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A wife and her lover get caught in the act.

It seems a waste of money to have the door replaced; I just use it as a store-room now."

He could not help but watch her rounded bottom as she ascended the stairs; despite her drab appearance he sensed there was a something a little more sensual within the grey exterior.

"This is it." She said opening the door to a nicely spacious and very tidy room with its own sink on one wall, comfortable looking double bed, and small television. It was the nicest room he's seen in some considerable time. He could not believe his luck given the price advertised; he checked what he'd seen was correct; she confirmed; he confirmed he'd take it.

"Good" she said smiling at him. "The bathroom is opposite; that is my room at the end of the hall." He wasn't sure why she needed to emphasise where she slept. She gave him a front door key and he left to go and pick up the rest of his meagre belongings which he'd stashed at the bar where he'd found some short-term work. There were quite a few bars in this town, and a couple of other towns were a short trip by train, so he was confident he'd lodge at this place for a while.

She watched him skip down the steps and walk in the direction of the town centre. She smiled to herself as she took a large key from a hook in the kitchen. She placed it in the lock of the black door, opened it and walked down.

He returned about an hour later with a large kit-bag affair, stuffed with his worldly belongings. He took it up to his room and had just finished stuffing his socks etc. into the available draws when there was a knock on the door. He opened the door to her. Suddenly she seemed a little sultrier than before somehow. She must also have freshened up; not that she needed it, but she suddenly smelt very nice indeed.

"Would you like a coffee? Just come downstairs to the lounge, we'll be more comfortable there. You can tell me all about you - if you don't mind of course!" He was a little reluctant as he really wanted to relax on his own for a while having just arrived, and he had bought some raunchy magazines he wanted to look at. She smiled at him and her eyes seem to tell him he must do as she pleased. She turned sideways, put her head back against the doorway and lifted one foot also, making her black stocking clad knee protrude from her skirt. Something stirred in his loins. He felt compelled to go and said ok.

The lounge was nice and comfortable; immaculately set out and everything just so. She poured him a coffee with her mature but neatly manicured and very feminine hands; as he took the cup from her she slowly crossed her legs, making her tight skirt ride up, allowing him a generous view of her firm and shapely thighs. She pulled a pin from her hair and shook it; the bun fell apart and her hair now covered her shoulders. He swallowed hard; the grey woman he had met earlier was going through metamorphosis in stages. He suddenly had an erection which he found hide to disguise.

"Tell me all about you; I want to know what you like and don't like, what pleases you and what doesn't." She laughed softly and put her hand on her knee and lifted her leg almost horizontally; with her spikey heel pointing at him, he could not help but stair down the leg to the black silk panties he was now offered a glimpse of. His cock was rock hard. He suddenly felt very light-headed and found he was staring into her eyes as though he were stoned. She smiled at him wickedly.

"Tell me what sort of women you like; do you find me attractive?" She said this as she undid her skirt and let it fall into the seat as she crossed her legs to the full, showing the curve of her pert bottom in the black silk panties.

"Yes, yes, I...I... I find you very attractive, I like older women, I like older dominant women, I have some magazines upstairs..." He went numb as he blurted this out- what was happening to him?" She laughed wickedly as he confessed his all.

"Splendid" she said as she first removed her blouse, and then her bra.

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