clinging to him, she sometimes wondered if he needed more. Clearly, he had the size, and if porn had shown them anything, all these big-dicked guys needed it hard and rough and nasty. But Andrew, he just wasn't like that. He was gentle and loving. She couldn't imagine him doing it like that. It would just seem so out of character for him. If he wanted someone who could take his entire length and give every inch tight, clutching pleasure, he had never given any sign of it. He always seemed happy with her and what they had. Whenever she had these thoughts, she knew it was her self-esteem issues emerging, and she tried to stifle them the best she could.

When he leaned up, his orgasm finished, and gave her that loving, crooked smile, it made her heart soar with love and lust for him, and erased any doubts inside her.

He gave her a soft kiss on the forehead before he separated himself from her. He pulled his condom covered dick from her, his meat softening as he came down from the lovemaking that just occurred. As he stepped out to clean up, she was reminded of their choice of contraceptive methods.

While neither of them were against the idea, neither really want

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