Nyomi Banxxx dominates Shane Diesel with strapon.

fucked HIM for a change? The nerve on him!

Shane Diesel looked at Mistress Nyomi Banxxx beautiful face as she fucked him in the ass with her strap-on dildo. He was completely in her power now and he absolutely knew it. The thick steel chains which bound his arms and legs to the 'operating table' were strong enough to hold even him. Shane Diesel grew up on a farm right outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. He was built like a bodybuilder because he used to be one but his physical prowess he owed to his genes and his upbringing on a farm. After more than a decade in the adult film industry, Shane Diesel fucked so many women's mouths, pussies and assholes that he developed Sore Dick Syndrome. Common only among male actors in the adult film industry. He felt supremely bored no matter how many hot women he banged every week. And when a man is bored and turned off by sex, a man starts thinking some crazy things. Shane Diesel figured he just needed to try something new. An encounter with Mistress Nyomi Banxxx in downtown Los Angeles changed his views on a lot of things and allowed him to expand his horizons.

Yeah, talk about a mind opener! Mistress Nyomi Banxxx knew Shane Diesel, just like pretty much everyone who ever worked in Black or Interracial porn these days. They sat inside a caf__ in downtown Los Angeles, catching up on stuff. Mistress Nyomi Banxxx told him about her work for the Kink website, her introduction to the world of BDSM and how it changed her life. Shane Diesel found himself intrigued. Mistress Nyomi Banxxx invited him home to 'continue their chat'. And the rest, as they say, is history. Nyomi Banxxx looked at Shane Diesel, one of the most macho Black guys working in the world of porn today, and happily stroked his big, slightly curved cock while poking his ass with her strap-on dildo. The big man lay spread on the table, his jaw set and his eyes glazed over as he took what he definitely had coming to him.

Mistress Nyomi Banxxx hummed happily and applied more lubricant on the shiny ebony dildo before pushing it right back into Shane Diesel. So far, this was turning out to be a lot more fun than some of her other sessions. Nyomi Banxxx had recently dominated quite a few big names in porn with her strap-on dildo. Tough-looking Black male porn stars who were macho men on screen, fucking the hell out of sexy women of all races, while secretly yearning for something more. Quite a few of them were intrigued by BDSM and Nyomi Banxxx volunteered her services, and her strap-on dildo. What kind of sister would she be if she didn't want to help a brother out every now and then? Not a very good one apparently. With vigorous thrusts, she slammed her dildo into the previously unknown and presumably unexplored depths of Shane Diesel's asshole. The macho light-skinned Black stud gritted his teeth against the pain as Mistress Nyomi Banxxx continued stretching his asshole with her shiny ebony strap-on dildo.

Mistress Nyomi Banxxx smiled as she dripped hot wax all over Shane Diesel's chest, along with his face and genitals. Shane Diesel howled as liquid fire dripped over all of his most sensitive spots. Mistress Nyomi Banxxx threw her head back and laughed as Shane Diesel finally screamed just like a good male slut should while receiving punishment from a dominant Black goddess. Mistress Nyomi Banxxx took out her belt and made good use of it. She wanted to see if she could get more screams out of Shane Diesel. And man did she get them! Shane Diesel cried real tears and howled like a maddened soul, thrashing in his bonds like a trapped animal as Mistress Nyomi Banxxx whipped his face, his chest, and especially his cock and balls with her thick leather whip while sodomizing his tight ass with her dildo like there was no tomorrow. While fucking him, Mistress Nyomi Banxxx berated him incessantly. She called him a little bitch, a sissy, a faggot and a punk. She told him she was thoroughly enjoying turning a macho Black male porn star and world-famous icon of masculine endowment like him into her own personal bitch.

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