Rusty and Jamal try Anal.

The actual games will start in late March, and are always on Tuesdays or Fridays, and usually are scheduled to start at 6:00 PM. As the same field is used for baseball games that start at 7:30 PM."

"Coach," Fernando said, "Thank you, for everything."

"You're most welcome," Coach Fritton answered, "See you Monday for Gym, and Practice."

* * * * * *

Saturday morning was almost like a school morning at the Seldon home. Karen prepared breakfast for Jamie, DJ and Bryan. Jamie was to be in at Ten to help Antonio with a party, that was to start at 11:00 AM, DJ was scheduled to open at Ten, and Bryan was scheduled at Applebee's from 10:00 to 4:00. Phil was sleeping in, having not gotten home until almost midnight, after working a 12-hour shift.

Jamie arrived home first, at about 3:00 PM. Just for the hell of it, Jamie and Phil shared a shower, only taking care of their own bodies. They then dried themselves and dressed for a Saturday night.

About 4:30 both Bryan and DJ walked into the house. Since Phil and Jamie had already showered and dressed, and to save time, DJ and Bryan showered together, also taking care of their own private parts. They then dried themselves and went to their respective rooms to dress.

When the four guys were ready to leave, Jamie, Bryan and DJ were all wearing skinny jeans. Phil doesn't like the skinny jeans because they tend to accentuate the size of his monster cock.

"Mom," DJ stated, "the Waterhole doesn't even close until 2:00 AM, and we probably won't be leaving there until at least 1:00 AM. It's a 2-hour drive home so we likely won't be home until sometime after 3:00, maybe even 4:00 AM. Non of us are old enough to drink, so we'll be sober, we just don't want you to worry about us, we'll be fine."

About 5:15 PM, they told Karen and Carl goodbye, and piled into DJ's tracker, DJ at the wheel, Jamie in front with him and Phil and Bryan cuddled in the back seat. Phil and Bryan are in for a treat.

"So DJ," Phil asked, "is this Waterhole where we're going an actual Gay Club?"

"No, they don't claim to be a Gay Club, it's a Club that offers great food, a cool and fun atmosphere, good music, and is Gay Friendly. Because of the atmosphere, I would guess that about half of the clientele are Gay and Lesbian, and the other half are Gay tolerant."

"Can two guys dance together there, without problems?" Bryan asked.

"That depends on what you mean, Bryan," Jamie remarked, grinning, "when DJ and I slow dance together, we tend to make each other hard! It's not intentional, it just happens." Everyone laughed.

"What kind of music do they play?" Phil asked.

"It varies," DJ said, "some nights it's by a DJ, sometimes they have a live band, could be a rock band or maybe even a country band. We wanted to bring you here on a Saturday, because they are more likely to have a live band on a Saturday night. The last time Jamie and I came here it was a band called the Country Ramblers. I'm not really big into country music but they were pretty damn good, and we had a great time."

Phil, as DJ pulled into the parking lot, "It doesn't look like there are very many people here, there's only about 10 cars in the parking lot."

"Phil," DJ replied, "Its only 7:30, most of the people arriving now are coming for dinner. The real activity won't start until closer to 9:00, and by 10:00 this parking lot will be full."

The boys exited the Tracker and headed toward the entrance, where they were met by Security.

"Gent's," he stated, "if any of you plan to consume alcohol, I need to see your ID's, and there is a $5 cover charge tonight."

Jamie, handing him a $20, "Here is the cover for all four of us, none of us are drinking age, so just give us the red wrist bands."

The security guy fastened a red wristband on each of the four boys' left wrist, and they headed into the main entrance.

"What's with these wristbands?" Bryan inquired.

"They color code the guests," DJ explained, "the servers know that if someone wants to order alcoholic beverages, they have already been carded, and the

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