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I loved having that effect on a man. I loved being able to bring him pleasure like that. And, I loved the cock itself. That was 35 years ago and I still love cocks and everything about them, as you know. That weekend, I made Rex cum four or five more times, manually and orally. Rex's cock was the first I ever sucked. But there have been many others since then. I think it is fair to say, I can never get enough cock. Before you leave today, I'll be sucking yours again, too.

Q-How many cocks do you think you have sucked over the years?

A-Oh, gee, that's a tough one. Probably several hundred.

Q-Do you swallow?

A-Curt, you know I do. I've swallowed your load probably five hundred times. But I also love to watch a man shoot his load. I suck them until I know they are about to cum, then finish them off with my hand while I satisfy my visual pleasure. I love to have a man cum all over my tits. When he does, I rub it into my skin like it was lotion. But, if I'm doing somebody in a car, it's kind of hard to arrange the visual, so I usually just swallow. It doesn't matter to me, I love to watch and I love to swallow.

Q-During the Vietnam war, I understand you liked to support the troops in a way they really enjoyed. Tell us about that.

A-Oh, yeah, I sure did support the troops. I would go to USO dances with my girlfriend in Omaha. I would pick out a couple of guys and dance with them and, while we were dancing, I would invite them outside for a blow job. I would do 2-3 guys a night, separately, of course. We would walk outside and halfway around the dancehall to a spot that had a couple of park benches in private spots. I would pull their dicks out and give them a ride on my tongue. Most guys only took five minutes or so to cum. I would swallow and walk back in with them where I would pick up another GI and take him out to the same place for the same treatment. The guys loved it and I did too.

Q-Let's pretend you are the guest speaker to a group of women who want to improve their oral skills. How would you teach other women to master the art of the blow job?

A-I think most women do okay without lessons from me. But, I would say that the most important thing about sucking a guy off is to use your hand and keep his cock wet. And, if at all possible, swallow. Not every woman can master the art of swallowing, but if you can, do it. And, if you can't, bring him as close to his orgasm as possible before finishing him off with your hand.

Q-What is it about cocks that fascinates you so much?

A-The fact that I don't have one, for one thing and the idea that I can hold so much power over a man by playing with his cock. You guys are easy. The hope of a blow job will get you to do almost anything. But, beyond that, there is nothing more masculine than a cock and balls. I love the way cocks look, the way they feel and what I can make them do. I love them in my hand, my mouth, my pussy and my ass. And each way is different from all the others. I love them all; big and small; fat and thin; circumcised and uncircumcised. I love brown ones, black ones and pink ones. I even like plastic cocks; with or without a vibrator.

Q-Do you have a favorite thing about cocks?

A-Yes, I would say I do. I love to take a soft cock in my mouth and feel it grow into a hard weapon. Then I love to suck it until it can't take any more and it cums in my mouth. Then I love to feel it shrink back to normal in my mouth before I release it. Sensually speaking, there is nothing like it. It is a thrill really. A close second would be experiencing the pleasure of your orgasm. I already told you about how I love watching you squirt. But, there is more to it than just the visual pleasure I get from it. If you happen to be shooting your load on me, I love the way it feels when the hot, sticky cum hits my skin. It only stays hot for a few seconds but I love the way it feels when it spurts onto my skin over and over again. And, I love knowing that I made it happen for you.

Q-I don't know if you keep statistics on the men in your life, but

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