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Ville walks into Jussi's bar.

It looked almost as big as Big Dick's from the orgy. One big difference though was the fact that Uncle Dan was "uncut. To Lori it looked erotic as hell with its big bulbous head barely protruding from the foreskin.

"My god Dan, I'd forgotten just how big you were!" said Gail

"Go ahead and grab it!" Dan encouraged his sister

Gail reached over and wrapped her hand around his cock. Due to its girth, her fingers didn't come close to meeting on the other side. A few strokes and it had reached its full size. Lori watched wide eyed as her mom used her other hand to gather some of the leaking pre-come oozing from the tip and raise it to her mouth and taste it. Lori thought it was strange that her mom wouldn't suck Bill but evidently was planning to do just that to her own brother. Gail leaned over and wrapped her lips around the head of Dan's big prick.

Dan groaned and said, "Sis you were always a great cocksucker."

Lori was spellbound at the sight before her eyes. Not only was her mom sucking her uncle's big cock but she was good at it. It was unbelievable how much she could take down her throat.

After getting head for a while, Dan said, "Let's see if that pussy is still as hairy and tight as it used to be."

Lori ducked into the bathroom while Dan led Gail to her and Bill's bedroom. Lori could tell by the way Gail staggered that she was pretty intoxicated. By the time Lori crept to the door, Dan had Gail naked and on her back. He bent over her and licked noisily at her pussy for a few minutes.

Gail said, "Come on Dan. You've got me wanting some of that big meat!"

Dan rose up and over Gail. Gail grabbed his long fat cock and guided him home. Lori stood and watched in wonder as Gail took every inch of her brother's huge cock. Lori would have loved to walk in and alternate sucking that monster between strokes. It seemed Dan was quite the cocksman too. He pounded Gail for quite some time

"Now how about giving me what I like?" asked Gail

"Are you still into that?" asked Dan

"Only when I'm in the mood, and with the right sized cock. I'd never let Bill. However, some of his buddies have had it. Gail laughed

Lori practically fainted as she saw her Uncle take a jar of lube and liberally apply it to her mom's ass hole and his cock. Lori watched intently as Dan slowly slid his cock up Gail's ass. Gail grunted and groaned about how good it felt having her brother butt fuck her after all these years. Lori's panties were dripping wet due to what she was witnessing. The only thing that would make this better was having a cock in her pussy at the same time. Lori watched as her mom had not one but three orgasm's while Uncle Dan pummeled her ass. When he was ready to come, he asked Gail where she wanted it. She told him she wanted him to fill her ass full. Dan grunted and pumped a huge load into his little sister's ass.

Lori hid in the kitchen until she heard her mom return from the bathroom and Uncle Dan enter it. As she sneaked by her mom's room, it looked as if Gail had passed out. Lori waited until she heard the shower running before entering the bathroom. Pretending that she thought it was Gail behind the shower curtain; Lori dropped her shorts and panties and sat on the toilet. When Dan turned off the water and opened the curtain he was greeted to the site of his hot little niece sitting bare assed on the toilet.

Lori feigned embarrassment and halfheartedly covered her privates. Uncle Dan noticed her staring at his cock hanging between his legs.

"So I see you've noticed your ole' Uncle's cock huh?" Have you ever been fucked before or are you still a virgin?" Dan asked her

Lori assured him she was no virgin. To prove her point she reached out and took hold of her Uncle's cock. She pulled the foreskin back from its massive head and ran her tongue all around it. Dan took her by the head and slowly started pumping into her mouth.

"Girl you suck cock about as well as your mom." Dan told her

Expecting her to be surprised Dan just laughed when Lori stop

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