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Encased and exhibited as a piece of art.

I assume that you can easily modify the scan a bit, if there were a reason for doing so."

I confirmed that.

"Could you for example add half a centimeter everywhere? I realize that would change the proportions slightly, and make the statue look a bit fat."

"Not fat, more like sturdy. Yes, I could do it, although it would look slightly wrong. Why would you want that."

She clearly hesitated before continuing. "I would like you to make a new statue of me. But add half a centimeter, make the outer shell three millimeters thick, and then put a few millimeters of something soft on the inside. For example neoprene. Then I would like to be put naked inside the statue, and exhibited somewhere with a lot of people. Put dark glass where the eyes are, then I can see out, but no-one can see that I am inside."

"Well... erm.... I think I can do that, if you really want to. There is the big summer exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art this summer, we could exhibit you for a few hours there, if you really want to go through with this."

"I do. And I was not thinking about a few hours. I would like to be in the statue for at least two full days."

"That is not going to be pleasant! You really don't want to do this..."

She interrupted me, "I have thought about it for more than a month. I know it is going to be unpleasant, but I want to do it. I need to do it!"

"OK, but it will cause some practical problem of a more, say, biological nature."

"If I empty my bowels, I can certainly hold it for 48 hours. A can't hold the pee, but we can put a catheter in me, and somehow hide a thin pipe in the casing. I will also need a supply of water, but that can also be a hidden pipe."

I contemplated the idea. This was utterly insane, but it somehow appealed to me. "Hiding those pipes is going to be difficult. I have a different idea..."

I explained my idea, she liked it. Then she stripped, and we agreed on a more natural and pleasant pose this time. I scanned her, and we looked at the scan. This time, discussing the practical matters took more than an hour. She again remained naked the whole time, but never flirted or made a pass at me. One weird, stinking rich, and quite beautiful lady!


A month later, the parts were ready, and we met at my workshop. This time I had a sign on the door saying "closed". I showed her the parts of the statue, this time in bright green. The largest part was for her entire back side, it was joined with a large floor plate so she would not fall over. The front part consisted of a number of smaller plates that would be mounted one at a time. Everything was ready, except for a small detail. The exact placement of her pee-hole could not be seen on the scans, and the hole needed to be placed with millimeter precision, otherwise it would become two very unpleasant days.

She stripped, and stepped into the back side. I put the font part of the two legs in place. Now she was trapped. Next, I carefully placed the main front plate in position, it covered her front side from slightly below the navel up to the neck, and the front of both arms. Now only her crotch and her face was uncovered.

"How does it feel?" I asked.

"Strange. I feel quite exposed, but it is not unpleasant."

"You are quite exposed!" I knelt before her, with my face in front of her cunt. "I am going to insert the catheter now."

I opened a bag with a sterile catheter, and spread her labia with my fingers. I located the pee-hole and slowly inserted the catheter. A bit of pee ran into the bag attached to it.

"It is in. I just need to get my caliper." I got up and walked to my toolbox. I really hoped she could not see my boner, it was unprofessional, but there was no way I could finger her pussy without getting an erection. I would be an awful doctor.

Back with the caliper, I knelt again, and carefully measured the distance from the edge of the plate to the catheter. Then I went to the workbench.

"This is the critical part. The hole has to be in exactly the right place."


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