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Cindy finds her calling in a pool hall.

"Here cunt, now"

Cindy swallowed hard took another shot of Tequila and removed her blouse and mini skirt. "Now what"

"Face the table bitch. I'm going to teach you a lesson for flirting with my man all fucking night."

Cindy turned and faced the table. Sara reached around and unclasped the bra from in front of Cindy. She pulled it back and wrapped it around her wrists and tied it tight. Sara kicked her legs apart like a cop would when arresting someone. She then used her right hand to rub Cindy's pussy through her panties and her left to push her forward over the end of the table.

Sara knew from the soaking Cindy's panties were getting that this is exactly what she had wanted in the first place, whether Cindy knew it or not. Sara announced that if anyone in the bar wanted some of this slut that they should come up and get in line. Three rather large men stumbled to the table as they were greatly intoxicated.

"You can play with her tits and use her mouth if you want but I suggest you wait a while for her mouth. I wouldn't want her to bite anything off while I do what I'm going to de next."

Cindy was really not sure how much trouble she was in but she knew it was going to hurt. She also knew that this was something she had craved since she hit puberty and now it was coming true. She vowed to herself that she would take whatever came her way that night, and she did.

Sara reached under her skirt and pulled off her own panties. She grabbed Cindy by the hair and pulled her head back, forcing her mouth open. She shoved her panties into Cindy's mouth.

"So, how do they taste? If you let them out before I tell you it will cost you, understand slut?

Cindy nodded.

Sara reached for Cindy's panties and pulled them down. She quickly tied them tightly around her ankles.

She looked as the first big man in line and said "have fun with her tits, I'm sure they'll make a nice meal."

Sara found her own sense of humor entertaining and so did the rest of the room as chuckles could be heard all around. She reached for the big mans belt and pulled it out of his jeans.

"Don't get excited big fellow, I just need to barrow this for a bit."

The sound of the belt got her attention as she could hear it coming before she felt the sting. Then it came again, she tried to cry out but with Sara's panties in her mouth she wasn't making much noise. Sara let go with several more swings as Cindy's ass began to show welts.

The big fellow was pulling Cindy's hair back to get the room he needed to reach her nipples. He was having fun at her expense with every tug of her nipples. They were growing and pointing at the table. The pinches were hurting more and more but it was nothing compared to how her ass felt.

"Hold her on the table" said Sara as she had guy number two hold up Cindy's feet.

"Remove her shoes; I want at the bottoms of those feet."

The man pulled off Cindy's shoes and held her feet souls up for Sara. Thwack, thwack, thwack as the belt landed on the bottoms of her feet, then another couple of thwacks on her ass.

Cindy started to shake. Sara reached for Cindy's pussy. She was so soaked it was running down her legs. She had cum while she was being beaten. Sara was high with the power and everyone was drunk or stoned and Sara was ready to let go.

"Take her" was all she said.

The first guy stepped around behind Cindy and shoved his cock into her pussy. It wasn't that big but it hurt a little. He only took a few strokes and he was ready to cum. He let go with a grunt and came inside Cindy's cunt with force.

Guy number two took his cock out. It was longer and thicker than the first one. "I want some head."

He pulled Cindy's head up and removed the panties from her mouth. She took a deep breath. It wasn't that she couldn't breathe, but that it felt good to feel the flow of clean air. He sat on the end of the pool table and pushed her head down on his throbbing member.

"Suck it slut, I'm going to fuck your mouth like it was a pussy."

He continued to push Cindy's head up and do

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