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Meeting with April, ends with pleasure.

The ride back to my house was quick, as Alyssa tore down the freeway in her bright red Z3. With the top down and the cool sea breeze blowing onto her face, and the moonlight from the half moon that was out and shining so brightly over the Pacific, her beauty radiated.

When we reached my house, a small (by California standards) mansion, I took Alyssa's hand and led her to the entertaining room. She took a seat on the couch as I went to the bar to fix us some drinks.

Handing her her drink, I sat down on the couch next to her and handed her two or three scripts I had been reviewing from off of the coffee table. We spent the next few hours drinking and discussing the scripts. It was decided that I would try and get Alyssa a role in a situation comedy about a man who wakes up in a Vegas hotel and is suddenly married to three sisters. She would of course play one of the sisters. After finishing my drink, I rose to fix Alyssa and myself another round. Glancing at the clock, I realized it was 2 AM. I had no idea time had went by so quickly. Alyssa must have realized it too, for she rose from the couch.

"Wow, it's late. I probably she head home. I have an hour and a half drive ahead of me," she said, sipping from the drink I had just given her.

My heart sank a little bit, but she was probably right, she should head home. Walking her to the door, she stopped in the hall way to admire one of the paintings on the wall.

"Wow, is that a real Warhol? It's beautiful," she said quietly. I was impressed by her recognition of the art.

"Yes, it is. My father was an amateur art collector. The paintings in the house were here when he died and I moved in," I said.

"It's beautiful. The colors are so radiant," she repeated to herself.

Turning around to face me, our faces were less than 6 inches apart. For a moment, I sensed that she was debating about what to do, but the moment was quick and she leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. I stood there savoring the feeling of her mouth on mine, and then leaned in to kiss her just as gently as she had kissed me. She returned the kiss, and I forced her against the hallway doorframe lightly, putting my arms over her shoulders, kissing her sweet mouth. Her lips and tongue were so warm and soft, I felt like I would die from the sheer bliss. We stood in the hallway for another ten minutes kissing, before she finally broke the kiss and put her hand on my chest.

"Maybe...I shouldn't drive..." she said, kissing me again in between words. "Having...drank...and all," she said, gasping slightly between kisses.

" your agent...and friend...I don't should," I said, kissing her the same way. She wrapped her other arm diagonally around my shoulders, and we were lip locked again for a few minutes.

Wrapping my own arms around her waist, I pulled her towards me. She laid her head on my shoulder, and I felt her soft hair brush across my face. The shoulder length auburn brown hair reflected the light from the outside gate light beautifully, and when she rose her head from my shoulder once more, the light caressed every curve and bend of her face. I had never seen anything as beautiful in all my life. Taking her small, soft hand in mine once more, I started to lead her upstairs to my bedroom. As we crossed the den, she stopped. For a moment, my heart sank once more as I realized how forward I was being and that she probably didn't appreciate it.

Instead, she moved towards the couch and laid down, pulling me on top of her.

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