Went on a cruise to win my wife back. Here's what happened.

That night when I went home she was back to her old ways and wanted to see the pictures I had. I informed her that we would be seeing my lawyer and he would explain the terms of the divorce. If she agreed with the terms, after sixty days our dissolution would be final I'd send her the photos that I had.

She said she was going to get her own lawyer and I would have to pay for it. I explained to her that if she wanted to go that route I'd go to my lawyer and file for a divorce for her cheating ways and for the sex party she attended. I also told her I would file alienation of affection charges against Carl and Tony.

I would also call the cruise lines and sue them for having my wife drugged and used as a cum dump. I told her I would have everybody possible drawn into court to testify. I had nothing to lose if she was going to try and take my livelihood away.

Most of the things I spouted out I didn't even think was possible but she didn't have any idea either. If she contacted a lawyer she was afraid that everything might come out.

I went the following day back to Steubenville and to a trailer court that had rentals. I didn't need to buy a place, I just needed a place to sleep and hangout when I wasn't working. I still had friends and relatives in the area. Warren was less than a couple of hours drive to see my daughters or for them to come and see me.
I found an older model mobile home with three bedrooms that suited me just fine. I went ahead and paid the deposit and first month's rent. It was furnished good enough for me but I would have to buy a few things like a TV and DVD player.

I took all my belongings out of my truck and went to the tool warehouse and picked up my orders. While I was there I went into the office and filed my change of address and my beneficiary to my daughters on all my insurance and benefit packages.

After finishing my deliveries that day I spent the night in my new/rented mobile home. I slept well for the first time in a week. The following day I called my lawyer and we set up an appointment for Mary and I.

I went back to my old home that night and gave Mary the ultimatum. She could see me at the lawyers office at noon the next day or she could find her lawyer and we would do it the hard way. I know she had given it a lot of thought. She wanted to ruin me and my business but at the same time she would be ruining her own life.

She agreed to go see what my lawyer had drawn up but said she wasn't signing anything until it was explained to her to her complete satisfaction. I believe since she had no idea if I had any proof of her cheating that would hold up in court that she didn't want to take any chances.

We met at my lawyer's office at noon. We went into Aaron Tibb's private office. I think Aaron being black completely threw Mary off. She had to know that I told him the whole cruise story from my perspective.

"Mrs. Hubble, John has asked me to make provisions for a dissolution of marriage. I believe he has made you a very generous offer. I will explain it to you and if you need to, you can take it to your own lawyer so you can see it's very fair."

When he said go to your own lawyer Mary looked at me. She knew if she did that, that I would change over to the cheating wife scenario and demand a divorce.

"Aaron continued, "This is basically a no fault divorce. Both of you agree that you no longer want to be married. No one needs to know why. John has offered you the house and everything still in it, including all furniture and appliances. He has told me that the house is paid for, is that correct?"

"Yes, we paid it off two years ago. Let me get this straight. Are you saying I would get the house and everything in it?" asked Mary.

"Yes, and also half of whatever is in the checking and savings accounts as of today. According to the bank statements, there is thirty-two thousand dollars in there. You will each receive sixteen thousand dollars."

"What about our credit cards? Whose obligation are those?" Mary asked.

"You have two joint

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