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A full blown orgy at MacKenzie's apartment.

He took it in his hand and kissed it; "My god Harriet you look gorgeous tonight. You are without a doubt the ultimate MILF and the perfect girl next door."

She smiled; "Harm, I'm tired of being the perfect wife, perfect mother and the girl next door. Tonight I want to be you slut, your whore and I want you to fuck me, suck me and cum all over me."

Harm saw the passion and lust in her eyes and played along; "Okay Harriet, so you want to be my slut huh? Stand back and watch me undress. I want you to see just what you have in store for you tonight. Once I finish I want you to reach up and let your hair down, because I want to grab that gorgeous blonde hair of your in my fist and grip it as I feed you my cock in your mouth, in your pussy and yes in that gorgeous ass of yours!"

"Oh my, yes I want it, I want all of that Harm, strip for me and I'll be your sex slave for the entire night."

"No Harriet, not for just tonight, but for whenever I want you."

"Oh yes Harm, whenever you want to fuck me, I'll be there."

"Not just me, but also Sarah and I fucking you together."

"Yes, yes Harm, whatever you want, just please fuck me."

Harm laughed; "All in good time Harriet, remember good comes to all who wait!"

"Fuck waiting Harm. I want you now!"

He stood there with his hands on his hips and his hands moved to his belt buckle.

Harriet's eyes were fixed on his hands as he opened the belt and unhooking his pants slowly drew the zipper down. Harriet's eyes went wide as his pants fell and she was staring at the largest cock she had ever seen. To her Bud's was nice and long, but not very thick and Ken's was thick, but overly long. Harm's was the best of both, longer then Bud's and just as, if not thicker then Ken's. Her mouth watered as she saw the first drop of pre-cum forming on the large blood red mushroomed head. She caught her breath when he lifted it and using his thumb smeared the cum around the head.

"You want this Harriet?"

With her eyes never leaving his quickly hardening cock all she could do was nod. She took a step towards him and he laughed; "Oh no Harriet, not yet. Remember what I told you I wanted you to do.

Her hands flew to her head and Harm stopped her.

"Slow Harriet, nice and slow, tease me, and make me want you like I've never wanted a woman before."

Her face turned red and she smiled and slowly one by one pulled the tens of pins holding her perfectly coiffure hairdo up on her head. Her hands went to pull her hair down and Harm stopped her; "No, no Harriet shake it loose, I want to see it looking wild around that gorgeous face of yours."

Harriet grinned broadly; "Jordan told me you had a hair fetish, but I never believed her."

He looked at her with amazement; "Wow, that's a name from the past, when did you talk to her?"

"I went to see her about examining Ken to determine his mental state and we got to talking about you. Enough about Jordan, how do you like my hair now Harm?"

She had shaked her head wildly and her long light blonde locks rested on her lace covered shoulders and down her nearly bare back.

He turned her around and pressed his stiff cock against her ample ass. Pushing the long blonde hair to one side he kissed the back of her neck. Trying to kiss the nape, but the high neck collar of the dress got in the way. As he did this his hands moved from her tiny waist to her large tits. He tickled the flesh that was showing between the heart shaped opening between them. Cupping her tits he squeezed hard and she let out a deep groan and wiggled her ass harder against his cock that was making a groove in the back of her gown. Letting go of her heavy breasts he slid his hands down off the lacy and onto the satin covered hips and belly. Pressing harder he rubbed back and forth across her swollen mound and her knees nearly buckled when he ran across her clit. Even though she was wearing her gown and thong, he knew exactly where to apply pressure to make her quiver.

She turned her head and looking up at him with those large doe like eyes whispered; "Oh Harm, fuck me, fuck me now.

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