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No Way Out....or was there?

We sat on the edge of the bed, necked some more. I was starting to undo the buttons of her blouse when she stood up again.


I waited, she went over and turned off the lights, plunging the room into total blackness. Then she sat down on the bed next to me again.

Bashful, I realized that too.

I went back to work, getting her blouse off, she helped me all the way. Off came the bra, I felt the padding in the darkness, half of her was padding, it seemed. I ran my right hand up and fondled her breast, oddly small for her rather big size. But she was young, nothing had really headed off in different directions yet.

And I was young, too, a tit is a tit, in no time I was licking and sucking away at them, kinda fun, actually. I was getting some pretty good moans out of her, she seemed to be enjoying it.

Somehow I managed to get out of my shirt and pants, my nice little 7 incher was as solid as a mid twenties cock can be. I felt her hand reach down, touch me, explore. Then she grasped me firmly, let out a shudder. I knew what that was, she had a small orgasm just from touching me, hot lady!

I peeled her pants off, felt around and found an overly large set of what I would have bet was white cotton panties except it was so damned dark.

Got them off, too, she rolled her hips up first one way, then the other to help. I stripped them down her legs, slid my hands back up, slowly. She orgasmed again just as my fingers touched her between her legs. I felt the mass of pubic hair, let my index finger slip between, felt dampness.

I wasn't as orally inclined back then as I am now, but somehow it felt just right. I leaned down, pressed her legs apart, licked her slit from bottom to top as she started to let out squeals and squeaks that would wake the dead.

Her taste was clean and sweet, this was nice pussy, all puffed up and damp from her excitement. I worked the fleshy part of her between my lips, then sucked as much as I could inside my mouth, repeating over and over as her body smacked away at my face. She was bouncing her hips up and down so hard I was having trouble staying in place, then she thrust upwards and held herself there.

Waves blasted through her as she orgasmed over and over. I had seen women climax before but this was amazing, my hands were on her stomach just above her pubic hair and it felt like an earthquake!

I was feeling pretty proud of myself. It was time. I slipped upwards, placed the end of my penis at her now soaked entrance, pushed.

It didn't want to go. I felt her body take on an odd stiffness, like she braced or something. I pushed again, felt a firmness, then something tear and I was inside her.

Too late. Way too late.


It popped in my mind to stop, I knew damned good and well what that meant, but the stiffness I had felt go through her body vanished and she started that wild crazy thrusting at me. What the hell. I started thrusting back, meeting her. It wasn't long, she was as tight as a drum, I blasted away stronger than I could remember as she did that lift of her hips and stop again, loud noises coming out of her in no language known to man.

I withdrew, lay back exhausted. Diane got up and went into the bathroom. I saw the light come on under the closed door, then she shut off the light and emerged a few minutes later.

"I need to change the bedding."

"OH, Ok."

I hopped up, went into the bathroom, I looked down, I was pretty bloody. I washed up, waited. I could hear her rustling around out there, finally her soft voice.


I went back out, into pitch blackness again. She was in the bed, I climbed in, we lay there quietly for quite awhile.

"I am sorry, I didn't realize.."

"Oh, no! It's all right, I wanted you too!"

I let out a small sigh, snuggled up to her, slept.

The next morning she woke me at 5 AM, handed me my work clothes, all washed and neatly folded. I dressed and came out to Bacon, Eggs, some Cantaloupe, Coffee. Hard to top the last 24 hours.

Good food and good sex.

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